But yeah , there are tons of great knives out there right now. Spyderco Chaparral Review & Giveaway For many of us, small pocket knives make up a core part of our EDC. $187.00. I generally don’t use pocket clips. Your comment “…there’s a distinct chance that for anybody in the market for a pure EDC knife, the Chaparral FRN is now the sub-$100 entry to beat”. I like the handle material just fine, it is perfect on this knife. Buy the Spyderco Chaparral SPY-C152PGY on sale for a great price at our online store! All other details of this model are consistent with the Chaparral family of knives. SKU: 716104012275 Category: Flipin' n Foldin' Share. Spyderco C152GPY Chaparral - CTS-XHP Blade - Gray FRN Handle. ... All Spyderco Reviews All Customer Product Reviews. Chaparral. And you are quite correct in indicating the popularly of the Endura line. Don’t use it in the garden and certainly don’t use it out in the bush. This modern gentleman’s folder gets new Birdseye Maple scales that highlight the features of natural wood with dramatic grain patterns unique for each specimen. For folks with dozens of blades and TFFs with MokuTi inlays, the FRN Chaparral isn’t (though should be) for you. The Chaparral has that same magical quality – albeit in a much smaller package. Handle shape, thumb ramp and choil make for a comfortable grip, despite the knife’s small size. $183.00 ... transportation, or use of the item in violation of applicable federal, state and local laws or regulations. It does have a well shaped forefinger choil and thumb ramp that allow the user to ‘choke up’ on the knife. You covered all the practical points of this small folder, and for someone who was on the fence re buying this knife, you may have just pushed me to do so. The Chaparral FRN is about the same price – at the time of writing it retails for $95, but Spyderco did just increase prices across the board again for 2020. Yeah, I don’t like to bury the lead like this, but it’s no use withholding the obvious truth here: the Chaparral FRN is a great knife. Facebook Twitter Pinterest linkedin Telegram. Spyderco Chaparral Birdseye Maple The Spyderco Chaparral is one of the brand’s classic lockbacks, with a core design that’s lightweight with a slim, in-pocket profile. The blade opens with Spyderco's signature round thumb hole, and locks with a back lock. Although a slipjoint and equiped w/a PM tool steel instead of XHP, it’s almost identical in size to the Chaparral and a superb slicer as well, it may actually rival it in the sub-$100 entry to beat catagory since it can still be found for under $70. This modern gentleman’s folder gets new Birdseye Maple scales that highlight the features of natural wood with dramatic grain patterns unique for each specimen. Spyderco Chaparral FRN Lightweigh Grey ~ C152PGY | 0 Vote. The footprint of the knife is very small, and with a total weight under 2.5 ounces, it is one of the easiest knives to carry and use in any situation. My fingers fit the handle with ease and it was easy to maneuver. Narrow knives can twist and turn in hand or dig into your palm during hard cutting tasks. This is a very thin-handled knife, and thin handles don’t always make for good ergonomics. Its tough fiberglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) construction minimizes weight and offers the high-traction advantages of our Bi-Directional Texturing™ pattern, while its nested, skeletonized stainless steel liners ensure excellent structural strength and precise alignment of all key components. A very cool name we must admit. The chaparral really is a gentleman’s folder. Delivering real value in the crucial sub-$100 bracket takes doing. Spyderco’s unique Chaparral series of gentlemen’s folding knives expresses the same basic design platform with a variety of unique handle materials and treatments. The blade centering is dead on, the blade is nicely finished. However, since the advent of “tactical” knives in the 80s, the traditional, general purpose folders your grandpa was likely to carry faded to obscurity. Though to many of us the chaparral is a lowly scrub bush that's as ubiquitous as dirt once you leave paved roads out west, the Spyderco Chaparral is quite an amazing knife. Reviews (0) Reviews (0) Reviews There are no reviews yet. It comes down to price. 19 product ratings - Spyderco Chaparral Lockback Knife Gray FRN XHP C152PGY Stainless Pocket Knives. The Chaparral is a shrub native to the Western United States with the unique ability to perennially survive, revive and regenerate after being destroyed by drought or fire. is particullarly apt. Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Lightweight Salt Folding Knife with 1.97" H-1 Hawkbill Steel Blade and High-Strength Yellow FRN Handle - SpyderEdge - C28SYL2HB 4.7 out of 5 stars 26 $61.46 - $110.27 Add To Cart. This model features a full flat ground CTS-XHP stainless steel which is exclusive on the entire Spyderco Chaparral series. But yeah , there are tons of great knives out there right now. Blade Length: 2.8" Overall Length: 6.4" Blade Steel: CTS-XHP Handle Material: Gray FRN Real value comes from innovations, not sacrifices. No biggie, I decided to only use the knife for tasks it was actually designed for. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Spyderco Chaparral Titanium C152TIP at Amazon.com. I love Nick's reviews and completely agree with him about the Chappy LWT, but when he gushes more than once about a knife, you can expect them to sell out fairly quickly...especially an inexpensive, excellent, widely available Spyderco like the Chappy LWT. The Native 5 S110V Dark Blue G10 is part of the Spyderco’s “blurple” lineup along with the Military, Paramilitary 2 and the Manix 2.. Having previously reviewed the FRN S110V Native 5 I will keep this review super short and focus on why you might choose the G10 version over the lighter and cheaper FRN. Please consider that buying anything through any of the links on this website helps support BladeReviews.com, and keeps the site going. I used the Chaparral in ‘choked up’ mode all the time. In terms of size, the Chaparral falls between the Dragonfly 2 and the Delica 4. Thankfully the Chaparral FRN avoids these problems, with chamfered edges all along the perimeter, adding dimensionality and softening the places pressed against your palm and fingers. The particular Chaparral FRN under review is a special one, a Christmas gift from my girlfriend Leslie that came engraved on the show side (hence why you only get pictures of the back throughout this review). Buy Spyderco Chaparral, Spyderco Knives' mid-sized Chaparral pocket knives all have identical blade and handle profiles but showcase variant handle materials. $105.00. Handle length is 3.5” without the finger choil, and with it is right at 4”. 2 in stock. I prefer the texture on the Chaparral’s FRN scales to that of other Spyderco’s.

spyderco chaparral frn review

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