For instance, they might switch from a “like us on Facebook” outro to a “donate to keep us going” outro once they open a Patreon. But those that are unique and enthralling can gain huge cult followings. Click below for the PDF files of each version that you can use reference as you create your own fiction podcast scripts. So, keep that in mind when reviewing the different types of podcast scripts. If you find a better way to format them, go for it. Join the Academy > ... Whilst writing any good story takes a little spark of imagination and a fair bit of work, your audio drama scripts aren't going to be half as text heavy as the previous two formats. Grab your podcast script template and get rocking today! A brief outline gives you room for expansion and creativeness while podcasting. So let’s explore what can be found about this new medium and break down three simple formats that writers can follow. Organise Multiple Shows. In the 1960s, color television took hold, and the classic radio drama became a thing of the past. Your story arcs are set, and your audio narrative is ready to go. When you write a podcast script, it helps to start with a bird’s eye view of your show. According to 2019 estimates, just around 5% of the top 100 podcasts on iTunes are scripted fiction. It’s with your mind’s ear. This usually means a one to two paragraph pitch. Welcome to the MRC Podcast! However, previous winning scripts are ineligible. Fiction podcasts scripts have no use for visuals. And the exciting thing about these fiction podcasts is that even though they’ve been around for decades (and were inspired by much older legacy audio formats like radio dramas), there aren’t that many established rules that writers need to abide by. In our opinion, this is the possible fiction podcast script format of the future. Let’s be real. “I had conceived the idea of doing a radio broadcast in such a manner that a crisis would actually seem to be happening,” Welles later said, “and would be broadcast in such a dramatized form as to appear to be a real event taking place at that time, rather than a mere radio play.”. Podcasts make money by selling merchandise, but the majority of podcast revenue comes from advertising. Write out who should discuss what topic, how to hand off topics, as well as the over plan of the episode to avoid confusion. That’s how you need to “see” your story. If a writer can stand out in the indie fiction podcast space with great writing, they’re much more likely to entice industry interest. Instead, it’s shared in bold. Depending on your experience level and whether you are podcasting with guests or a co-host, prepare a script that is practical and easy to follow. As well, it keeps you focused so you can get directly to the point. Podcast Cover Design Template with Horror-Themed Paintings. (Limetown was recently made into a series as was the hit fiction podcast Homecoming, among others.). Instead of listening to dialogue, sound effects, and music, households could now see the action, drama, and hijinks unfold in front of their eyes. An easy way to think about audio drama is as television without pictures, but just writing a television script and expecting it to make a good fiction podcast is a terrible plan. So that was how that worked…”. The famous fictional broadcast was so effective it brought a very real panic to thousands of Americans. You need to understand how long you want your podcast to last prior to writing the script, so having an approximate word-count-to-time estimate can be quite helpful. The most important thing to remember is that the point of the format is to communicate the audio elements as quickly and clearly as possible. In an audio medium like fiction podcasts, the dialogue tells the story. Your show notes can say so much about you and your brand. How to create an effective podcast script; Download your free podcast script template; How to write a podcast script. Podcast Script Outline Templates. © 2020 ScreenCraft. Gone are the notions of less is more and say more with less. The early days of podcasts between the years of 2008 to 2014, gave us popular downloads like We’re Alive, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Our Fair City, and Sayer. * The Podcast script must be the writer’s original work. Take a look at the podcast script template example below. But it’s not a huge market. The Fiction Podcast Script Competition, leverages our legacy of championing storytelling to launch writers into the emerging world of podcasts. highly technical or medical) it has proven to be extremely valuable and in some cases essential. Fast forward to today. Dialogue is king. This launched rabid investment in serialized fiction podcasts on a much larger scale and budget which brought major Hollywood talent into the podcast genre. All created by our Global Community of independent Web Designers and Developers. Audio drama is really the Wild West of the entertainment world right now. All that you need to do is convey your audial story vision through an easy-to-read, distinct format that communicates two things: To showcase how simple this can be, we’ve compiled three fiction podcast sample scripts and transcripts below. Different “scenes” are noted as simply 911 Call, News Report, and such. Try these methods, play with them, and tailor them to your satisfaction. Besides, if you hate to ad-lib, a script will keep you focused by reminding you what to say next and how to say it. Welcome to Night Vale rose to international success in 2014 and 2015, about the same time as Serial swept the airwaves. They smartly repeat the name of the show and tell you where to get more information. Podcast scripts vary based on the style of show you run and your own personal preferences. The added element of scene headings in CAPS and bold is accentuated with script scene numbers for added clarity. So forget about scene description. However, all of these mediums always influence the other when they come together. Exciting audio adventures that thrilled listeners with zombie apocalypses, old-time radio serials, and sweeping science-fiction landscapes. Here is an ‘interview podcast script template’. That won’t work. So who will they turn to? The majority of non-network fiction podcasts are either self-financed by the writers (and any directing and producing collaborators), or they raise their budgets through crowdfunding ventures. It includes an intro, sponsored ad, music jingle, an outro with closing remarks, plus segues where necessary. Here are some podcasters using this format: A podcast script is an essential tool that helps you create a professional show. He has had a previous development deal with Lionsgate, as well as multiple writing assignments, including the produced miniseries Blackout, starring Anne Heche, Sean Patrick Flanery, Billy Zane, James Brolin, Haylie Duff, Brian Bloom, Eric La Salle, and Bruce Boxleitner, and the feature thriller Hunter’s Creed starring Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman, Wesley Truman Daniel, Mickey O’Sullivan, John Victor Allen, and James Errico. Podcast scripts can take a variety of forms; in many ways, they’re an expression of the style of podcasting that the host is most comfortable with. Each has multiple seasons (hopefully) consisting of multiple episodes. 10 Best Podcast Hosting Websites You Can Upload Today, What is Reciprocity in Marketing? The biggest difference between the success of the fiction and non-fiction podcast genres isn’t just the subject matter—it’s the script. What is Brand Awareness? You can keep it short by only incorporating words and sentences you need, which ensures that you are including the key points of importance. Transcribe Podcasts. You need to turn your storytelling view goggles off and put some storytelling headphones on to amp up the concept of sound. Keep in mind that this template is not meant to be a complete script, but rather an example that can help guide you with writing your own. And we’re starting to see it happen with web series and now fiction podcasts. And sometimes they won’t be willing to pay the big dollars for major podcast network properties. It may seem kind of obvious, but that’s really the biggest difference between writing a script for TV or film and one for podcasts. Before we dive into the format of these unique scripts, let’s put something into perspective for you. Here’s a deep dive into how to write for fiction podcasts, how you should format your fiction podcast script, and a few ways you can enhance your fiction podcast scriptwriting to take advantage of the explosion of interest in fiction podcasts over the next few years. Fiction podcasts hold a smaller share of that revenue compared to non-fiction, but that’s still a lot of money. save hide report. Welcome to Night Vale and other success stories were all trailblazers in their genre. In fact, the number one podcast on iTunes in 2015 (the same year Serial launched), was actually a fiction podcast called, Limetown—written and directed by Zack Akers and produced by Skip Bronkie. Less structure means increased probability of forgetting important points, getting side-tracked, rambling, etc. The good news is that they don’t require submissions to come through agencies like movie studios and major production companies. Listen to the Limetown: Episode 1 below. Each format has its own idiosyncrasies and objectives, so choose one that fits your style and goals. Storytelling podcasts like the aforementioned Limetown, as well as The Black Tapes, TANIS, and The Message, and a slew of small indie podcasts popped up everywhere, trying to emulate those early successes. Spec episodes of existing shows are not permitted. Other Podcast Script Elements to Consider. No one really knows exactly what a fiction podcast can accomplish. He has many studio meetings under his belt as a produced screenwriter, meeting with the likes of Sony, Dreamworks, Universal, Disney, Warner Brothers, as well as many production and management companies. Our Podcast Contest offers more in funding and prize money than any other! But what’s even more exciting is that podcasts have one distinct (and important) advantage over popular radio fiction from the past. It also allows you to remain natural-sounding. The screenplay format has been roughly the same — with variances throughout the years — for over half a century. 81% Upvoted. The good thing is that these script styles exist on a spectrum, which gives you the flexibility and freedom to customize them as needed. It happens, to be sure, but the details are sparse. The format is evolving as we speak. 1 comment. People today can download and listen to podcast episodes whenever they want. Pop Music Album Cover Maker with a Japanese-Influenced Style. However, you need to be careful with this format as it can come across as robotic and stiff. That’s for screenwriting. We will use the first three minutes of the hit fiction podcast thriller Limetown: Episode I. You’ll also be able to listen to the first episode of the series as well. As is the case with all scriptwriting, pay attention to what audiences want, but never be afraid to write your story—no matter which genre it falls under. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. While these represent current trends in fiction podcast popularity, you don’t always want to chase a hot trend. Believe it or not, podcasts have been around for nearly two decades. Before we delve into the various idiosyncrasies of the fiction podcast script format, it’s vital to understand the difference between writing a feature-length or television pilot screenplay and writing a fiction podcast script. 2020 Fiction Podcast Contest | Early Deadline Nov. 15 th TWO WINNING SCRIPTS WILL BE PRODUCED INTO A PILOT PODCAST EPISODE, EACH WITH BUDGETS OF $5000. Are you starting a podcast, and want to give it a professional sound? With each episode, you need to showcase a window into that season’s narrative, telling a complete mini-arc that progresses into the next episode, and the next, building towards the season climax. Buy podcast website templates from $5. Write out what you want to say so you have a framework of what you’re talking about. In this 'How to Make a Fiction Podcast' guide we'll walk you through the entire process, step-by-step. Sound effects and foley can (and should) be part of the equation. The more open and flexible you are the easier it will be to come up with an interesting podcast. It offers the most clarity and is so much easier to read and decipher. Your email address will not be published. And screenwriters are starting to explore this fresh new space—especially as more and more Hollywood decision-makers flock to well-crafted fiction podcasts to hunt for hot new intellectual property. Script out your podcast intro. The Author grants permission to include the Story in the Podcast for publication in the English language in all countries throughout the world on the terms contained in this Agreement. The audience won’t know what the heck is going on and the whole thing will sound boring and lifeless. Those indie hits made by undiscovered talent. And the exciting thing about these fiction podcasts is that even though they’ve been around for decades (and were inspired by much older legacy audio formats like radio dramas), there aren’t that many established rules that writers need to abide by. In order to help you better understand how to create a podcast script below we have included a sample template. Newbies, on the other hand, may need something more comprehensive and meticulously planned out. The philosophy is that with intellectual property comes instant already-engrained buzz from the IP’s original fanbase. Read ScreenCraft’s The Single Secret of Writing Great Dialogue! Your email address will not be published. Every podcasters needs are different. You can customize it as you wish to fit your needs. It is a fully-customizable skeleton of your episode and a styling tool that guides you in creating the overall feel of your show. Grab your podcast script template and get rocking today! Compare and contrast what you read in these examples with what you hear in the first three minutes of the episode. You can do this by including additional information for points of importance. This format is primarily taken from a transcription of Limetown: Episode 1. This format addresses the needs of most podcasters and is suitable for podcasters who want more structure for their episodes. Adaptations are allowed but the writer must own all copyright. So while non-fiction podcasts still outnumber fiction podcasts,  fiction podcasts are still a rare “undiscovered country” in the entertainment landscape. It provides structure and guidance. THE TWO WINNING WRITERS WILL ALSO EACH RECEIVE A $1000 CASH PRIZE. And character names are never abbreviated. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Pricewaterhousecoopers, revenue from podcasts could reach $1 billion by 2021. You’re a podcast writer now. Luckily, that’s easy: Feature and television scripts have scene descriptions detailing what should be seen, fiction podcast scripts only tell us what is heard. While working on the script, leave the interviewee part blank and once you get their brief answers, you can accordingly add & organize the content to work on the flow of your podcast content. This outline will create a guide that keeps you on track and ensures you hit all the right points. You’ve built your characters up, complete with character arcs—both inner and outer. We’ve seen that happen with television and film. This final format style is currently used by some fiction podcast writers but isn’t as prevalent—for now. Podcast Sample Script Intro • You’re listening to the Greenview Primary School podcast and this is episode 12. * … This can be done either through narration or through vocal character interactions. But this was no simple radio drama. Obviously, the timing of a podcast can vary depending on how your story is structured, how quickly actors speak, the use of mu… We've just sent you an email, please follow the instructions to confirm your details. Private Podcasts. Never script the answers because they can sound stilted when people read them. Here we share a few different ways to proceed. Essentially, it has all the structural elements needed for a well-executed episode. Here’s How You Can Increase Sales, How to Create a PDF Flipbook in 2 minutes, Step By Step Guide to Building an Email List, 9 Reasons Why You Need to Transcribe Your Video. And remember, fiction podcasts are a new medium. It needs to be the authentic you. This competition connects audiences with incredible new stories, as well as connects writers with a medium that offers an incredible access to audiences and limitless opportunities to launch new stories. If you want to write a great fiction podcast script, you need to have an ear for your story—not a vision. Okay. When you take a look at show notes for several podcasts, you will start to notice how many brands relay solely on text and on which brands relay on beautiful infographics to entice users to learn more. Co-Host Show Podcast script; Co-Hosting a podcast … Fiction podcast script template. That way, it is easier to create a podcast script that works for you. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to write a script for speaking. This is the most common format for podcasts for a simple reason: it’s easy to do. That’s a win for screenwriters used to the Catch 22 Hollywood situation of needing representation, but not being able to get representation because no Hollywood studio or company is interested in your work. You don’t need to do this for every single point, but do make sure that you create enough visualization so that your audience can understand what you are trying to convey. But if a budding fiction podcast writer wants to find a fiction podcast script, they’re not going to find much in the way of a podcast script. And that’s just a few quick examples of Hollywood aggressively looking to this new medium for acquisitions. So it was obvious that Hollywood would come calling when fiction podcast buzz began to grow. None of these options is either right or wrong. For some, that’s a breath of fresh air. A typical podcast intro script usually consists of: A welcome portion where you let your listeners know the name of your podcast. Join the conversation. That doesn't mean it's easy though. Ken Miyamoto has worked in the film industry for nearly two decades, most notably as a studio liaison for Sony Studios and then as a script reader and story analyst for Sony Pictures. Yes, fiction podcasts are a different medium released on an entirely different platform. However, they should be careful not to get caught up in reading the script as that can be quite boring for listeners. Why not download our podcast script template! And they’re usually only willing to spend it on big names. In this example, each section includes a spot for your main topics, segment duration, key points, and sponsor ads placed at the beginning, middle, and end of the episode.

fiction podcast script template

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