Template for Indiana Public Library Long Range Plan . Technology Plan Template (Word file) It is highly recommended that all public libraries have a marketing plan as well as a staff development plan. We're navigating a global pandemic that has dramatically altered the economic and social landscapes of our city. Northwestern University Libraries deliver a suite of state-of-the-art information and research services across multiple physical and digital locations. You may al… Find operating hours and assistance availability. Support student research with customized course instruction. Carla Hayden 14th Librarian of Congress Our Mission. Learn about the working groups that make the Libraries run. NEW - Strategic Plan Update (Para leer en español, haga un clic aquí.) Library Strategic Plan. Read more about strategic plan template. Focus on the future and keep your company moving forward with JotForm’s Strategic Plan Template. While the fundamental purpose of the University Library has not changed, the portfolio of strategies for fulfilling that purpose must evolve to meet new circumstances and opportunities. Writing, Implementing, and Promoting Your Plan. : Each year during the period covered … Rochester Public Library Vision and Mission Vision: A strong and equitable community. Indiana Public Library Standards (590 IAC 6-1-5(j) (6). Find facts, figures and procedures for our Libraries. Chicago Public Library 2020-2024 Strategy lays out a vision for the future that's more important now than ever. We strongly encourage all libraries have a strategic plan. 2020 has truly been a remarkable and humbling time in our city and across the country. 2 This 2018 Strategic Plan grows out of a high-level Strategic Directions document published and circulated widely in spring 2016, in response to the 2015 Syracuse University Academic Strategic Plan. Approved by the Rochester Public Library Board on January 22, 2020 Printable PDF of 2020 Strategic Plan. Companies make plans each day to carry out their business operations successfully in order to survive in the market that changing every day. Through our strategic planning process, we hope to respond to the evolving ways people access and process information in the 21st Century, while preserving so many of the vital resources and timeless services Speak with a staffer, suggest a purchase or provide feedback. BURKE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 9 STRATEGIC PLAN: 2017-2021 Service Priorities, Goals, Objectives, and Representative Activities Literacy: Read for Life Goal 1: Children from birth through 3rd grade will have access to and awareness of programs, services, and resources to help them succeed in school, develop reading skills, and enjoy reading. Northwestern University Libraries deliver a suite of state-of-the-art information and research services across multiple physical and digital locations. This Library Strategic Plan presents six pro-grams to advance the University’s strategic vision and goals,1 and to create a culture of research excellence, develop a distinctive Sydney education and grow a university culture built on our values. This is the first strategic plan created under the direction of the WFL’s new Library Director, Jamie Jurgensen, and as such, gives the community insight into her vision for how the WFL can best serve the residents of Wellesley. At a minimum, the plan shall include the following: A) A statement of community needs and goals. 196. Across our libraries, we will turn to the goals and values outlined here to develop our priorities and guide our decisions. Forbes Library’s Strategic Plan for FY2019 through FY2023 is an exciting and ambitious plan that provides a framework for the library to meet the needs of our community and deliver higher levels of service. Place and Price Audit Worksheet … Contact us via e-mail or by phone at (877) 276-4414. A strategic plan is essentially used to outline a firm’s goals, objectives and mission statements to set the premise’s objectives. Contact a librarian via phone, email or instant message. %PDF-1.3 This could also include your logo or photo of the building, although these two elements are not required. Strategic Plan Template (Word file) Technology Plan . Writing, Implementing, and Promoting Your Plan (pptx) Basic Strategic Planning Template (docx) Service Responses/Words that Work in Plans (pdf) Sample Strategic Plans. Place holds on or request our items. Read about projects, news and view our publications. Navigate our Libraries using our maps and book location guide. x�]ݒ�u��SP;;3�=� ��Fki5+�^[��LU.2�HmI帤$��G�{�; ��I�\�e���I���� ������k���0��4��O���V�w����m����d���{�wjL���/�S�����ܭ������'P��������R�d�K�t'ӌ�4Ճi���d��?��^�ȝ�Θ�Cȕ��nnf0����vc= c����|��R3s��\ ��l�=�_D㩙��~z��������C���ڼ��]�%����?�������~�s�M��ǹk��k��Ԉ������Y���q���U}�և�q{�|x~u����ͫJ~����}������ޭ��9��0�!1�lna$��9���7s�3�a71L��z���KL�Ԁa�����/�-Ct�^~�*+{������|�_D��Lt�㴐�YY1��v�Sz!n�\&/ܾ��L�T�k�G��ԴFg�a��چ�g�HL���'֝ڦ`ʻ��;�M;vs.qv.q65s7B{�Y⬅Q�g�ILf�Í��������. I can't wait to see the many thousands of sparks we ignite. Objective 4.D: Build a sustainable information literacy program that reaches students at all levels, from first-year through graduate education Sample Strategic Plan Template See examples of each section at the end of the document Section 1-Cover Sheet This should include the library name and the date of the plan. Learn about our lending policies and procedures. 9+ HR Strategic Plan Templates; 9+ Restaurant Strategic Plan Examples ; Since there are different types of libraries, there are also a variety of ways on how a library strategic plan can be developed. The following templates may be useful to your library in preparing or revising the bylaws and plans required by Indiana Public Library Standards. These opportunities are open if the management or people in charge would be able to put strategies in place which would be good for a period of 3-5 years and not be drafted, agreed upon only to be forgotten with nothing implemented and everything just remaining to be plans and no action to show for it. Plans for Public Libraries Templates. 2019-21 Strategic Plan - 2020 Update; Library Organizational Model ; The goals of Northwestern University Libraries are outlined in the 2019-21 Strategic Plan. Access databases, e-journals, research guides and more. Over the next three years, we will also take on a major renovation project that will transform our interior spaces on th… Strategy Responsive to audience Appropriate relationship Strategy affects perception Strategy affects message Effort to implement Cost to implement Impact on other audiences Total Rank order Are all of these strategies designed to work in concert with each other and to be mutually reinforcing? Each was created with a different audience in mind, so take a look at the descriptions below to determine which ones are best for your organization. Data Collection—Academic Library Worksheet 4. We customize four major sets of academic resources – collections, technologies, professional expertise, and specialized facilities – to advance the, University of Illinois at Chicago Borrowers, Software for Individuals with Disabilities, Government & Geographic Information Collection, Government Information Collection & Services, McCormick Library of Special Collections and University Archives, Environmental Impact Statement Collection, Introducing NUsearch for Transportation Research, Rights, Permissions and Reproductions Policies, Enhance the University’s Intellectual Eminence and Impact, Enhance Global Academic Reputation and Presence, Strengthen the Enabling Support for Our Ambitions. DC Public Library wants to better understand how we can meet the changing needs of D.C. residents. The goals of Northwestern University Libraries are outlined in the 2019-21 Strategic Plan. Template for Bylaws; Long Range Plans. Every three years, the library undertakes a thorough strategic planning process designed to reexamine its vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities. Service Life Cycle Worksheet 6. Logic Model. 3 Soria, K. M. & Fransen, J. Find subject experts who can guide your research. Request items from other libraries. Strategic Planning Self-Grade Card Worksheet 2. The plan was developed based on input from the Northampton residents who came to our community forum and responded to our survey. There are five-year strategic plans for public libraries and there are also some that focus on the profitability of the library to ensure its sustainability. Our library is a cultural centre, where many cultures meet and many languages are spoken. The following links offer a step by step process for creating these plans. We welcome our community to engaging spaces where people connect, ideas flourish, and lives are transformed. Printable PDF of 2020 Logic Model chart . * o! We also spoke to over forty local stakeholders about … The plan, updates, and revisions must be filed with the Indiana State Library. Strategic Communications Plan Template 195. See example on page 3. Join our team as a librarian, staffer or student worker. Maybe one of them will be yours. The plan defines our key priorities, allowing us to rationalize what successful pursuits we continue, what new initiatives we begin and what activities we modify or suspend in the interest of maximizing our impact on our institution and communities. Scarborough Public Library Strategic Plan 2017-2019 Executive Summary. This strategic plan, Enriching the Library Experience, is our roadmap to expanding the Library's reach and deepening our impact, thus fulfilling our mission to engage, inspire, and inform our users. Rochester Public Library Core Values. stream Our Goals WORK TOGETHER Through effective collaboration, the Library and our partners will help the people of Kitchener thrive. Reserve a study space, carrel, viewing room or classroom. A long-range plan of service covering between three (3) to five (5) years is required by . Our 2010-2012 strategic plan was built around this project and the resultant environment. https://www.executestrategy.net/blog/free-strategic-plan-template Need a helping hand to create your strategic plan? Get training and technical solutions for conducting and disseminating research. Northwestern University Libraries deliver a suite of state-of-the-art information and research services across multiple physical and digital locations. A strategic planning assessment to score your current plan and provide you with tools and literature you can use now. If the information in the current plan is insufficient for this purpose, remember there is an opportunity to participate in the next planning process with a view to developing appropriate input from the library in the Corporate Plan. Download Planning Documents. ... Strategic Plan. The board can make use of a well-developed strategic plan template for the library to qualify for grants that would make such programs possible and provide a more adequate service to the community. It is critical that we regularly examine ourselves and adapt to our local community’s current aspirations and challenges, changing societal values and human experiences, advances in technology, and developments within the broader library field. No library can continue to meet changing community needs let alone experience continuous improvement without committing to strategic planning on a regular basis. Service Competitive Audit Worksheet 7. To inspire and enrich for life. a Library Strategic Plan, then simply highlight the relevant section and forward this to State Library. From setting a vision for the library to articulating its mission to establishing a set of goals for achieving that mission, the board can and should be involved. Strategy 2: Develop a strategic plan for library digitization Strategy 3: Continue to participate as a member of the Michigan Digital Public Library of America Sub-Hub. Positioning Map Worksheet 9. Objective 1.a. & Nackerud, S. (2013). The 2018-2023 Libraries Strategic Plan establishes our goals, guides our decisions and shapes our budgeting and resource allocation. Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library (ND) Gleason Public Library (Carlisle, MA) - Action plan; Grafton Public Library (MA) 2020-2024 Strategy. Mission: Welcoming all to connect and learn. %��������� However, what remains constant … Data Collection—Public Library Worksheet 3. Use computer labs, printers, equipment and more. Sample Library Strategic Plans Chilmark Free Public Library (population 866) Dartmouth Public Libraries (population 34,032) Georgetown Peabody Library (population 8,183) Griswold Memorial Library, Colrain (population 1,665) Stevens Memorial Library, Ashburnham (population 6,081) Abington Public Library (population 15,958) Attleboro Free Public Library (population 43,593) Bellingham … Simply fill in the attached form with your company overview, delve deeper with a SWOT analysis, and finish off by determining your strategic goals, actions, and financial plans. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Process Overview. Strategic Planning case studies; Library articles on strategic planning tools and model. With this strategic plan, we are taking a new approach to our time-honored mission. These strategic plan templates, developed in word and excel and PDF file formats, helps all planners. Library Strategic Plan 2016-2020 Page 9 Strategic Goal 6: Be a cultural centre Libraries are places where people can feel they belong and are listened to. Wishing to actively seek out and meet the needs of our dynamic community, we have developed this marketing plan, which is closely tied to our strategic plan’s goals and objectives. As well as supporting academic study, we have an important role as protectors of cultural knowledge and taonga. Donations of books, printed material or financial contributions are appreciated. Learn about guest access to materials and more. OutlineofStrategicDirectionsand*Goals* * •!StrategicDirection1:Serve*as*the*campus*hub*for*scholarly*communication*and*knowledge*creation. 4 0 obj We customize four major sets of academic resources – collections, technologies, professional expertise, and specialized facilities – to advance the university’s academic goals: Explore our catalog, find databases and journals, or locate books in our stacks. Your Library; About; Strategic Plan; Our Vision. Strategic Plan . And by popular, we mean these resources have been downloaded a total of 220,000 times. This plan follows on the Strategic Plan for the Wellesley Free Library… Semantic Differential Worksheet 8. We are always happy to answer your questions or set up a conversation. Marketing Plan Template Worksheet 5. 4!! Request a research consultation or stop by one of our support desks. B. The Strategic Planning Committee, an ad hoc committee of the Library Board of Trustees, made up of current and past representatives of the Board, the Library Director and members of the public, began to meet in November, 2014 with the goal of developing a plan for library operation for … One Page Template for Long Range Plan ; Workform B Select Planning Committee Members ; Workform G Goal Worksheet ; Workform H Objective Worksheet ; … Trustee Bylaws. Below are our 10 most popular strategic plan templates. Our Mission. View and access items set aside by your instructor. Strategic plans are helpful tools for libraries because they can focus the library’s programs and services and help with decisions on allocating resources based on community needs and how the library can meet those needs. Attend an exhibit, workshop or other events. Marketing Plan Worksheets Worksheet 1.

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