See General Fishing Laws. Generally people will naturally have warm weather with a slight breeze and the sun beaming from a blue sky. There is a break water just 50 meters from the apartment door that regularly produces specimen cod, … The Gaula is one of those Atlantic salmon rivers that needs no introduction. Personal fishing, off the coast, in the fjords or out at sea, needs no permit but is simply subject to a few common-sense rules. Methods In contrast to many other countries, in Norway a Salmon fisherman has the opportunity to try a … We impatiently wait by the riverside for the clock to strike midnight, so we can wet our flies for the first time… It is regarded as one of Norway’s finest on account of the size of the salmon that it produces (the average size is between fourteen and eighteen pounds) and because it has spectacular fly-fishing water. Because the peak holiday season is July, August Sea Trout fishing provides an opportunity to fish the rivers in somewhat more peaceful surroundings. Fishing Regulations in Norway. However, if you want to fish freshwater rivers and lakes, you’ll need to get a permit. The NJFF headquarters, with a staff of over 30 employees, is located in Hvalstad, situated 20 km southwest of Oslo. The combination of the gulf stream and the Arctic ocean, together with Norway's strict commercial sea fishing policy has resulted in an increase of big coastal cod and halibut populations. Norwegian lobsters are also called Langoustines, and they are much smaller than their American cousines from Maine. This is an interpretive summary of the Titles 29 and 800 of Oklahoma Statutes governing Fish and Wildlife laws as established by the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission and contains those rules that affect the average angler. 5 Reasons to Consider Fishing in Norway. Be ready for an active fishing season. Therefore, lobster fishing season is restricted to only 2 months in a year: October and November. Regulations . Is this period good for fishing? We have set up this fis… These include: You can only use handheld tackle for fishing; When fishing, you must be at least 100m from the nearest fish farm Norwegian salmon fishing is a fantastic experience. To fish in Norway's rivers or lakes requires purchasing the proper licenses. Nevertheless, many farms remain small; more than half have more than 25 acres (10 … In the waters of Norway, they catch: cod and pollock, halibut and flounder, sea bass and mackerel, catfish and monkfish. Norway also has a long tradition of excellent salmon fishing. It is here that the Gulf Stream meets the cold, nutrient-rich water of the Arctic Ocean. This is especially true since coastal water seldom freezes over. Having this service on your first Norway fishing trip is a massive bonus and will help you catch some huge Cod or … Therefore, lobster fishing season is restricted to only 2 months in a year: October and November. Fishing Licenses. to acquaint yourself with the fishing season and other fishing regulations for each waterway. However, they are no less delicious. You don’t need a license for saltwater fishing or fishing in the fjords. Most of the rivers start to get good runs of medium sized fish at the end of June and July whilst still retaining a high chance of catching one of the large ones. The waters of the North Sea contain a large stock of Norwegian lobsters, but it is not inexhaustable. Mackerel is a migrating fish and it swims in large shoals near the surface. Of all the loved Norwegian herring products, our biggest exports are frozen whole, frozen fillet/flaps and marinated herring. Previously published in Chasing Silver Magazine. All in all, roughly 600,000 Atlantic salmon enter Norwegian fjords every year. Text & Photos: Helge Dahlen, Guideline Power Team Norway. In some waterways however, where the fish stock is substantial, you are allowed to start fishing earlier. If water is listed - Any exceptions to the General Laws will be designated by text or Special Season or Law Codes. The salmon fishing season is from the beginning of June through to September. […] Countless lakes and rivers and an extensive coastline means outstanding opportunities to catch a big one.

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