0000015017 00000 n Tapeworms require using a dewormer such as Valbazen. The chart is available from the web site of the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control (ACSRPC). the cat is in pill form and the goat is in liquid form. If I adjust the dose, is this safe for our feline friends? Share Share on Facebook Tweet Tweet on Twitter Pin it Pin on Pinterest. To calculate the weight of your dairy goat, please refer to my weight chart. De-wormer of the "white" wormer family. This will help you know what to dose and how much to give. by Fred Lanting . If you under-dose an animal (give less than the full dose), resistance develops even faster. ;if;�8S��X��˒"�>�"rq �`�?�W��o.�/Q�^�~{y�&z��F��[����]L�� �����@�%��x�?h�E$П?���HP4�R+����L�Wy�CW��*I�Y�����v�I�Yg��]���!٢�S�g����ɴO�^j�$Œ���j�i��LN�t&��k\���nƧɌN�*y΋ ����3����~��l?R}�������b���?�rB��\��E7�� ��G��h�\��MPpH u�Й�i�"!Q�M����)-��_@���\xһ]f�u�t*B�N��'Ñ��L"�@D W����׼�����s�!M�m��$^�,�A��4?$�\�&�!�&�����%h�]gh��ޢ�c\����cu�����d8w��7��TSF8T�q�&���C��["���")�@>�~�q���3��k��d�7��֮�T.�����F�b"uu�b�컵?�A�.���|ig�>IMZ�,��r]Y��FB]�]Z*�fQ�ùN��`��C�@ �`��=� H�4����^ޤ�W�X. I have Goat Safeguard (cause I own goats). Refrigerate. 0000018959 00000 n ivermectin Do not use in female dairy cattle over 20 months of age or veal calves. {With Durvet Rumatel, feed 0.1 lb (45 grams) per 100 lbs. In 2018 don’t automatically assume that if … I really hate using a liquid wormer on my sheep and I would like to find an alternative, such as a paste. Jul 19, 2011 #2 . One person said 1 ml per 10 pounds. your own Pins on Pinterest MOM (Milk of Magnesia) – 15 cc per 60 lbs. endstream endobj 717 0 obj<>/Size 691/Type/XRef>>stream Oct 5, 2007 Shelocta PA. Only worming some of the animals lessens the chances of the worms becoming resistant. my family and i have used it on dogs and goats for many years. Two of the best wormers that you can buy from TractorSupply.com are: Valbazen (Albendazole) Suspension Dewormer; Safe-Guard Dewormer Worming Pregnant Goats – What Every Farmer Needs to Know. Under 3 lbs 1/4 cc 3-6 lbs 1/2 cc Birds over 6lbs 1cc I’m wishing I would’ve bought the paste. Just use the Safe-Guard Powder Granule Packets labeled for dogs. 0000002400 00000 n Safe-Guard Goat Dewormer (10% Suspension), 125 mL. The dosage on the chart above is for Durvet Rumatel. 0000008468 00000 n There is also a highly concentrated form called Rumatel 88, but this is meant for mixing into large volumes of feed (feed 0.1 lb (45 gram) per 2000 lb BW). People get confused about "rotating" wormers. 0000000016 00000 n The dosage for a goat is 0.6ml (which is a little over 1/2 ml for a 25lb goat. This has been me so many times that I worked with my vet to develop a printable dewormer chart. toth boer goats … Always weigh your goat before administering any wormer and make sure to give the correct does for the weight of the goat. Be pretty accurate with these weights as this product can cause frothing at the mouth. If you just have one or a couple dogs to deworm, I don’t think using Safeguard for Goats is necessary. The enemy: Haemonchus contortus. thanks. 0000006667 00000 n Click to expand... We use that, on the tube it has weights and so you push the syringe to that mark. The active ingredient is Fenbendazole. Does the dosage below sound accurate? In these breeds, you may wish to consider lower dosage, or use of fenbendazole instead, a drug that is al… If you are looking for an oral liquid goat dewormer, Safeguard Goat Dewormer is a good choice. Of these, only fenbendazole, albendazole and morantel tartrate are currently approved for use in goats. BTW, he recommended for our area, Cydectin, Panacur and he said it would also be fine to give them the Cydectin Oral Sheep Drench but that one he was unsure of the dosage.
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