Thanks for the information Lew, greatly appreciated and very interesting. Learn: About Us Policies Reviews Blog How To. 0. Отличный нож, удобные ножны. Buy a decent one but dont spend 250 bucks. It has excellent handling qualities that are generally more durable than naturally sourced material like wood or leather, as well as providing a more secure grip when elbow-deep in blood and guts. As a purveyor to the King of Sweden, the company really gained steam with the introduction of it's legendary Fallkniven … It’s Rockwell hardness is around 59 give or take a point. Survival knives, on the other hand, are created more through the reaction to ever-changing demands. Fiat currency created out of thin air ! Long time ago, in Fighting Knives magazine, I think, author wrote about what was said here, about the "unknown-unknowns". (Sigh)…someday. Then yet another smaller one? It’s charming in it’s simplicity, yet the knife has real weight to it. And from a defensive point of view, it is considered ideal whether the attacker is a wild animal or a human being. Since Rambo supposedly forged the knife himself, the beauty of the absurd Rambo Bowie appears over…until Rambo 5? They're built for durability but not comfort. A new world standard was set with the Fallkniven A1 through attention to important details including technical design, ergonomics and … Doc honed his survival skills through professional courses, training, and plenty of real-world situations, both intentional and not. 3 models Fallkniven A1, Kraton Handle Fixed Blade Knife (1) As Low As (Save Up to 48%) $224.99 Fallkniven TK3 Folding Knife $320.95 (Save 26%) $235.99 Fallkniven … I appreciate the kind comment. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking reviews to Amazon. When I was a child I had the experience of packing up and shipping off half way around the world. My family stayed in Stockholm for 3 months in the summer as part of my father’s work. Rarely is a production sheath embraced with the same gusto as the blade, and thus is the story with the A1. Anticipated bending is not new, nor is it without historical precedence since a major breakthrough in Viking sword technology was a flexible blade that didn’t snap when stuck in an enemy’s shield. Just my opinion…, Thanks for the comment, Scott. The cutting performance is frankly unlike anything I have previously evaluated and truly needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. It’s all in the convex grind and meaty slab of steel and the knife just cuts. Two different metal alloys are layered; one that is softer and more stain resistant surrounding a harder and thus more brittle traditional edge steel. Overall, handle design and construction is simple, with a single forward guard and a lanyard tube inset near the pommel. VG10 is a proprietary alloy including 1% Carbon, 15% Chromium, 1.5% Cobalt, 1% Molybdenum, and 0.2% Vanadium among the usual metal suspects. At what price point do you want it to fail? Fallkniven folders are made by Moki, also in Japan. The same edge that whittles feather sticks with cold hands, could bust the sternum of an elk, or chop through a wooden door, or theoretically bash its way out of a cracked polycarbonate airplane canopy (my Air National Guard friends agreed, but didn’t have any cracked canopies for me to test). I would be curious to know if they are made in the same shop. There are rumors that Hattori will no longer be making laminated designs because the owner of the company is/was experiencing health problems due to aging, hence CSs drop off in San Mai production. As for the potential negatives, well, if the A1 had a weak link in my book it would be the sheath. When I compare the A1 with my Cold Steel SRK there really is no comparison – the SRK feels like a toy. The sleek and simple look of the knife makes it really attractive. As the specifications hardened into government requirements, the pool of survival blade shapes converged on a smaller saber-like shape or spear-point with accoutrements such as saw teeth on the spine, guards separating blade and handle, electrically non-conductive grips, and a hammer-like pommel. I don’t mind the sheath at all, but to each their own. If you haven’t experienced a knife of this size … I have a CS Recon Scout and it has NEVER FAILED ME, EVER. Required fields are marked *. Fallkniven A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife, Black, Doc lives to mountaineer, rock climb, trail run, hunt, race mountain bikes, ski, hunt, and fish. The edge is easily restored to factory sharpness, which was great to see. Shop Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Fixed Blade Knife | Up to 38% Off Be The First To Review Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Fixed Blade Knife + Free Shipping over $49. Guess what? So instead of temperate hardwoods I worked with native sea grape, palm fronds, and even treated lumber. Of course the usual question is “Why?”  Followed closely by “So what?”  Or in my case, “Now what?”  Sure it’s true that even a cheap screwdriver will punch a hole in a hood or radiator, and I guess one could look at the metal penetration and even cinder block stabbing for that matter as a minimum standard for a survival knife, but mostly I’m just happy I got to enjoy the metal-on-metal or metal-on-stone violence in the video knowing it was not my knife being assaulted. Should the primary blade be backed up with a smaller blade? It wasn’t long after the A1 arrived that I was in my back yard working through a large felled branch. Best EDC Knives Even if named, few carry them while on the ground due to their limited camp functions, soft blade, propensity to rust unless heavily coated, leather-washer or rubber handle, mundane 1095 carbon steel, and general need to be paired with a smaller second knife to fulfill all survival cutting and fire starting chores. Especially the part about unknown unknowns. Everything lies in the convex grind and the slab of steel and the knife just does its job perfectly. $40 from Amazon! Well, buy any knife you can afford from them. Cleaned it up and use a file and arky stone to sharpen it up. Just because someone mentions SOG doesn't mean they "don't know shit about knives". The X-Series features Fallkniven's most popular models in better form than ever. In practice I found the handle of the A1 to be extremely comfortable. Select options; A1pro – Premium Package 5 557 SEK. I agree with care-less, but let me add to this, people show no regrets or reservations on burning up $ 185-250 dollars worth of ammo on a week-end , but hold-back or bitch and moan about spending this amount on a top quality knife,that is the best in the business along with Bark River knives. The knife easily moved around which made it simple to move out of the way when sitting quick, but I’d rather have the sheath hold a tighter grip on my 5.11 tactical belt and not require further attention when my position changed. I don’t have any experience with Fallkniven’s black coating so unfortunately I can’t comment on that aspect. Survival knives must excel in the realm of unknown unknowns. And I'm sorry Ted the Tard, but SOG makes a decent enough knife to use for survival. Be well. Of course its a knife so your mileage may vary, but whacking away on wood seems so natural for the A1 that you forget about the tool while lost in the chopping moment. Fallknivens F1 is part of a range of knives – the A1, F1 and S1. Maybe that is where my feature-obsessed American nature clashes with the elegance and restraint of Scandinavian design. Read more of Doc's articles. The Vikings wanted blades that could chop opposing swords and shields in half. Learn a little humility and look up the word "hubris" and DO take it to heart. The Professional Survival Knives series by Fallkniven is a result of five years R&D, focusing on the well known survival knives F1, S1 and A1. With the Fallkniven A1, expense appears not to have been a major consideration. As long as I was moving forward things were great, but the moment I reversed direction, the sheath would ratchet into the rocks or ground impeding progress. Live Chat Contact Check Order Status. And for those really in a bad spot, the thermal signature of the knife is lowered somewhat, but I didn’t get around to testing that. Dan. Swedish survival knife is a semi-large all-purpose knife for heavy duty. would not be in business. Very well written. The handle has a huge stainless steel handguard on one side and an equally conspicuous stainless buttcap on the other. My pocket, trunk, and BOB all have knives in the 50-75 dollar range My EDC is a compact 9mm. A good tool PROPERLY USED will not fail! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! There are no options for horizontal carry and no integration with a tek lock. And still others would prefer a blade that chips over one that rolls because chipping is like manufacturing your own serrations which means the knife will cut, albeit raggedly. They are an investment for life, an heirloom knife! Thanks for stopping by Lew! In other words innovation took a backseat to procurement proposals. 6 3/8" laminated VG-10 stainless modified spear point blade with black CeraCoat 8H coating. but some have fewer than others. I’ll rework it. I have not had much experience with convex edges up until this point so I wasn’t sure how much I would really like it. You pay once & you cry once about the price. The waterproof case and the DC4 sharpener - thogheter with the knife and the sheath - makes it a real "luxury survival kit". Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review The Fallkniven A1 is the knife that is needed to be experienced by you in order to fully appreciate it. The hard parts, and those that separate real survival knives from those only advertised as such, are the unknown unknowns. Then what? Hattori also makes the large Sanmai knives for Cold Steel USA Corp. Survival steels want to be stainless for obvious care reasons, but also must play well with sharpeners. I checked other reviews online and they are similar to this one, seems like a solid survival knife. There is also a tradeoff between blade length and thickness. Most $50-$60 dollar knives will do the trick every time, I prefer Ontario and Kabar knives, but many others (including SOG) will do. . Gray clouds, a day that never ended, red horses, the churning belly of an old wooden sailboat, blue and yellow. With a weight-forward design and thick hefty blade, the A1 slices through wood like a small axe, and chops very much like a hatchet. Again – great review keep up the good work. In 2002, in response to a question about the Iraq war, the US Secretary of Defense replied, and I paraphrase, “There are known knowns; there are known unknowns, but there are also unknown unknowns.” Those words are the best way to describe the the expectations of a survival knife. You're a snob. The choice of a survival knife is a personal one, and luckily there are more fine options now than ever before. I know the review was pretty glowing but I stand by it – the A1 performs like anything else I have tested yet. The VG10 is hardened to 59 HRc and I had my concerns as the steel sometimes has the reputation for being brittle, especially when compared with a high carbon like 1095 with a much softer heat treat. The sleek and simple look belies a true performer. Today’s operator backs up his rifle with a sidearm, and backs up the sidearm with a knife. Not a huge fan of those plastic-type sheaths either. A world standard was set with the Fallkniven A1 through attention to important details including technical design, ergonomics and economy. No matter what, you will have a fully wrapped hand around this grip where a larger handle might make a secure hold less likely. Fällkniven was also going through a generational change with the sons of the founder taking over the business, they are the one’s who decided to start designing knives with modern techniques for Scandinavian customers. In fact, even though covered by Kraton, the grip of the A1 is closer to a raw paracord grip than a cushy handle of wood, leather, G-10 or even thicker Kraton. Thanks for pointing that out. So ask yourself, do I feel lucky…or prepared? Best bag of rice investment I ever made. Лежит в руке удобно, вес ощущается, но не тянет. I’ve never owned an SRK (that large Ricasso [and Lynn Thompson] is a turn-off) but I don’t think you could hold the two in your hand and not tell the difference. Been there, done that with cheap knives, firearms, katanas etc..etc. 24. I have (and continue to) carried a Ontario Spec Plus folding knife for 25+ years and it has done all ask of it with no failure/breakage, isn't that we all want/need in a blade? Reviews and Ratings for Fallkniven A1 Swedish Survival Knife 6.3" Satin VG10 Blade, Kraton Handles, Zytel Sheath - A1z (26 reviews) 4.8 out of 5 stars. All things considered I am thoroughly impressed with the Fallkniven A1 and highly recommend it. Overview; Reviews . Fallkniven A1 Swedish Survival Knife 6.3" Black VG10 Blade, Kraton Handles, Leather Sheath $430.95 $271.95. All Fallkniven fixed blades are made by Ichiro Hattori in Seki Japan. The money that most people worry about spending is worthless paper backed by Nothing !!! It's been in my BOB since 1998 . It cost about $40 then, but I don't think they still make that model anymore, do bad! Very sane.
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