If it fails to do that, you can manually select them for your device. Apple logo. 4. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. Launch the program. Step 4 The iPhone will turn on and get out of the black screen of death. Or else, There are also some basic steps you can try on your own to fix the issue. hi .my iPhone XR stopped working all of a sudden.it was asking for software update but all the time I was denying it. Easy Way to Deal with Blue Screen on iOS Devices, Quick Fixes for iPhone/iPad Stuck in Headphone Mode, How to Fix iPod Touch Stuck at White Screen of Death. Step 1. thanks. This was the first time ever since my almost 10 years of owning an iPhone, when I was confronted with the Black Screen of death issue. Question: Q: iPhone XS Max - black screen of death More Less. Quick Fixes: iPhone Black Screen of Death. If you have an iTunes backup, the iTunes will prompt you to restore the backup to get back data. That should be good enough time for your device to accumulate power and turn on. Android Data Recovery; Broken Android Data Extraction; Android Data Backup & Restore, iPhone Data Recovery; iOS System Recovery; iOS Data Backup & Restore. can also be resolved by using this powerful iOS repair software. As your phone would be restarted in normal mode, let go of the buttons. No technical skill required. Step 3 After the iPhone reboots, it should get rid of the black screen of death. When it is installed, launch it with double clicks. Below are 4 solutions to fix iPhone 6s/6 Plus/7/7/Plus/8, iPhone X/11/12 stuck on black screen. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. We can call it Black Screen of Death on iPhone. All tips are intended to fix an iOS device that has firmware bug or any other software glitch. At first I gave it sometime to see if it will automatically reboot in the background. And then install this software on your computer. For people who have updated their iPhone to iOS 14/13, they get a different screen which is an Apple logo with a spinning wheel. However, the restarting process of the iPhone varies from phone to phone. The first step to fix your iPhone or iPad blue screen is going to the official website and downloading iOS System Recovery. Click Start. No charging, the iPhone XR was unresponsive. Black Screen. 5 minutes later I tried to pick up the smartphone to set up the alarm for the next morning … Even if the screen remains black swipe-right as you would normally do to power off the device. Step 2 In some cases, iTunes will detect that your iPhone is in recovery mode and show the below window. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. There are other users that have complained that they experience this issue at random times but the common issue is that the screen fails to light up. Find the location of the Home button and the Sleep/Wake buttons on your iPhone. The program will detect your device. -> Press and quickly release the Volume Down button -> Press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo. There are other users that have complained that they experience this issue at random times but the common issue is that the screen fails to light up. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. When your iPhone gets a black screen and won't turn on, the first thing to do is to perform a hard reset. Quick-press the Volume Up button. Hard Reset iPhone XR Step 2. Important: Please apply the following tips only to an iPhone that hasn’t suffered from any liquid or mechanical shock damage. Step 2. One of the most common issues is that you may face with an older smartphone is the black screen problem.
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