No, there isn't. 19, North Fuchengmen Street, No. 10, West Railway Station South Road; No. Top it up at stations: A Yikatong can be credited by units of 50 and 100 yuan at Beijing Subway ticket machines. Sixteen "new-generation" subway card vending machines have been placed in eight Beijing subway stations (Guomao and Yonganli on Line 1, Qingnianlu on Line 6, Guangqumennei on Line 7, Fengtai Technology Park on Line 9, Shoujingmao on Line 10, Beishatan and … Jia 15, West Chang’an Street; No. The Beijing Subway 2018 is the oldest metro system in mainland China, opening in 1969. 15, Dongzhimen Inner Street; No. 95, East Zhongguancun Road; 1F, Jingmen Mansion, Yangfangdian Road, Fuwai Street; Cuiwei Mansion, No. Tap Add Card. Tap [city name] Transit Card. The research approaches … Yikatong initially was not widely adopted by commuters due to its limited usefulness, relatively high deposit and limited availability. Don't worry! I was using a local SIM card at that time so I couldn't verify my number so I found another way that this could be done without any number verification. Can you please write it out for me in Chinese. Book your tickets online for Beijing Subway, Beijing: See 1,732 reviews, articles, and 756 photos of Beijing Subway, ranked No.7 on Tripadvisor among 124 attractions in Beijing. 3, Balizhuang Dongli; No. 20, Xinggu Road, Xinggu Industrial Development Zone; 1-3F, Block no. The metro network of Beijing is the fastest, punctual, reliable, economic means of transportation traveling in and around Beijing. 826, Jinsong Baqu; No. Can you purchase yikatong tourist short term pass packages for 3 days at international arrival hall at PEK. or you may buy it at the ticketing windows. Beijing's subway card – Yikatong – was born in 2006 and can also be used on buses and even in some shops. The 11 Best Beijing Neighborhoods to Stay in 2019, 4-Day Essence of Beijing Tour with Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking, 3-Day Discovery Great Wall Hiking from Jiankou to Jinshanling, 2-Day Great Wall Mutianyu-Simatai Day-Night Tour. Follow the instructions to create a new card. Jia 88-1, Yongding Road; No. At the same time, many more commercial outlets permitted users to purchase and rec… Users complete the payment process by putting the card in the induction zone of the card reader. When taking the Beijing subway, users should move the card close to the reader when entering and exiting. 8, West Muxiyuan; No. Buses with a number starting with 8 or 9 won’t accept a short-term pass. The pass becomes invalid automatically once it exceeds its usage or its valid date. 1, North Fengwo Road; No. However, there were some problems that have occurred. Press ‘add credit’ to add the credit to your Yikatong or ‘cancel’ (取消) to retrieve your money. Riding on subway will enable you to see most of the interesting places inside Beijing city, but it can't get you to the famous Great Walls which are outside of the city center. 1, East Dingfuzhuang; Kangyun Hotel, No. 37, East Gulou Street; No. Choose a credit-adding machine or a ticket vending machine that provides such a service in subway or bus stations. Beijing Transportation Smart Card, aka Yikatong Card, is valid for nearly all means of transportation in the city, including, Questions & Answers on Beijing Transportation Smart Card. They cut down queue time a lot and are very practical! Tap Continue. It costs 3 yuan to travel the shortest distance on one line, 9 yuan for the longest journey on one line, and 25 yuan for the Airport Express line. After successfully adding credit to your Yikatong, you can choose to print a receipt. The Yikatong must be activated for use again if it hasn’t been topped up for more than 2 years. 3. Add a minimum value of 20 yuan of credit to be used. 12, Qianmen West Street; No. The best way is to make sure there is less than 100 yuan ($15) on the card prior to returning it, and your deposit and balance can be refunded on the spot. :), Beijing Yikatong Tourist Short-Term Pass Packages. How to Use Your Phone as a Subway Card by Lenny Chen, TBC Chinese Roommate & Marketing Communications Intern Conveying an average of over 12 million passengers on a daily basis, the subway system of Beijing is quite literally the veins of the city. 15, Maliandao Road, No. 17, South Weishui Street, Procedures to Return Beijing Transportation Smart Card, Xizhimen, Beijing Railway Station, Jianguomen, Lingjing Hutong, Haidian Huangzhuang, Jiaomenxi, Ping’anli, Chegongzhuang West, Shilipu, Huangqu, Dongxiayuan, Shilihe, Shaoyaoju, Cishousi, Zhichunlu, Fengtai, Songjiazhuang, Jingtai, Songfeng Beiqiao, Jiulongshan, Wangjing, Dajing, Dawayao, Wangjing West, Liudaokou, Nanfaxin, Hualikan, No. As I know, people have to download "易通行" App to buy 3-day pass ticket. 17, Chengfu Road; No. Through purchasing the card and reloading it I've never needed to use Chinese Hand them money they assume you want a new card, Hand them the money … 11, Anhui Beili; Building no. When entering the metro for the first time you have one of two choices: Get a single use ticket from the automatic kiosks you will see, OR approach a person at a ticket window, give them some money and get a multi use metro card (this card also works on the buses) Be sure to give them more than 20RMB because there is a 20rmb fee when you first get the card. All subway lines including the Airport Express line, The S2 railway lines (Beijing to Yanqing and Beijing to Shacheng), Taxis: 96% of some 67,000 taxis in Beijing accept payments by a Yikatong, Convenience stores, self-service vending machines, Shared bicycles, some parking lots, gasoline stations, gymnasiums, pharmacies, and 20 parks. You pay a small deposit (20 yuan) and put money on the card in increments of 20, 50 or 100 yuan. You can buy Yikatong at subway station next day. You can check with your transit agency to see which devices are compatible with your transit card. Can you please point which counter I purchase this. This study aims to analyze Beijing subway transit smart card data and evaluate the implementation of Beijing's urban master plan (2004-2020). 1, Zhangzhen Street, No. No refunds are given for willfully damaged cards. 4. You can buy these from any ticket booth at any station. No refills are available for short-term cards. Any smartphone with this app can be scanned to make your payment when taking buses. They connect city center stops such as Tiananmen Square, Qianmen, and the railway station with outlying areas. Beijing Subway Card It’s cheap! 29, Yuyang Road, Yuyang Town, No. 27, Middle Section of Xinghua Street; No. Except for the airport express line, no matter how long the journey is and how many transfers, only CNY2 is deducted from the card. 16, South Street; No. Well, as I know, you can buy the card at the service counter of Airport Express at PEK. Beijing metro authorities have launched the "mobile phone one-card-pass" service, trialing the system on the Fangshan line. 33, Fuxing Road, No. Yikatongs can also be used to pay for buses, taxis, and public bicycles. A Beijing resident uses a mobile phone on the subway, June 25, 2017. 12-16, Jinrong Street; No. 15, Baishiqiao Road; No. On a subway train: Scan the card when you enter and exit the station. 697, Yangguang Street, No. 6. Copyright © 1998-2020 All rights reserved. Starting from 2019, no deposit will be required when registering for an electronic Yikatong via its app on a smartphone. 102, Nongguangli Community; No. 9, Guangdongdian Street; No. It is similar to Hong Kong’s Octopus card, Singapore’s CEPAS, and the Oyster card in London. Avoid using the subway during rush hours (7–10am and 5–7pm). At present, Beijing Municipal Administration issues three types of short-term passes to tourists: There are about 1,400 designated points in Beijing where you can buy a Yikatong or get a refund for it. This paper introduces the conceptual framework of the study including: a literature review; an analysis of master plan implementation evaluation requirements; and the features of subway transit smart card data. If you are using the subway more than a couple of times, buying a Beijing Subway card is definitely recommended. 17, Zhongguancun South Street, No. Yikatong was introduced at the end of 2003 on Beijing subway Line 13 and certain bus routes after smart card pilot projects proved successful. Presently there are 22 subway lines plus one airport express line in operation. Below is a picture showing how to top up electronic Beijing Yikatong by phone. Despite this, it is very easy to navigate. Receive a 50% discount for further travel payments in one month if you spend more than 150 yuan on one card within that month (Airport Express excluded). 2, Huayuan Sili; No. 1, Huajiadi Beili, No. The Beijing Transportation Smart Card, more commonly known as the Yikatong (/ee-kaa-tong/ 一卡通literally means ‘one card pass’), was first issued in May 2006. Beijing subway is the fastest transportation in downtown and it is a good way to avoid frequent traffic jams. A deposit of 20 yuan (about $3) is needed. When taking S2 trains in Beijing, there has to be at least 16 yuan credit on the card to enter the station. For a few days of sightseeing, around 50 RMB should see you … Beijing has one of the largest subway network in the world. Fully up-to-date for 2020 Accurate metro map and metro information. Can I return Yikatong Card in Beijing South Railway Station? When paying by the card, passengers get 50% off the normal bus fare yet excludes subway or taxi fares. Table of Subway Stations That Issue/Refund Yikatong Cards, Which Are Commonly Used by Tourists (Open 7am–9pm). 92, Xuanwumen Outer Street; No. Get route, time and fare information. Jia 54, Qingchun Road, Huguang Community; 1-2F, No. The Yikatong card itself must be purchased at the ticket counter. Buy a ticket on the ticket machines or a ‘Travel Card’. With this one free and easy … 11 Language English, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語, 한국어, Русский, Français, Español, Deutsch, Português, Italiano In China mainland, you might be required to create or update a 6-digit passcode. These days, it is the busiest subway in the world in terms of annual riders, taking people on 3.41 billion rides in 2014 alone. Beijing citizens can now get through the gates just by swiping their mobile phone. You could ask for help from airport staff. 101, Dongwai Street; No. Massive extensions have taken place to the underground system before and after the 2008 Olympic Games. No identification document is needed when applying. 181, Anwai Street, Building no. 7, Wanshou Road; Building no. The Yikatong is similar to the Octopus Card in Hong Kong and can also be used on Beijing's buses. 8, West Street, Chengguan Street; No. 10, Jiaodaokou East Street; No. There is no fee for reloads. Using "One Card Pass" in Beijing can save time for people to queue up to buy the tickets, such as the subway ticket, public bus tickets etc. 9, East Street; No. The Yikatong, also known as Beijing Municipal Administration & Communication Card (BMAC), is an integrated circuit card that stores credit for the subway, urban and suburban buses and e-money for other purchases. 22, Pufang Road; No. Jia 1, Anwai Ganshuiqiao; No. It is a contactless smart card that can be used in the Beijing Subway, on city buses, on Airport Express trains, on S2 trains, in taxis, for shared bicycles, and in many other places. 13, Chaoyangmen North Street, No. 6, North Jintai Street; No. Book your tickets online for Beijing Subway, Beijing: See 1,731 reviews, articles, and 756 photos of Beijing Subway, ranked No.7 on Tripadvisor among 124 attractions in Beijing. There will be at least four new underground lines, and an extension linking Beijing Capital Airport to … A Yikatong card is tactile. 18, Baiwanzhuang Street; No. 94, South Xisihuan Road; No. 2. Beijing Tourism; Beijing Hotels; Beijing Guest House; Beijing Holiday Homes ... All reviews rush hour ticket machine metro card station names change lines yuan deposit english language security check buying tickets summer … Receive a 20% discount for further travel payments in one month if you spend more than 100 yuan on one card within that month (Airport Express excluded). In order to be sure, you are suggested to consult the airport staff when you arriving there. Just go to the ticket booth and ask, or prepare a picture of the card or Chinese name on your phone (check wikipedia). The card can be bought against a deposit of CNY 20, & can be bought at most ticket counters at Beijing Subway stations & some bus stations. XieXie. Signage is clear, announcements in Chinese and clear English. The cards are sold at all subway stations of Beijing. This is Beijing's best metro app. It is a contactless smart card that can be used in the Beijing Subway, on city buses, on Airport Express trains , on S2 trains, in taxis, for shared bicycles, and in many other places. 1, Yanshuyuan, Shijicheng Community; No. It can be bought and topped-up at the Customer Service Center of all subway stations. 4, Dijing Road. 25, Fule Community Beili, 1F, No. 9, Zhongguancun Street; No. Individuals can only receive refunds for as many as five cards at one window at a time. If you have an iPhone or watch, simply use Apple Pay combined with Apple Wallet to buy and top up a digital card. Just scan it over the card reader on a bus or in a subway station and the machine will automatically take the payment and show you the remaining credit on your card. 7, Fuguiyuan Community, Donghuashi Nanli; No. In fact, even if you’re not into art, this area is … Subway stations have a security check so don’t take any items that are regarded as being dangerous to the public. ... you are now ready to use your phone as a metro … 37, Shuangyushu Dongli; No. 35, Middle Beisanhuan Road; No. You can enjoy the preferential fare policy of Beijing ticket system by taking … Beijing Transportation Smart Card, aka Yikatong Card is applicable for city buses, all subway lines, Airport Express Train, S2 trains, taxis, and public bicycles. On a city bus: Scan it once when getting on the bus. 798 Art District. 5, No. 109, West Xiaotun Road, No. Pay with Apple Pay 28, West Liangxiang Road, South of Fuqian Street, Xiaoying Town; No. Route-planner A really easy route-planner. Yes, there are self-service machines for people to get refund. 1. Since ticket windows of the Airport Express train will be closed by 23:10 in PEK T2, are there any service counters within T2 vicinity that are open 24 hours where I can buy the Yikatong Card? Can I buy the 3 day yikatong pass at the Beijing International airport? Apparently, there are two ways you could get a mobile Beijing metro card. The deposit of CNY100 suffices for one-week stay. 109, West Xidan Street; No. Short-term passes can only be refunded at certain points. (The picture above shows how to top up Beijing Yikatnog by phone.). (There is always English service available, the Beijing travel card can be used in buses and the subway, it can be bought electronically on your phone or at specific subway stations) Beijing Travel Card and Its app version; Go through security. Once a Yikatong is lost, a new card will be issued rather than issuing another card with the same number. Alipay and WeChat wallet have now been accepted as a method of payment for subway cards in some Beijing metro stations. The first way is through a WeChat mini-app. The Yikatong contactless smart card can also be used on the Beijing subway. Look for an info booth at the local station and buy a Yikatong card (just like London's Oyster card). Buy a subway ticket You may buy a single-ride ticket or use a Beijing Transportation (Yikatong) Card, similar to the oyster cards in UK. If you’re into art, this is the place to be. Applicability: The card can be used on Beijing city buses and buses to the suburban districts and counties such as Shunyi, Fangshan, Huairou, Daxing, Changping, … You can also use the card for bus travelling (download Beijing bus app in advance, quite helpful, the same with Beijing subway app). Users can download an app, recharge online and conduct real-time transfers. If you're using a China T-Union or Shanghai transit card, you will be charged an additional, 20 RMB refundable deposit. Put flat notes into the slot for notes. Beijing's "One Card Pass" is a kind of contactless IC card. It is similar to Hong Kong’s Octopus card, Singapore’s CEPAS, and … Types of passes: The Beijing Subway has two kinds of physical tickets for tourists: single trip and a stored-value, contactless smart card called the Yikatong. (The picture above shows the procedures to refund Beijing Yikatong.). The Beijing Transportation Smart Card, more commonly known as the Yikatong (/ee-kaa-tong/ 一卡通literally means ‘one card pass’), was first issued in May 2006. As you can imagine, this can make it confusing to get around and easier for visitors to get lost- but not with the Beijing Subway Map App for phones! iPhone Users Can't Access Service. Forgot your subway card? A Yikatong doesn’t have a front or back - you can scan it on either side. If you stay in Beijing for a longer period, it is advisable to buy Yikatong card.1) You may buy a single ride ticket through automated machines which take coins and small bills. These require a (refundable) 20RMB deposit and you can add a small (at least 10RMB) or larger amount. On a long-distance bus: Scan it twice – when getting on and off the bus – as the fare is charged by the distance traveled. Currently, there are 14 subway lines in operations which are line 1, line 2, line 4, line 5, line 8, line 10, line 13, as well as several lines for suburban areas including Batong line, Changping line, Daxing line, Fangshan line, Yizhuang line and Airport Express Line. 4, Ox Street; No. The first deposit amount in the card shall not be less than 20 yuan, and only the amount equal to integral multiples of 10 Yuan is accepted for recharge. In addition to being used in public transportation and subway in Beijing, the card can also be widely used in public bicycle rental, P+R parking lots, supermarkets, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, cake shops, municipal payment, welfare lottery tickets, vending machines and many other fields, bringing great convenience to citizens. 16, Fuxingmen Outer Street; No. You can contact us for a tailor-made tour to great wall, or you can see our guide to how to plan a Great Wall tour. Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Transportation Card – Jingjinji Card, No. The Beijing subway system is the best I've encountered. Short-term cards can be shared by different people. 5, Block no. 553, North Dongsi Street; Building no. 99-101, West Fuqiang Road, No. No certificate or license is needed for buying the card, and 20 yuan deposit shall be paid for the card. Select an amount to put on your transit card. Work offline Internet connection is not required. I found that you could actually download a stand-alone app to do the same thing. 78, Maizidian Street, No. Only 50 and 100 yuan notes will be accepted. To use Express Transit with Apple Pay in China mainland, you first need to set up your transit card with Apple Pay on a compatible device: iPhone 6s and later or Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2, and later. According to staff members at Beijing Subway Co, the mobile metro card reduces some pressure at rush hours. Beijing's "One Card Pass" for Transport. 11, West Beitucheng Road; No. The card can also be used at selected cinema, supermarkets & restaurants. One card can only be used by one person on each journey. Beijing Subway Line 4. These points are mostly located in the subway stations as well as certain bus stations, some convenience shops, certain banks, and Beijing Capital Airport T2. Beginning on 10 May 2006, Beijing's entire subway system and all Beijing busesbegan to accept the card, which replaced the traditional paper monthly passes.
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