of the flame are not so decisive as to justify them in omitting to test the steel before removing it from the converter, as a check on the accuracy of their blowing. Paul, on his side, clearly implies that Peter felt with him that the Law could not justify (Gal. They haven't been given these rights for eternity - they should justify having them just like most other people have to: 30. Items like VS-1 technology, wave technology, and Pro-Flex construction justify the $74.95 price tag on the Watley model. By the vehemence of his rhetoric, by the fervour of his grandiose schemes for the remaking of China at the time of the revolution, he captured the imagination of considerable sections of the public, especially in the United States; but his subsequent career failed to justify his own belief in himself as a heaven-sent reformer. If the new employee is a marketing professional, he may justify the expense by taking a gamble that a professional in sales and marketing will increase sales. The experience of the present generation, however, both in England and other countries, seems to justify some relaxation of that view, as will appear below. may justify a conclusion in which the predicate is not, as normally, the major term, but the minor. For those just looking for a quiet CPU cooler, I can't justify the £ 30 price tag. That readiness will not weaken in me, but I and Russia have a right to expect from you all the zeal, firmness, and success which your intellect, military talent, and the courage of the troops you command justify us in expecting. Against the prevailing lawlessness Sixtus proceeded with an almost ferocious severity, which only extreme necessity could justify. Erigena's contemporaries, and was certainly unorthodox enough to justify the condemnation which it subsequently received from Honorius III. He was probably wrong, but there are some indications of relationship to justify the same view. On the 16th of August 1812, without any resistance and without consulting his officers, he surrendered the city to General Brock, for reasons of humanity, and afterwards attempted to justify himself by criticism of the War Department in general and in particular of General Henry Dearborn's armistice with Prevost, which had not included in its terms Hull, whom Dearborn had been sent out to reinforce.'. absconding prisoners, it's very hard to justify. Sidgwick holds that intuition must justify the claims of the general happiness upon the individual, though everything subsequent is hedonistic calculus. They named their town by anticipation, Our Lady of the Victory (Victoria); but it cost them some hard fighting with the Goagnazes to justify the title. CPU cooler, I can't justify the £ 30 price tag. From their own point of view they were orthodox conservatives, so far as they really cared to remain - for whatever reason - within the pale of Jewry and to justify their presence there. Mushketov's Turkestan (pp. We may still hold the opinion of Dollinger that it was intended to impress the barbarian Pippin and justify in his eyes the Frank intervention in favour of the pope in Italy; or we may share the view of Loening (rejected by Brunner, Rechtsgeschichte) that the forgery was a pious fraud on the part of a cleric of the Curia, committed under Adrian I., 4 with the idea of giving a legal basis to territorial dominion which that pope had succeeded in establishing in Italy. While justifying imperialism, they also use it to justify problems on the " home front " . They started with no such claim as Duke William put forth to justify his invasion of England; their only show of legal right was the papal grant of conquests that were already made. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adverbs: " He couldn't truly justify what he said. It is the author's conception of the nature of the gospel which mainly gives us pause in following this pretty general disposition of modern scholarship. : And here is a GIF image of a typeset version with justified lines, as the author wishes it to be seen. 204+11 sentence examples: 1. The theodicea of the prophets is national; they see Yahweh's righteousness working itself out with unmistakable clearness in the present, and know that all that He brings upon Israel is manifestly just; but from the days of Jeremiah' the fortunes of Israel as a nation are no longer the one thing which religion has to explain; the greater question arises of a theory of the divine purpose which shall justify the ways of God with individual men or with His "righteous servant" - that is, with the ideal community of true faith as distinct from the natural Israel. During his time the East India Company, which had founded the town of Batavia in Java as their administrative capital, under a succession of able governorgenerals almost monopolized the trade of the entire Orient, made many conquests and established a network of factories and trade posts stretching from the Cape of Good Hope to Japan (see Dutch East India Company). Negotiations could only bring the conflict a little nearer, delay it a little longer, or supply an opportunity to either side to justify its action in the eyes of the world. 19 justify the rendering in margin of R.V. She was particu­larly adept at suing anyone in the same county as an injured vic­tim, but only after carefully deciding they either had a bankroll or sufficient insurance limits to justify her attention. Do you not consider that to be an attraction that would justify the retention of derating? A peculiarity of larch wood is the difficulty with which it is ignited, although so resinous; and, coated with a thin layer of plaster, beams and pillars of larch might probably be found to justify Caesar's epithet " igni impenetrabile lignum "; even the small branches are not easily kept alight, and a larch fire in the open needs considerable care. He decided t It did not finish the job and, according to the FFH, gave no plausible pretext to justify interrupting the work. There are a few reasons for discontinuing certain products, primarily the fact that they aren’t selling well enough to justify producing the product anymore. gerardiae (Lacaze-Duthiers, 1865), sends such rootlets into its host as would justify the term Rhizothoracida. Macaulay's prediction that the interest in the man would supersede that in his "Works" seemed and seems likely enough to justify itself; but his theory that the man alone mattered and that a portrait painted by the hand of an inspired idiot was a true measure of the man has not worn better than the common run of literary propositions. On the whole, however, it is doubtful if all these legal and extra-legal activities in a nation of ioo,000,000 were serious enough to justify any general condemnation of war legislation, the courts, and the nation. Our leaders are not asked to justify their complete subservience to American interests. I can give you several sentences.He tried to think of an excuse to justify his bad behavior.Can you justify that action? The employer must act reasonably in deciding that the reason is sufficient to justify dismissal. There are no circumstances to justify you. None of Rudinis public utterances justify the supposition that he assumed office with the intention of allowing the alliance to lapse on its expiry in May 1892; indeed, he frankly declared it to form the basis of his foreign policy. Hegel's first performance seemed to justify the rumour. The Acts, in describing the visits of Peter to Samaria, Joppa, Lydda and Caesarea, justify the view that his missionary activity began quite early. 3. In some cases they introduced new systems of ecclesiastical organization, and in all they sought to justify their innovations by an appeal from the Church's tradition to the Scriptures. Although they appear simple, clauses can function in complex ways in English grammar. In 1838 it caused his partisan Lieutenant Laity to be condemned by the Court of Peers to five years' imprisonment for a pamphlet which he had written to justify the Strassburg affair; then it demanded the expulsion of the prince from Switzerland, and when the Swiss government resisted, threatened war. The collections which Mrs Rylands assembled in the 1890s are of such quality as to justify this relatively modest investment in their future. 15, G), Hymenophyllaceae and Osmundaceae, and on good grounds, so far as the external characters of the sporangia are concerned; our knowledge of most of the Ferns in question is, however, far too incomplete to justify us in asserting that they actually belonged to the families indicated. Polybius (ii.-viii.) A small drop in interest rates does not justify a refinance. Unfortunately under Michigan law, her word alone justifies a warrant. 4. Justify definition, to show (an act, claim, statement, etc.) r) does not involve any official tinge, which would justify the deletion of Kai Teµ66Eos 6 65€X00s, uou in that verse, and of r)µwv in vv. Read about animatable: Version: CSS3: JavaScript syntax: object.style.textJustify="inter-word" Browser Support. "They justify by saying, well, spiders aren't insects ." The ruling men use an Old Testament tale to justify what is essentially human slavery, and like all people who presume to legislate the morals of others are ultimate hypocrites in how they choose to live. He makes the policy decisions, and he must justify them. Sunderland now took refuge in Holland, and from Utrecht he sought to justify his recent actions in A letter to a friend in the country. Contrary to what you might think, the Technorati WTF page actually stands for "where's the fire?" pub licensee Tony Love tried to justify his actions by saying: ' It's all to do with the CCTV. How can Reef Entertainment justify releasing this effluence on the general public? follows the Memoirs which Aratus wrote to justify his statesmanship, - Plutarch (Aratus and Cleomenes) used this same source and the hostile account of Phylarchus; Paus. However irregular this sentence may have been from the canonical point of view (for the accusers do not seem to have actually proved the crime of heresy, which was necessary, according to most scholars of the period, to justify the deposition of a sovereign pontiff), the condemned pope was not long in confirming it. Would purely sentimental values justify flying a plane which is dangerous? In order to justify the use of stationary waves we must show that two such trains can move in opposite directions over the same ground without modifying each other so long as the displacement in either is small. This general rule of thumb allows most homeowners to justify the closing costs because they will realize a savings within a couple of years from the refinance into the lower interest rate. It is always far easier to justify stealing from or assaulting someone that exists outside of your social group. Debt management services are not free, although you can justify the cost of one of these services if they get you a significantly more affordable deal with your creditors. On the whole 64 is the most probable date, but it is very far from certain: the evidence is insufficient to justify any assurance. The analogy of the resolution of a chemical compound with its elements which is often on the lips of those who would justify the independence of thought and the real world, with an agnostic conclusion as to non-phenomenal or trans-subjective reality, is not really applicable. Then they demonized the " coloreds " to justify colonialism. But if a person charged with bigamy in England can prove that he has been legally divorced by the law of the country where the divorced parties were domiciled at the time (even though the ground on which the divorce was granted was not one that would justify a divorce in England) it will be good defence to the charge. If, on the other hand, the processes are strictly alternative, a world which ex hypothesi exemplifies the one can never justify us in inferring the other. Thus ended an affair which seems to have occasioned Calvin much more uneasiness than the character of his assailant, and the manifest falsehood of the charge brought against him, would seem to justify. I had reached a time in my life where I was truly happy with the idea that I didn't have to be raising money for a charitable organization or doing a service project in order to justify spending time enjoying the company of friends. How to use justify in a sentence. Consumer groups however expressed some concern that weighing costs and benefits might be used as a pretext to justify inaction. concocted lies that US neoconservatives used to justify war, such as claims that Iraq was involved with 9/11. Synonym Discussion of justify. If you have to hurt people to get what you want, then the ends do not justify the means. Sometimes governments justify their own terrorist acts by labeling any groups that resist their monopoly of violence " terrorist " . Pascal explains all the contradictions and difficulties of human life and thought by the doctrine of the Fall, and relies on faith and revelation alone to justify each other. With the least expensive model costing over $300, the purifier really needs to improve your air quality to justify the expense. But there are still the numbers of retired miners in Lothian to justify this home staying open. army could have reached neither wing in time to avert defeat, and the political consequences of the Austrian victory might have been held to justify the risks involved, for even if unsuccessful the Austrians and Saxons could always retreat into Bavaria and there form a backbone of solid troops for the 95,000 South Germans. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Examples of Justify in a sentence. In fact, even something as simple as a change in lighting can alter a landscape's appearance enough to justify a new painting. Enough is known of him to justify the belief that he had some of the qualities of a soldier and a statesman. 14-33) written to believing Jews in order to justify the Gentile mission and afterwards edited for Gentile readers with the addition of xi. The higher reason only has unconditional authority, and the Bible must justify itself before its tribunal; we find the history of divine revelation and its fulfilment in the Bible alone, and reason bids us regard the Bible as the only authority and canon in matters of religious belief. Such legends often arise to connect towns bearing identical or similar names (such as are common in Greece) and to justify political events or ambitions by legendary precedents; and this certainly happened during the successive political rivalries of Dorian Sparta with non-Dorian Athens and Thebes. No argument can justify a war. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Justify | Justify Sentence. How to use justifying in a sentence. I've changed documents. Sentence Examples for justify. It was originally intended that this should eventually be extended across the territory to Cowie Harbour (Sabuko Bay) on the east coast, but the extraordinary engineering difficulties which oppose themselves to such an extension, the sparse population of the territory, and the failure of the existing line to justify the expectations entertained by its designers, combine to render the prosecution of any such project highly improbable. were collated by Kennicott and de Rossi at the close of the 18th century, with sufficient thoroughness to justify the important conclusion that all existing MSS. Not even the Greeks would claim the divine inspiration of Greek nationalism, and few would now justify the massacres. 204+11 sentence examples: 1. Those who maintain that all these forms of synthesis are hasty and superficial stand by the conviction that the right philosophic attitude is to accept provisionally the main distinctions of common sense, above all the distinction of personal and impersonal; but to press forward to the underlying unity so far as experience and reflection justify. Consumers often justify purchasing the counterfeit goods by saying that the originals are overpriced in the first place, or that the designers are all ready rich. The adherents of the " old " and the " new religions alike had to justify their views to the unlearned as well as to the learned, and to give in simple formulas their reasons for the faith that was in them. But though in each case the result has been an improved administration, it has been generally conceded that only most exceptional circumstances can justify such interference with local self-government, and later attempts to extend the practice have failed. If you become offended by anything, please read An Attempt to Justify Gruesome Bible Passages. In case of success he would be able to impose the will of a victorious king upon a discredited diet, and reform the constitution on an English or Swedish model. Teachers very often try to justify their paycheck by asking students to use vocab words in sentences. All other governments are usurpations, which, Some examples of the local practices and rites which, Where, then, is the real and proper sin in the inferior animals to, This was a rash remark, probably; a remark which he could not, On these grounds, especially on the first two, we must, Philosophical priests could not accommodate themselves to the animal worship of the temples without a, But how could philosophy explain the connexion of ideas, how, He denied that a man who managed property had for that reason a shadow of a shade of, You are sure to meet with a welcome, and to be trusted; your conduct must, But how does his extension of Paley's argument, Otherwise they would be unjust, and consequently unjustifiable; as the end could never, One advantage claimed for ribbed sheet which may entirely, Or, if she never did the glorious, great things, she would at least have done something to, Insight and intelligence always excite so much distrust that force alone avails to, He wanted Patty, he knew, but did he want her enough to, Evidently, as in all such cases, the theory was framed to, Indeed, according to his theology, there could be no object sufficiently vast, no necessity sufficiently imperious, to, Let us suppose, then, in the first place, the position to be assumed, that no object can possibly, The dispassionate reader would not have seen anything in it to, But a race that bears a sceptre must carry gifts to, But the noise was not repeated, and nothing could be seen to, Transformation in a sentence | Short example sentence for transformation[Class 1-5], Flashlight in a sentence | Short example sentence for flashlight[Class 1-5], Whey in a sentence | Short example sentence for whey[Class 1-5], Intelligence in a sentence | Short example sentence for intelligence[Class 1-5], Hampering in a sentence | Short example sentence for hampering[Class 1-5], Sleepier in a sentence | Short example sentence for sleepier[Class 1-5], Philosophy in a sentence | Short example sentence for philosophy[Class 1-5], Nightingale in a sentence | Short example sentence for nightingale[Class 1-5], Electrode in a sentence | Short example sentence for electrode[Class 1-5], Boll in a sentence | Short example sentence for boll[Class 1-5], Justification in a sentence | Short example sentence for justification[Class 1-5], Justifying in a sentence | Short example sentence for justifying[Class 1-5], Justifies in a sentence | Short example sentence for justifies[Class 1-5], Actions in a sentence | Short example sentence for actions[Class 1-5], Unreasonable in a sentence | Short example sentence for unreasonable[Class 1-5], Excuse in a sentence | Short example sentence for excuse[Class 1-5], Intent in a sentence | Short example sentence for intent[Class 1-5], Pretext in a sentence | Short example sentence for pretext[Class 1-5], Justified in a sentence | Short example sentence for justified[Class 1-5], Merely in a sentence | Short example sentence for merely[Class 1-5], Words to describe Justify | Justify Adjectives. It seemed as if she had to justify herself. : 2. These consequences perhaps justify urgent intervention, however, there are four strong arguments against any action that need consideration. Disregarding the wishes of the Great Council, and excluding all the more important of the barons and bishops from office, he acted as his own chief minister and never condescended to justify his policy except when he stood in need of subsidies. There is no evidence, however, which would justify us in crediting such gatherings with any substantial degree of local authority. Several authors justify the probability postulate without relying on the sleeping pill argument. He starts, that is in logic, with conceptual units apparently self-contained and admitting of nothing but external relation, but proceeds to justify the intrinsic relation between the matter of his units by an appeal to the fact of the coherence of all contents of thought. He was at a loss to justify the unheard-of luxury of the Roman court. This theory has been used to justify the development of sport or workout-specific dynamic warm up exercise. You can justify the price by considering both the care that is involved with a handmade machine and the quality testing that may be performed prior to the item being shipped out. 2. Indeed, there is a danger it will arouse suspicions that the management committee is unwilling to tolerate dissent or justify its actions. In fact, the result seemed to justify the plan. Possession of nuclear weapons may indeed justify an inference of preparedness to use them. One way to justify the additional fee is to reserve the opportunity to market to the general members specifically for those who hold associate level memberships in the organization. You know, because we all need to stare at clothes most of us could never afford (or justify). said her husband to her in a low voice, evidently only to justify himself before the stranger. For those homeowners that want to invest in solar energy, but can't justify the cost of solar shingles, there are several options available. In order to justify his newly-won laurels, Luynes undertook an expedition against the Protestants, but died of a fever in the midst of the campaign, at Longueville in Guienne, on the 15th of December 1621. The Hearing Officer found such an assertion to be totally insufficient to justify a finding of " bad faith " . A long list of reasons was trundled out to justify their demands. As the anniversary of VJ Day approaches, the Western ruling classes are keen to justify this barbarity. Whether the extra link functionality of XLink is sufficient to justify widespread adoption is still a matter of debate. show no signs of acquaintance with the questions and the circumstances of the 2nd century; and that the character even of the Fourth Gospel is not such as to justify its being placed, at furthest, much after the beginning of that century. My subject is so far novel as to justify a little repetition. sufficient to justify widespread adoption is still a matter of debate. Seemed to justify my fears. It contains less than 200 species, chiefly parasitic on or in algae and other water-plants or animals, of various kinds, or in other fungi, seedlings, pollen and higher plants. Ultimately tho, while it entertains, the story is slightly too long to justify the blackly comedic but weak ending. justify who know they are justified by grace, yet seek to be sanctified by works. A select committee was appointed with Mr Hanbury as chairman to consider " whether the telephone service is calculated to become of such general benefit as to justify its being undertaken by municipal and other local authorities, and if so under what conditions.". In this instance the merits of the work justify the warmest commendation. SKUA, 1 the name for a long while given to certain of the Laridae (see Gull), birds which sufficiently differ in structure, appearance and habits to justify their separation as a distinct genus, Stercorarius (Lestris of some writers), or even subfamily, Stercorariinae. disobedience of a reasonable order to justify the dismissal of the men. | (transitive) To be a good, acceptable reason for; warrant. Give me such evidence as would justify me in believing in anything else, and I will believe that. With all the phenomena of vocabulary and style which seem to justify such conceptions as von Soden's that c. iii. There are far too many good first person shooters around for me to justify wading through endless labyrinths. justify in a sentence - Use "justify" in a sentence 1. Assent in religion as in everything else he could justify only on the ground of its harmony with reason; professed " illumination without search, and certainty without proof " was to him a sign of absence of the divine spirit in the professor. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. He tried to justify his absence with lame excuses. One day He will return in judgment, to condemn the wicked and justify the righteous. They have been called the Britons of the south, and their courage in defending their country and their intelligence amply justify the compliment. How can you justify your rude and foolish behaviour? During the course of the siege Tantia Topi, the most capable native leader of the Mutiny, arrived with a fresh force of 20,000 men, and threatened the British camp; but Sir Hugh Rose, with a boldness which only success could justify, divided his force, and while still maintaining the siege of the fort, attacked Tantia Topi with only 150o men and completely routed him. I'll set it to justify with last line aligned left but it full justifies it. Satisfy definition is - to carry out the terms of (something, such as a contract) : discharge. Even modest improvements may justify the costs of ECE. A racist ideology was created to justify slavery and to allow capital accumulation to take place. In addition, it would justify the use of powerful sociological theories in IS research. One may divine in all this an intention to "justify the ways of God" to the Jew, by proving that God in His faithfulness to His ancient people had given them the first opportunity of salvation through Christ, but that now their national privilege had been rightly forfeited. By an imaginary cycle of operations we may then justify the application to solutions of the latent heat equation which we have already assumed as applicable. These pluses we feel amply justify the necessary increase of a pound or two on the ticket price. The historians quite falsely represent Napoleon's faculties as having weakened in Moscow, and do so only because the results did not justify his actions. Left justify or tab to the center to type the date, depending upon the format you are using. : 2. Most notable of her controversial material is her videos for "Like A Prayer", "Justify My Love", and the documentary Madonna: Truth or Dare. 2. The " animal rights " supporters cannot see how these justify the infliction of physical or emotional distress on MOOS. Napoleon's historian Thiers, like other of his historians, trying to justify his hero says that he was drawn to the walls of Moscow against his will. It soon appeared that the intention of that practised debater was to force Luther into some admission which would justify opponents in accusing him of holding the opinions of Huss, who had been condemned by the great German Council of Constance.
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