Danvers Public Schools Library Media Center - Long Range Plan, 2011 - 2016. By 2021, 80% of Library Development customers will indicate improvement in the range and depth of the advisory services received. Benefits and Advantages of Creating and Using Library Strategic Plan. Our library experts are embedded at critical points in the research lifecycle providing collections, information resources, innovative tools and services to support scholarly inquiry. Contact Tel (978) 373-1586. PDF; Size: 2 MB. they are so important to student learning. Brainstorming exercise to build community priorities. The Library Bill of Rights and its Interpretations, Policies of the Australian School Library Association, Coral Gables Senior High School Library Media Center, Zionsville Community High School Library Media Center, Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School Library, Illinois School Library Media Association, The Pittsburgh Public Schools Library Network, Preparing a School Library Development Plan, Natick School Libraries Strategic Planning, Danvers Public Schools Library Media Center, Boston Public School Library Services Strategic Plan, Highly Effective School Library Program Action Plan 2012 - 2013, Westwood Public Schools Libraries Goals, Objective, and Action Plan, New Jersey Association of School Librarians Strategic Plan 2019 - 2020, Data Crunching Proved That This School Library Program was Crucial, Usage and Usability Assessment: Library The Library of Congress will implement our strategic goals and objectives through a phased, five-year plan from FY 2019—FY 2023. We’ve assembled a handful of sample strategic plans. ... Providing the latest in technology and learning opportunities is an important part of our new strategic plan, and to our ongoing commitment of ensuring digital literacy is a possibility for everyone." Scroll down to "Sample Questionnaires" and click there to find parent, faculty, student, and alumni questionnaires. It is critical that we regularly examine ourselves and adapt to our local community’s current aspirations and challenges, changing societal values and human experiences, advances in technology, and developments within the broader library field. EVERGREEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT STRATEGIC PLANNING RETREAT August 28, 2012 * Teacher Center Marilyn Snider, Facilitator—Snider and Associates (510) 531-2904 Michelle Snider Luna, Recorder—Snider Education and Communication (510) 735-7744 MISSION STATEMENT This site is maintained by Linda Bertland, retired school librarian, It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. This document can be used with staff or other groups where a brainstorming meeting can not be facilitated. Customers and staff are knowledgeable about progress on strategic and operating plans. The survey is brief but important, as it gives you, a member of our community, a chance to relay your feedback, observations and suggestions to us. Here Are Some Tips To Help You Effectively Tell Your Story, Edward Harris Jr. Middle School Library Annual Report, 2014 - 2015, Hills Elementary School Library Annual Report 2015 - 2016, Palisades High School Library Annual Report 2017 - 18, Shacklette Elementary School Library Annual Report 2016 - 2017, Indian Hill School Library Annual Report 2015 - 2016, Waggener/Myers School Library Annual Report 2018 - 2019, Weston High School Library Annual Report 2015, End of The Year Library Reports on Pinterest. These are the handouts used in the yearly Strategic Planning sessions. Definitions and examples of parts of a strategic plan. LIBR204 Fall 2012 Team 2 Strategic Planning Presentation. The Strategic Planning Committee has identified ten strategic focal areas. Public Fax (978) 373-8466. Using the Richmond Public Schools’ strategic plan as its context, each of the school’s strategic planning teams met for a one- or two-day session to develop a draft strategic plan. Menu for this page: Mission Statements | Strategic Plans | Action Research | Annual Reports. Please address any comments, additions, or corrections to info@sldirectory.com. Philadelphia, PA. Boston Public School Library Services Strategic Plan 2017 - 2021; Highly Effective School Library Program Action Plan 2012 - 2013 - From Ryan Elementary STEAM School. Northwestern's Strategic Plan, NorthWEstern WILL, has since 2011 provided a framework in which to define our shared goals.It builds on our many strengths and focuses our energies and resources on the most pressing issues that we are distinctively positioned to address. A sample survey for parents to fill out - may be adapted to any grade. Strategy 1: Assess current activities and impact of the libraries’ digitization effort Strategy 2: Develop a strategic plan for library digitization The Bunker Hill Community College Library & Learning Commons. An analysis of the library's strengths and weaknesses, … Five Answers to Successful Strategic Planning from the 21st Century Library Blog. Strategic plans detail the steps needed to achieve your mission and defines how you will evaluate your progress. Amy.Clayton@state.ma.us. You … What we heard most often was the need for more access to everything the library … How to make a video presentation with Prezi in 6 steps Creating a school strategic plan can be tedious and challenging especially considering the number of stakeholders that must take part in the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation processes of the document. Cultivate and strengthen information competencies. Completed Plans are submitted to the MBLC for approval. Sandra S. Nelson; Public Library Association Staff (Contribution by), Jacqueline M. Stavros; Gina Hinrichs; Sue Annis Hammond (Editor), Judi Repman (Editor); Gail K. Dickinson (Editor), School Librarians and the Technology Department, Mary Ann Bell; James Van Roekel; Holly Weimar, https://guides.masslibsystem.org/strategicplanning, AASL Learning Standards & Program Guidelines, Five Answers to Successful Strategic Planning, DESE Rubrics for Evaluating School Libraries, Massachusetts School Library Media Center Long-Range Planning Guide. Can be used with both meeting 1 and meeting 2. For those who are submitting your new Strategic/Long-Range Plans to the MBLC on October 1, 2020, you still must submit an Action Plan to MBLC by Dec. 1, 2020. Goals and Strategic Plan for the International School Library 2017-2018 The International School library aims to serve the information needs of its diverse students by providing materials, facilities, and services. The priorities are linked to the key areas of: Achievement, Teaching & Learning, Behaviour & Leadership. SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results) Exercise, a brainstorming exercise to do with various groups. Sample Strategic Plans Strategy is more than simply achieving business goals. Strategic Plan Enriching the Library Experience The FY2019-2023 Strategic Plan of the Library of Congress Opening Message. It will become School libraries may either submit a plan for their individual school library or a district-wide plan for all the school libraries. Your mission statement declares what you propose to achieve. As the Northeast Kansas Library … It creates clarity, alignment and organization-wide engagement. & Nackerud, S. (2013). This is not a complete list. Enhance the user experience. The plan was created by the School Improvement Committee in collaboration with Sample Christian School’s faculty and administration. The following School Improvement Plan describes the current status of Sample Christan School and provides a five year plan to ensure the school’s viability in the future. Sample School Library Program Planning Guide 1 . Natick School Libraries Strategic Planning - August, 2019. Download. All Strategic and Action Plans should be sent to Amy Clayton at MBLC. The San Antonio Public Library is developing a strategic plan to provide a cohesive vision and direction for the next five years and beyond and position the Library as a relevant and high-achieving organization to better serve the community. Every three years, the library undertakes a thorough strategic planning process designed to reexamine its vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities. University Strategic Plan. Some are from our clients. MSLA Implementation Support for School Librarians. Board of Education approves the 2019-2014 Strategic Plan: July 8, 2019: Strategic Plan Summer Work Sessions with all Divisions: June 6 & 11, 2019: Strategic Plan Work Session with all Principals: June 4, 2019: FY19 3rd Quarter Monitoring Cycle: May 2, 2019: FY19 2nd Quarter Monitoring Cycle & Mid-Year Review (cross-divisional) January 24, 2019 Practices and Concerns, Booktalks Increase Circulation of Special Sections in the Library, The Importance of Creating an Annual Report, Managing Your School Library Annual Report, It's Annual Report Season! strategic development plan Woodside High School’s Development plan highlights the key priorities we will be focusing on for the next academic year. Today it seems that accountability is the hot topic in educational reform. See Full Version Library Strategic Plan, 2017-2020. Amid technology, Google, electronic and audio books, and contrary to what your family and friends may be telling you, libraries are still very much alive, kicking and are still serving their purpose as a beacon of light for when everything and everyone around you seem to be bereft of the kind of knowledge you need, or just knowledge and truth in general. This gives an overview to the model presented by MLS the last few years, as one methodology for completing a strategic plan. Read and download Kitchener Public Library's strategic and business plans. Over the next three years, we will also take on a major renovation project that will transform our interior spaces on th… Mission, Collection and Strategic Plan 2012-2018. ncmcs.org. Most recent MBLC update regarding district plans: School libraries may either submit a plan for their individual school library or a district-wide plan for all the school libraries.. • The strategic plan will serve not only as a planning tool for the Library … The agency's strategy will come to life in the Directional Plans that organizational units will develop to identify and prioritize key initiatives. It is very important for schools to make sample plans that will help you make the right decisions whenever. Oct. 17, 2020. Additionally, the MBLC requires that a certified school librarian be on board as the Project Director who would oversee and be directly responsible for implementation of the grant project. Developing a library strategic plan is essential to be a coordinated and collaborative effort among the library’s stakeholders. File Format. 3 Soria, K. M. & Fransen, J. Beliefs – An expression of fundamental values, ethical code, … This describes why and what a strategic plan does and what should be included in the plan. Busy adminstrators like numbers and well organized reports to demonstrate progress. Office Fax (978) 372-8508. 568+ Plan Templates in Word; Plan Templates in Apple Pages; A school sample strategic plan is such a plan that is made by the people who run the school for all the strategic plans that they want to work on for the school to improvise and keep doing well. Others are just examples. Strategic Plan Example: Strategic Themes and Goals. 99 Main Street, Haverhill, MA 01830 We will collaborate with school media specialists to ensure our collections meet the … No library can continue to meet changing community needs let alone experience continuous improvement without committing to strategic planning on a regular basis. Strategy 4: Articulate a plan for a research data services program. An example of a mission statement is included in the sample plan at the end of this document. Many plans are more robust and include additional levels in the hierarchy. ... and Haworth to present an assembly in September at the high school level introducing students to the offerings at the Library. Check their page for information such as deadlines and requirements. From setting a vision for the library to articulating its mission to establishing a set of goals for achieving that mission, the board can and should be involved. job. Although objectives, strategies, and tactics are core elements in any example of a strategic plan, they are not the only elements. When a district-wide plan is on file, any school library in the district would be eligible to apply for a LSTA grant. The Bunker Hill Community College Library & Learning Commons (BHCC L & LC) 2012-2018 Strategic Plan is positioned within the framework of Bunker Hill Community College's (BHCC) mission, values and vision. Part of Meeting 1 of the MLS Three Meeting Model. Part of Meeting 2 of the MLS Three Meeting Model process. Elements of the draft plans included: 1. When a district-wide plan is on file, any school library in the district would be eligible to apply for a LSTA grant. The LMC provides the school community with resources and services to support the curriculum, to stimulate interest in reading, to create lifelong learners and to promote the mission of the school. The Mission of East Catholic High School Library/Media Center (LMC) is to foster the effective use of information and ideas among students and faculty. This type of planning helps the library to be more proactive in developing new programs, services, and collections for its users.” The Planning Process The Burke County Public Library chose to use the planning process outlined in the book, Strategic Planning for Results, and augmented by the Community Needs Assessment Process The library staff, the board of trustees, the Friends of Forbes Library, the Coolidge Museum Advisory Committee, and the members of our strategic planning committee identified the library’s strengths and created goals for the future. Library Development is adequately staffed and has sustainable funding to carry out strategic and operating plans. Details. The process began in 2007 when the Strategic Planning Committee formed (Marnie Warner (Massachusetts Trials Courts), Judy Gire You are encouraged to edit for your particular school/library. Options for planning committees to conduct the strategic planning process. Elementary School Library Strategic Plan Example. Rather than focusing on the details of book collections or library promotions, a comprehensive plan provides a big picture of the key elements that contribute to an effective library media program. Annual reports provide a very effective way to demonstrate to the adminstration that you are improving the educational process. Example - the teacher librarian develops a wheel diagram with the children in the hub, five spokes representing five goals, and the learning community as the rim. increasingly important for school library media specialists to demonstrate the importance of their media center to the school, and also be able to demonstrate how effectively they are doing their 2 This 2018 Strategic Plan grows out of a high-level Strategic Directions document published and circulated widely in spring 2016, in response to the 2015 Syracuse University Academic Strategic Plan. Analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats---the SWOT---facing your library is an important part of strategic planning, which is vital to the continued success of libraries of all types, including academic, public and special. The NELLCO Strategic Plan, 2010 – 2014 which follows is the result of hard work and many meetings and drafts by the Strategic Planning Committee and the input and guidance of the Executive Director, Tracy Thompson. In order to translate our Mission, Vision, and Value Statements into prioritized actions, the Arthur Lakes Library staff identified seven high-level goals that will move the library forward in pursuit of our vision:. Unfortunately, the Pew Research Center recently reported that a quarter of American adults haven’t picked up, much less read a book in part for the past few years. This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. You will find resources you need to plan and develop a successful strategic plan. The Library of Congress is the world's largest library, with nearly 170 million items in our collections, and extensive expert services and programs. Millburn Free Public Library Strategic Plan 2016-2018 The Millburn Free Public Library is conducting this survey to help us formulate a 3-year strategic plan for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018. Blog. Strategic Objectives Partners in Research The Library partners with faculty, students, and staff in research activities locally, nationally and internationally. The Library Program Development Plan will be based on the “Iowa School Objective 4.C: Define the scope and priorities for the libraries’ digitization program. If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results.

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