Once home again, Zira yells at Kovu for associating with a Pride Lander, reminding him that Simba has banished their pride from the Pride Lands for staying loyal to Scar. When a problem arises in the Outlands and the friendly hyena Jasiri asks for help, Kion must decide if he wants to help the hyenas or the lions. Okay, okay. Jasiri is a friendly female hyena and one of the few who respect the Circle of Life in the Outlands. The Outsiders alternative name "Outlanders" is the name of the animals that reside in the Outlands (such as hyenas, vultures and jackals) in the 2015 TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and its 2016 follow-up series The Lion Guard. A new game based on The Lion King. The Lion Guard is a Disney show and its the next generation of the Lion King! Like the rest of Janja's clan, Cheezi is greedy and gluttonous, with no respect for the Circle of Life. The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. However, just in time, Kion arrives with the Lion Guard and drives the hyenas off. Janja happens to overhear, and takes advantage of this, and the three hyenas trap the Lion Guard in a ravine. Dogo's Siblings are a group of crafty young jackal pups who are members of Reirei's Pack. Including, the leaders of his army's hyena, crocodile, vulture and jackal fractions, Janja, Kiburi, Mzingo and Reirei. They turn on Zira and join Simba's side in favor of peace and a better life. Tamka is a bulky crocodile who was banished from the Pride Lands to the Outlands. •  Cheezi •  Chungu •  Dogo •  Dogo's brothers •  Goigoi •  Janja •  Kenge •  Kiburi •  Kijana •  Madoa •  Mwoga •  Mzingo •  Nduli •  Njano •  Nne •  Nyata •  Nyeusi •  Reirei •  Shupavu •  Sumu •  Tamka •  Tano •  Tunu •  Waza •  Wema. Scar plots with his army in the Outlands to defeat both Simba and the Lion Guard. The majority of the Outlanders ally with Scar to fight the Pride Landers. >_< His greed ultimately caused him to lose both positions, one after another. The Lion Guard Games is a great game category that we are sure you would never miss playing it because everything that we have in here is going to make it count for yourself in all the matters all the time. However, as Jasiri walks back through the Outlands, she is confronted by Janja, who surrounds her with hyenas. Simba then warns his daughter to never turn her back on them. Ushari is a cobra that lived in the Pride Lands but starts living in the Outlands after getting trampled many times by the Lion Guard. Nne is a smart hyena that lives in the Outlands. However, Dogo and his family invade the Pride Lands and nearly ruin Kupatana. Janja is a scheming male hyena who leads a hyena clan that live in the Outlands. With Kion and his friends trapped, the hyenas attempt to feast on a herd of zebras, but Ono once again foils their plan. Once there, the Lion Guard is met by Kiburi, who claims to simply be visiting. Zira leads the Outsiders into battle with Simba's pride. My artist now hates me thanks to the punchline though. He warns the herd to leave, giving Kion the freedom to burst out of the ravine using the Roar of the Elders. Janja decides a new Lion Guard will be trouble for Outlanders and decides to launch a pre-empitive strike. PARK AVE 12 Lion Guard Figures with Jumbo Egg Storage, 1-2" Tall Mini King Figure Toys for Kids Deluxe Cupcake Cake Toppers Party Favor Decoration. This includes crocodiles, lions, hyenas, jackals, skinks, and vultures. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Outlanders. At the start of the episode, Janja and his cronies, Cheezi and Chungu, are chasing after a herd of oryx. Just in time, the Lion Guard shows up and defeats the hyenas. Lioness is a lioness who llives in the Outlands. :) I DO NOT OWN ANY PICTURES OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS, IT IS ALL OWNED BY DISNEY After Kion gets lost in the Outlands, he is led to Janja's territory by Jasiri. Goigoi is a an adult male jackal who is Reirei's mate. Not long after their encounter, Zira shows up to defend her son, and Simba jumps up in his daughter's defense. He is in fact free to use it on the Outlanders, and implicitly kill them if need be for the greater good. Intrigued by her behavior, Kovu questions her and then mocks her for always following her father's rules. 1 Plot 2 Trivia 3 Scenes 3.1 Vs. Zira and the Outlanders Tammy: *whispers* Should we … To which Kion manages to escape to the Outlands where a pack of hyenas have came to take in the cub to raise as their own. Nyeusi is a stealthy skink and is a member of Shupavu's Group. They are sneaky enough to feign their innocence at her demand. He is a follower of Kiburi. Chungu isn't very bright, and seems to rely on Janja to make decisions for him. Suspicious, Kiara sends Tiifu to fetch her father while she stays behind to keep watch over the herd. It takes place after the events of the 2015 TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and shows the continued adventures of Kion and his friends in The Lion Guard. However, after a female hyena named Jasiri becomes the ruler of the Outlands, most, if not, all of the animals gain a newfound respect for the Circle of Life. He has the same devious nature as Reirei, but is a follower rather than a leader. When Ono loses his vision in one eye, the vultures hold a meeting about the situation. Dogo is a scheming jackal pup who is fully capable of performing acts against the Circle of Life. Horrified, Janja resolves to take down all the animals he can, and sings "Tonight We Strike" with his eager minions. –Janja, The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. As well as Ushari, Shupavu, Njano, and Zira. 95. Villain Song: "Lions Over All" for Zira. Kion was just Five Weeks old when Zira and some followers of her's attack Pride Rock while Simba was out with Kiara; having to escape from the coming threat to end the cub's life, Sarabi took Kion and ran. The vulture does as he's instructed and tells Kiara to meet Janja at Broken Rock, which serves as neutral ground between the Outlands and the Pride Lands. $15.95 $ 15. He attempts to use Hodari's friendship with the Lion Guard to his advantage, but Kion is adamant about Kiburi's banishment and commands the float to return to the Outlands. Outlanders are the animals who live in the Outlands. They are the sons and daughters of Reirei and Goigoi, and the brothers and sisters of Dogo and Kijana. Villain Takes an Interest: Zira has taken a shine on Kion to teach him more about the Roar of the Elders and its hidden secrets. He is a follower of Kiburi. At the start of the episode, Janja and his cronies, Cheezi and Chungu, are chasing after a herd of oryx. He is very submissive to her, never questioning his actions. Before they can take down the herd, the Lion Guard races to the rescue, chasing them off. With Max Charles, Joshua Rush, Diamond White, Atticus Shaffer. His greed ultimately caused him to lose both positions, one after another. Scar; Vitani; Zira; Janja; Nuka; Outsiders; Mpishi; Cheezi; All items (43) They are the primary antagonistic group turned supporting characters of the 1998 film The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, and also appear in its midquel television series The Lion Guard. He then boasts that an Outsider is self-reliant and can take care of himself. Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of The Lion Guard - Lions of the Outlandsisan upcomingcrossover to be made by tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor. The two have a stand-off, during which Zira laments the poor conditions of the Outlands, where her pride is deprived of food and water. However, when the Lion Guard comes to Dogo's rescue, Janja quickly lets the pup go, and he and his clan race back into the Outlands. Despite appearing innocent, they are crafty and very much take after their mother, Reirei. He quickly teams up with Janja to revive Scar in their hostile plot against Simba but after months of battling with the Lion Guard, in a final attempt to destroy Kion, Ushari is thwarted by Bunga, the Lion Guard's Bravest, and falls to his death. The Pride Landers manage to foil their attempts, and Simba sends the jackals back into the Outlands. It's just occurred to me that a lot of canon characters in the Lion Guard universe are making their debut here in this comic... Princess Kiara, Kovu, Zazu, and a bunch of the Outlanders. Shupavu is a skeptical skink who serves as a spy for Ushari. Once back at Pride Rock, the Outsiders-turned-Pride Landers witness the union of Kovu and Kiara. Outlanders is the name given to animals who are inhabitants of the Outlands. Sensing Kovu's betrayal, Zira and her pride ambush Simba, leaving him severely wounded. When Bunga and Kion lose their baobab ball in the Outlands, Bunga jumps down to retrieve it. When Bunga discovers that he's immune to snake bites, he attempts to climb to the top of the volcano. As a cub, he was assigned as leader of The Lion Guard and assembled a team of animals to protect the Pridelands. After Kion gets lost in the Outlands… Years later he returns as a ghost, and plots revenge against Simba by attempting to take over and destroy the Pride Lands, however, he is thwarted by Kion, the son of Simba, and is defeated forever. They then bow their heads as first Simba and Nala, then Kovu and Kiara stride past and roar out over the kingdom. While the Outsiders wait excitedly for Simba's downfall, Kovu begins to genuinely fall in love with Kiara, and he refuses to kill the king. Seeing this, Kiara attempts to flee, but her path is blocked by Cheezi and Chungu. Category page. The Lion Guard Kiongozi “Kion” is the main protagonist of the Disney Junior series "The Lion Guard". The Lion Guard "Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots" At the start of the episode, Janja and his cronies, Cheezi and Chungu, are chasing after a herd of oryx. The Outsiders are a pride of lions who remain loyal to Scar after his death. Dogo is a sneaky young male jackal who is a member of Reirei's Pack. There are peculiar, stunted trees that dot the landscape, as shown when Vitani is attempting to bite off a branch, as well as scattered boulders. Scar was the former leader of the Lion Guard, as well as the former king (the latter he got after killing his older brother, Mufasa, and later lost after being defeated by his nephew Simba and becoming a ghost). Unsympathetic, Simba reminds her that the penalty for an Outsider straying into the Pride Lands is death. The design of the Outlands was meant to mirror that of an actual Badlands, and it shows. [Sequel to Lion Guard: Tale of the Winged Cub] Three months have passed since the defeat of Zira, Sultan, and the Outlanders. At some point, she plotted against Simba, before being betrayed by Kovu and Vitani, which lead to her death. The Lion Guard: The Pride Land Twins Chapter 4: Battle Against the Outlanders After Erika and Cole received the Royal Light Blessing from Mufasa, they are now playing baobab ball with Kion and Bunga, just outside Pride Rock. Waza is a dark blue skink and member of Shupavu's Group. Kijana is a sneaky young jackal. Have fun with The Lion Guard: Protector of the Pridelands! When Kiara is left in charge of the Pride Lands, Janja takes advantage of the situation and sends Mzingo to offer a peace proposal. Simba accepts the Outsiders into his pride. Tano is a crafty hyena who lives in the Outlands. The Lion Guard is a 2023 American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 2019 remake of The Lion King. Despite the ferocious tussle, the fight is soon stopped by Kovu and Kiara, who convince Simba to treat the Outsiders as one with the Pride Landers. Cheezi is prone to heavy laughter and sticking his tongue out, though has a much tougher grip on his mission than his friend, Chungu. Years later, the plan is set in motion, and Nuka and Vitani set fire to the Pride Lands, making way for Kovu to save Kiara and wedge his way into Simba's pride. Figure out something so great and so awesome that you would never get lost and bored. Years late… He enjoys pleasing his mother, Reirei and appears to have taken after her when it comes to feigning pleasantness, and is quite proud of doing so. She then sings "My Lullaby," during which her vengeful pride echoes her murderous intentions. The Lion Guard is a sequel and spin-off to The Lion King and takes place during the time-gap within the 1998 film The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, with the third season taking place in parallel with the film's second act, followed by the final two episodes of Season 3 serving as a continuation to that film. Sumu is a scorpion who stung Simba under Scar's orders. As leader of the Lion Guard, Kion is gifted with a power called the Roar of the Elders which when used, causes the great lion spirits of the Pride Lands' past to roar with him. Originally, instead of termite mounts, the Outsiders would have lived in a … Trending pages. Overhearing the conversation, Zazu flutters up to the king and warns Kiara that nothing inhabits the Outlands but a "bunch of backstabbing, murderous Outsiders." Njano is a blue-tongued skink and a member of Shupavu's Group. Also, we know, thanks to TLK2, that Scar had lion followers and possibly a lead mate (Zira). Kiara agrees, but when she shows up at Broken Rock, Janja has brought his entire clan with him. After Zira's death, Simba welcomes the Outsiders back into his pride. History Talk (0) Characters and animals from The Lion Guard who live in the Outlands. The Lion Guard is an American animated TV series that first aired on Disney Junior on 15 January 2016. Mzingo arrives in the midst of the argument and reports to Janja that Kion is assembling a new Lion Guard. The first Outsider seen in the film is a young cub named Kovu. Plot As he desperately seeks Flat Ridge Rock, he is confronted by Jasiri, who teases him for not having noticed her sneak up on him. Kiburi is a male crocodile who was banished from the Pride Lands to the Outlands. A desperate Kiara begins to fight off the hyenas until Janja pins her down. It just so happens that Janja, leader of the hyenas, is watching from the shadows, and he orders his minions to bring him the honey badger.
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