But if things turn pear shaped, the one thing you want to be sure of is that your Kilimanjaro guide is one of the best! There are so many factors to consider before you plan for a Kilimanjaro hike, Since it does not take spending a fortune for a safe, comfortable and successful climb. Estimated average commission of a tour operator - 15-35%. You will still have to pay the money when you get there! from Kilimanjaro to a hospital at no extra charge. All set to hike to one of the highest peaks, Kilimanjaro? contact my preferred operator through this page. While the rates paid (and charged guides is expected to pass the Wilderness First Responder/First Aid test. What it comes down to is that your chances of reaching the summit and your chances of coming back down alive increase and decrease with the cost of your Kilimanjaro climb. your operator provides accommodation of a somewhat lower standard and, therefore, cost and you are ok with it, then it And, of course, if the price quoted is significantly lower than that calculated above, then there is a It is completely up to you how much you tip the members for supporting their families financially. And the rest of the staff? Dozens of those who lower as the number of climbers grows. park fees per person, and Yet, basing your decision only on cost would be a mistake. Neither last-minute cancellations with no refund of deposits to the client) may vary, all reputable Tanzanian trekking outfitters have wage systems for their climbing crews. But not every climb above $1700 is guaranteed to be a quality, safe one! What factors affect climbing prices? Of course you try to save money where you can. Expedition arrangements (meals, water, tents, cutlery, crockery etc.). For a six day Kilimanjaro climb, booked in advance, that is the absolute minimum cost that you should budget for, and you will be sacrificing quality of experience at that level (e.g. Mid-Tier Climbs: $1400 -$2000. The money you save is coming straight out of the pockets of your Kilimanjaro porters, and porters' wages are not the only place where money is saved at their expense. Needlessly. That's discussed in the section about Kilimanjaro climb routes. Excitement, anxiety, fear, and hope are the emotions that come to mind when you’re about to click the book now button for your next holiday. provide the level of comfort expected on the climb. To climb Kilimanjaro can cost you anything from $1000 to $4000 and above. reasonable 3-star hotel in Moshi (the most logical starting point) will cost $100-120 if booked directly or $80-90 if The average Kilimanjaro Climb Cost normally include your before and after accommodation, however it does not include the climbing gears and equipment’s, the flights and vaccinations. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not a cheap holiday! He contributed his knowledge and skills to many notable expeditions, including Wings of Kilimanjaro 2019, BASE-jump trip with Red Bull, National Geographic trips and many other adventures. June 14, 2017 If you’re seriously considering a Kilimanjaro trek, you’re probably aware there are a wide variety of trekking outfitters, at a wide range of price points. for 2 or more climbers. without providing the crew members with attractive pay. A typical climbing package will also include such equipment as sleeping bags and mess tents; cookers and This is by far the most popular option that offers a reasonable (neither a The costs of training for all of our staff Get some free, no obligations advice on route selection, duration and timing? essential components. inherently dangerous activity. Let's look at where your money actually goes, what you pay for, and why. (There are some operators advertising cheap Kilimanjaro climbs that cost below $1200. Depending on your group size each climber will be accompanied by 4 porters, a chef and 1 guide. I haven't mentioned a fraction of them and most of them you will never notice or be aware of. Another place where money can be saved is equipment and food. Bypassing established official routes where climbing permits are checked at Altezza Travel guides have witnessed many expeditions broken off when there were no emergency oxygen document.write(d.getFullYear()) BIRGIT BRADTKE | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. While preparing for climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is the first question that comes to our mind is – How Much It Cost to Climb Kilimanjaro? climbing Mt. Let’s break the ice and start off with the following: You can realize your dreams for about 5000 USD. So, as you know an average cost to climb Kilimanjaro ranges from $2000 to $4000 excluding the flight fare, this range varies depending upon various factors. COPYRIGHT © 2008-var d=new Date() Not by a long shot. Read carefully about what is included in a climb when comparing prices and be wary of those hidden costs. Such teams are mostly thrown together on the spur of the moment guide usually receives USD 20-40 per day, a cook - USD 10-15, a porter - USD 7-10, adding to the total "Classic" package Do not make your decision based on price alone. Low- or no- wages are all too common in such cases. There can be an $1,000+ price difference based off the same amount of days on the mountain. Before I begin, it’s important to understand that choosing your tour operator should not be based on price alone. begin your climb. But it adds up! And whether you enjoy the experience or not? and crew fees. BUT, you have the piece of mind of knowing when your trek will depart, that it will indeed depart, and you have the time to do research and ensure you are with a responsible operator. The price of a Kilimanjaro climb is made up of two kinds of costs: fixed, i.e. Of course, all other staff on a budget climb are also paid less and treated with less respect. To climb Kilimanjaro can cost you anything from $1000 to $4000 and above. As reliable gear means not only comfort but also safety, stocks have to Kilimanjaro climb cost. Neither is a luxury! Kilimanjaro Climb Cost may be between $1,400 to over $4,500 and above, depending on the route you decide on, the specification level and whether or not you would like to join a group or go private. Estimated park fees, Machame Route, per climber in a group of two. Licensed tour operators also pay for a number Share. kitchenware; tables and other essential items. Blend this knowledge with the fact that there are 250 licensed and hundreds of unlicensed operators in the region and making the right choice becomes a major task. The final total payroll will therefore hinge upon the size of the crew necessary to DON'T! Providing such professional crews has its impact on your cost to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. the Kilimanjaro climbing verage prices and cost start from $450 pp per day this is for budget hiking while luxury trekking costs … may make all the difference in the world. Home » Blog Home » How Much Does It Cost to Climb Kilimanjaro? There are operators who put over 20 people in one group. As has been demonstrated earlier, it is impossible to provide adequate service during a Kilimanjaro climb Drops the prices. You would probably need to add on at least another US$1,000 for those things depending on where you live and how much gear you already own.
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