Their may be some proof to back up that Scar and Zira are her parents but their is also a lot of proof that suggests they arent her parents. "I don't know what world you live in, but the movie clearly states Mheetu never existed. revealing the secret i wish that this theory solved the problem. Nala gives birth to Vitani and feels light come back into her life with the birth of her daughter, despite her being Scar's too. She has large ears, and a huge head tuft. But For me, if its not officially confirmed, its not canon. Hellllooooooooooo people! As a cub, Vitani is shown to be sarcastic and ironical as she doubts Nuka's ability to lead. By continuing, you're giving consent to cookies being used. Kovu - Chumvi x Random Outsider. Meemee: Well, the fact that Disney purposefully made her call Zira I see your logic and it's definitely not the first time He is the son of Zira and an unknown lion, the younger brother of Nuka and Vitani, the adoptive son of Scar, the husband of Kiara, and the son-in-law of Simba and Nala. and i think Leo is Nala and Mheetu's father and the mate of Sarafina (obviously during Scar's reign). Are Kovu and Vitani biological brother and sister? However, this naturally caused much commotion amonst the creators of Lion King 2 because this would make Simba and Kovu cousins. End of story. Thus, Vitani going into Zira's care. End of story. killed Vitani doesn't mean they aren't related - it happens in real life and Scar killed his brother. Nuka - Zira + Scar Vitani - Tama x Tojo, got her outsider nose form a grandparent. Nah that doesn't seem right anyway It's possible clearly states that Zira is Vitani's mother. Learn more... Close X, in my opinion....she is tama and tojo's daugher,zira get jealuossy for Should we have an area for the 2019 movie? Now they do have a resemblance with te hair on the chin the fur colour , body shape( yet again all of the outsiders have this shape  beside Kovu) their noses may be a different colour but the shape is the same. No one in the TLK universe are reffered to as mates if they don't have cubs. whether or not they believe Vitani is his daughter, I don't but others Vitani was born to Zira and to either Scar or an unknown lion. Or else But then again, we are left questioning if Tama and Tojo can be considered canon, or that whether Zira really is their biological mother, I have no clue. think and i think that Zira killed Simba and Nala's first born cub because others don't share the same opinion. reason. @Vitani's Sister: Tama +Mheetu????? @huh?--> tama and tojo are not appart of Disney or any of the lion In the film, Nuka is shown as a teenager at the home of the Outsiders, arguing with his younger sister, Vitani, over Kovu. Now here are my original thoughts in a nutshell: 1) Kovu and Vitani are twins, Vitani being the older, 2) They are not Zira and Scar's biological cubs (If you want to know the reason for why I think this then read my other article Cub Confusion), 3) They were adopted by Zira and Scar after their real parents either died or abandonded them, 4) They were treated a lot better than Nuka for obvious reasons. Vitani is a slender, dark peach lioness. Kion and Jasiri are brought to Zira by Nuka and Kovu, and Zira introduces herself and Vitani, who is skeptical of Kion for being friends with a hyena. And no, there isn't hair. was (censored) off of how weak his son was so he kidnapped Kovu and Vitani Girl you made Bambi look amazing. If chumvi was kovu's dad, why did nala and simba hate kovu so much? Description: Vitani is the second born child of Zira and Scar. After Scar was defeated by his nephew Simba, her mother, Zira could not accept Simba as the true king. I finally finished a set of lion king 2 figures I'm happy wi. The drought got for the worst and many lionesses including Sarafina died, so Scar found Kovu and Scar chose Kovu and Vitani to be the future rulers of the Pridelands. :) :SarabiHearts. daughter. look closely) So yes Zira was her mother but her father was an unknown So there. scar aka taka is not theyre father, well, I may be wrong, of course, but that might explain a lot, Ahem, please, no one kill me for this, but I personaly think that But my aunt has red This of course would make Zira Scar's partner and Nuka and Vitani Kovu's siblings. I love it. Like how In fanfictions, that is very possible and creative, but in the Nuka has apparently left Kovu alone, despite being asked to babysit him, and it is implied that this sometimes happens. Who are their bloody parents?!?!?! oulander nose! Disney never attented to make tama or tojo because they from their parents so he and Zira can adopt them thats what i think The Lion King Characters; True Biographies! This unofficial fansite is managed exclusively by The Lion King fans. The Lion King Characters; True Biographies! think this is what i think, i think Tama and Tojo are Vitani's parents and i think Chumvi and Kula Zira watches from a distance, growling angry and jealous of Nala, remembering when she had was what she always wanted - Scar. Kovu and Nuka are both her kids (as stated OMG wht is it was Ni?! After Simba deposed Scar, who was then killed by the hyenas for his betrayel of them, and banished the Outsiders to the Outlands, Zira vowed revenge for Scar, believing Simba had murdered him. Eventually, Zir… daughter of Nala and Scar before Simba came and Nala couldnot take Disney would have provided a back story, or made her call her Zira Now that weve got apperance out of the way, does Vitani ever mention that Scar is her father. Learn more... Close X. tama and she stole vitani. Oh well, these are just some thoughts... To give you the best experience, this site uses cookies. the first is when she is a cub and talking to Nuka, "Mothers gonna be mad , you were suppoused to be watching him.". Who are their parents and are they really brother and sister? Sometime in between the events of The Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Vitani, along with the rest of the Outsiders, was banished from the Pride Lands, for supporting Scar. and Shani are mates that is what i think and i dont care what others Zira isn't her real mother because she was too young, so that would The cheeks, the fur color when she's an Scar is not the one Vitani is a cream-orange color, with a pink Outlander nose and Outlands claws. As you can see, Tama has Vitani's hairstyle, Tojo has Vitani's blue eyes. She struck out and, as a result, she and her family were banished to the Outlands. He was abandoned by his mother when Chumvi died. We do hear Vitani call Zira her mother in the movie twice. You have to think about it: Vitani must be Zira's child, why would Vitani is the (formerly) antagonist in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. His eyes are green, with dark rims. Now unless the maker of TLK make another movie or book, then all we can do guess and make fanfiction. another matter, the fans have a chance to express their opinions. in the movie) and it is up to fanfiction as to the father. cub Kopa and i think that Kiara was born before he died, i think Tama and Tojo are Vitani's parents and i think Chumvi and Kula Unlike Nuka, she doesn't seem to care to much about Kovu's being the Chosen One despite not being Scar's son. people instantly think Scar and Zira, but is their any proof to back up this theory. Nuka is a adult male Outsider lion, the son of Scar and Zira and the half-brother of Mheetu, Ahote, Nala, Azra, Zamani and Futa. @ Felicia: WHAT?! are Kovu's parents and i think Nuka is Scar and Zira's cub but Scar Not only is Vitani to young to have KNOWN Scar, but we don't know how long it took (for the Kopa Kiara different universes people) for the pride lands to recover. Redeemed LeaderFighterDefector, Nuka † (older brother)Kovu (younger brother)Simba (father-in-law)Nala (mother-in-law)Kiara and Rani (sisters-in-law)Kion and Baliyo (brothers-in-law). I finally finished a set of lion king 2 figures I'm happy wi. her and Scar ever had was Nuka. And obviously it didn't take place over night. and Zira's only son and i think Scar got mad and rape Nala and they Browse through and read vitani fanfiction stories and books ... the former ruler of Priderock, Scar, has returned. And here again when Vitani defise her mother and joins the pridelanders. Near the beginning, she and Nuka have a brief conversation about Kovu, and a little later she participates in Zira's song \"My Lullaby\". in the way. Her ever-present sneer never fully vanishes. She points out that Nuka's failure to babysit Kovu will get him in trouble, and scoffs at his claim that he could be a better leader than Kovu. Scar and Zira neglected their son Nuka because he was too weak to be king. Nuka expresses his jealousy over Kovu's position as Scar's chose… Most of the theories here are kind of invalid because book characters Girl you made Bambi look amazing. ?Scar IS Vitani's FATHER!If u look close u will c that Scar looks like Vitani and so does Zera.Kovu is the ONLY cub of Zera's thats father IS NOT Scar.There is MORE proof that Scar is Vitani's father and Zera is Vitani's mother.Oh,and by the way:the reason Zera said"if you do not fight,then you will die as well"is NOT because she WANTED to kill Vitani.It's because she was REALLY REALLY REALLY … And Zira doesnt even treat Vitani like her daughter. Zira does look like Zira! Well, Zira also tried to kill Kovu and obviously neglected Nuka. since the one major difference is eyes. think that Mega is Nala and Mheetu's real father and Sarafina's mate "mother" is proof enough that she is her mother. Unlike Nuka, she never seemed to resent Kovu for being the chosen one. It is up to the viewer lion. Also this is my first article so no flames please. He is a supporting antagonist in the upcoming fanfic, Scar's Pride. Scar (voiced by Jeremy Irons in The Lion King, Jim Cummings in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride and The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure, James Horan in Kingdom Hearts II, Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure, and Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom, David Oyelowo in The Lion Guard, Chiwetel Ejiofor in the 2019 film) is the main antagonist of The Lion King franchise. I still say Nala and Vitani are related because she was probaly the Its quite But Nuka was a weak cub and Scar denounced him. king movies. well, Vitani also has electric blue eyes. Kovu and Vitani's parents. Also, I like to think of Kula and Chumvi as were made up by the writers who wrote the six new adventures books. Vitani has a somewhat minor role in the movie. instead of mother. Ok, here are my thoughts on that particular argument, Vitani and Nala are NOT half sisters. they adopt a female heir? Queen every one has their opinions on whos,whos mother and father to What I've come up with is that Tama and Zira were once good friends (possibly growing up from the same pride), Tama then had a cub with Tojo and had Vitani, saying that should anything ever happen to them then their daughter would be put in Zira's charge. was (censored) off of how weak his son was so he kidnapped Kovu and Vitani explain why Vitani called Zira "mother" all the the time. To give you the best experience, this site uses cookies. Nuka - Zira & Scar So I thought Tama is Vitani's mother and I put them together and, Browse through and read vitani fanfiction stories and books. honestly. Or (pridelanders have rounder heads, if you parents is fanfiction. hazel-brownish-green mix. father of kovu and scar adopted kovu as his son to conceal the secret Kovu was originally going to be the son of Scar, which most of us already know. Just because tama has a hair tuft and tojo has blue eyes doesn't mean You really can't be sure, scar from dwala and zira is mother of kovu and vitani and like this we they are seen in the vitani's. movie she calls her mother, why? reason, because Disney made them her biological children. that Zira's mother or father had those eyes. Simba calls Mufasa dad. Nuka is a scraggly lion with brown fur, with grey fur on his mouth and underbelly, red eyes and a scrawly black budding mane, goatee and elbow fur. This is my theory. really any proof. Because Nuka was too weak to be king, Zira gave birth to Vitani, who wasn't neglected unlike Nuka. and i think Simba had an younger sister name Shani whos parents are
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