Units with this rule — basically everything except for Cultists — get +1 Attack in any turn in which they charge, were charged, or heroically intervened. The Master of Executions is a pretty straightforward unit otherwise, packing a solid weapon in the Axe of Dismemberment. Every Dark Apostle knows the Dark Zealotry prayer by default (though there’s frustratingly no card in the faction’s Datacards for this), plus one chosen from the list of 6 prayers, plus an additional god-specific one if they have a Mark of Chaos. Terrax-pattern Termite Assault Drill-Credit: Pendulin. Unfortunately 9th edition doesn’t really want what they’re trying to do, so even though they’re reasonably costed at 155 points with two Hades autocannons and an Ectoplasma cannon, more melee-capable daemon engines are better options. This is a really solid ability for when your Priest is going to be babysitting units like large blobs of Cultists on an objective, where the lack of a decent armor save makes them easy to kill and a 5+ invulnerable save (plus a 5+ feel no pain from the. Until your next Psychic phase, that unit gets to re-roll for Mutated Beyond Reason if it’s a Chaos Spawn (the bonus it gets to its attacks, rolled on a D3), it can re-roll the number of Attacks it gets if it’s a Possessed unit, and it can re-roll one of the dice when determining the Strength, AP, or Damage of a Cult of Destruction’s attacks. AU $121.64. Chaos Space Marines Singles. Every Dark Apostle knows the. They’re also great for holding Noise Marines if you want to save the CP that it would cost to put them into Strategic Reserves. It’s not amazing, but it’s among the better Codex options. In 8th edition this was a big money power for Possessed bombs, but without the support of the Specialist Detachment, those don’t really get over the top any more, making this more likely to be something you’d use on Daemon Engines, especially since re-rolling wounds in the shooting phase is tough for Chaos Marines to get. Each Dark Apostle comes with an OK melee statline (WS 2+, 4 Wounds, 3 attacks), a 4+ invulnerable save, an accursed crozius, and an aura that lets him share his Leadership with nearby units, which can be handy for keeping cultists on the table. This is a huge buff, turning most of those 5+ auras into 4+ and stacking with, to get to that 3+. He’s got the same profile as a Sorcerer, but is locked into taking a force staff and instead of knowing two powers from the Dark Hereticus Discipline, knows and can cast two powers from the Malefic Discipline. 40K Chaos Chaos Space Marines Games Workshop GW Start Collecting Starter Set Warhammer Warhammer 40K Description Master the fell warriors of the Daemonkin – warp-tainted Chaos Space Marines infused with daemonic power – and unleash their fury on the battlefield with this Start Collecting… They’re not, worthless at this cost, merely not great. They can be particularly nasty in Alpha Legion armies, where they can Fall Back and shoot with, , or in Iron Warriors, where they can use, Previously unusable thanks to BS 4+, that’s not necessarily the kiss of death any more given that the. Replaces a Khorne model’s Power Sword or Hellforged Sword. To pick a legion, you replace your keyword with a Legion of your choice (it can’t be Death Guard or Thousand Sons, who have their own rules). Add 1 to wound rolls for that unit until the end of the phase. They got a bit of a boost when they came out of the 9th edition points update virtually untouched and with the ability to shoot their excrutiator cannons while in combat. The Dark Hereticus discipline is the stronger of the two and available to most of your psykers, while the Malefic discipline is only available to Masters of Possession. Animated suits of armor stolen from the Thousand Sons, Rubric Marines pack a mean punch thanks to their AP-2 Inferno bolters and come with a Psyker who knows a baby version of Smite, but they come with a hefty price tag at 16 points per model. Re-roll the wound roll and add the result of your daemon weapon roll (provided it wasn’t a 1) to your model’s Attacks characteristic this phase. A good Chaos Space Marines army will usually be active in every phase of the game. AU $256.69. Sold by Buzz City Games and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Raptors are the jump infantry of the Chaos Space Marines army. This is primarily a review of the units and options that are specific to Chaos Space Marines, but Chaos Space Marines often see play in Chaos Soup armies, and we’ll be covering some of those cases as well. You get +1 Attack. This doesn’t replace anything (it’s an add-on you pay 5 points for) and it gives the Daemon Prince a 24″ Assault 2, S4, AP-1, 2 Damage gun that’s a handy add-on to an already formidable melee profile. That being said, other chunky threats and Daemon Engines look a lot better in 9th, making a single one a more defensible choice. – has the rules for the Black Legion and Renegade Chapters. It’s extremely good with Nurgle flavoured Possessed bombs. The randomness used to make this a bit questionable, but as of WoTS he can bring along a Surgeon Acolyte, who lets him add or subtract one from that roll. Note that this only works on Codex Helbrutes (and not Forge World Chaos Dreadnoughts). Unfortunately, 9th has turned slot filling from a blessing into a terrible curse and simultaneously increased the cost on these models by a significant amount, so there’s suddenly not a massive amount of reasons to take these. Because they aren’t Psykers, a Dark Apostle can slot into any legion, and because their prayers are legion-locked but not infantry-locked, they’re often helpful for buffing vehicles like the Lord of Skulls. dropped 75 points in the Imperial Armour Compendium while going up to 28 wounds.It has some nasty tricks up its sleeve, like the ability to shrug off psychic powers on a 4+ and a pair of Helcrusher claws that give it some very deadly melee options. Xenos. Cool against Marines but completely worthless at all other times. This is a solid way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Sorcerers, though Tzeentch casters are pretty rare because it’s usually better just to take them as Thousand Sons. This is both because they can occupy a Troops slot and also because Emperor’s Children have the, Stratagem, which adds 1 to the damage of a squad’s sonic weapons, dramatically boosting their output and making it well worth it to have a single squad of 18-20 that can fire twice on loud mode with, OK, but here’s the thing: None of those fancy new Stratagems are legion-locked; instead they affect RUBRIC MARINES specifically, meaning that you can take a Supreme Command Detachment of Thousand Sons filled with Sorcerers and Daemon Princes that gives you access to Thousand Sons Stratagems, then take a squad of Thousand Sons in say, an Alpha Legion detachment (where they get the legion trait of being -1 to be hit) and then still have access to the Thousand Sons stratagems to teleport them into the battlefield, ). after you’ve used Veterans of the Long War, Excruciating Frequencies, Prey on the Weak, or Wild Fury (or anything similar). Some of these ratings may seem off if you’re used to playing against Thousand Sons, who can also use these. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The Chaos Space Marine Fast Attack options are limited, but there are some good options in there, especially after the Imperial Armour Compendium update. Indomitus Box Set - Warhammer 40k 40000 - Brand New and In Stock! Otherwise, their loadout is solid but clocking in at 440 points they’re likely a little overcosted. We don’t expect these to survive the next Thousand Sons Codex release, however. You need a full detachment of a legion to unlock Legion traits and the Legion stratagems from Faith and Fury, but the relics and warlord traits from Faith and Fury plus the single stratagem for each legion that from the main codex only require you to have a Chaos Space Marine detachment (or a Chaos Space Marine warlord for the relics), so you can give a World Eaters Warlord the Slaughterborn warlord trait in a mixed detachment, or use the In Midnight Clad Stratagem (from the Codex) on a Night Lords unit in a mixed detachment. lets you fight again at the end of the Fight phase. Note that you choose a target for them, 9th edition was a boon for Defilers, where the combination of. These ratings reflect the use of these powers in Chaos Space Marine detachments. Having to use a Lord of War slot on this is, obviously, kind of terrible, but it’s also extremely hilarious, and has been pushed hard enough cost wise to make it at least fun to use. added utility now that they can take AP-1 Astartes chainswords, and generally even small squads will be better off taking these over boltguns, where 5-10 S4 AP0 shots won’t do much for you, but generally how useful they are will depend on the legion you’re taking them in. Because you almost always want them firing twice with. A great way to get that third power you often need if you want the extra versatility on your sorcerer, so you can have Warptime, Prescience, and either Death Hex or the god-specific power. Do you generally feel OK about cavorting with daemons and making dark pacts with the ruinous powers that will pit you against each others’ pawns in a never ending game with the entire galaxy at stake? This is very good, particularly when paired with strong long-range shooting. Chaos Space Marines have access to an OK number of Stratagems through their Codex, and access to a significantly larger number through supplements like Vigilus Ablaze and Faith and Fury, though those are gated/specific to certain subfactions so we’ll cover those separately as we cover the Chaos Legions in their own articles. Overall the Hell Talon seems to be bringing less to the table than the Hell Blade and so there’s not much room for it even at a reduced cost. The Lord of Skulls is like a less mobile knight that trades access to Chaos Knight Stratagems and rules for the and DAEMON ENGINE KEYWORDS. Their only major downside is that they only have 4 base attacks, but they benefit from both. As with the rest of these articles, the idea is not to give an exhaustive review of every unit and option. Shadowspear also added 6 additional traits exclusive to psykers that have inexplicably not been reprinted anywhere but are very solid, particularly if you’re playing a Black Legion or Alpha Legion army, each of which is able to take multiple warlord traits. Venomcrawlers have seen varying levels of competitive play off the back of their ability to run quickly and put out a solid number of attacks for its points cost. Cheaper than a Thunder Hammer with most of the upside and much better at wounding knights and other large targets with T6+. Daemon Princes of Khorne come with an extra attack (meh), while the other three flavors are Psykers that know Smite and a single other power, making them versatile weapons who can boost their combat prowess or cast an extra warptime in a pinch. Most Chaos Space Marine psykers have access to the, discipline, one of the strongest psychic disciplines in the game. Because you almost always want them firing twice with Endless Cacophony you’ll want to give them the Mark of Slaanesh, and as there’s no reason for them to have a bolt pistol, give them an astartes chainsword  and suddenly you’ve got a capable combat unit able to throw out a host of AP-1 attacks on the move. Basically veteran Chaos Space Marine squads, Chosen have all the issues that CSM squads have, but cost 1 point per model more, get +1 attack and lose out on ObSec by virtue of being Elites. That’s slightly on the expensive side, but hits a price point where if you just want a random backfield unit to hold an objective you’ll often pick them for the job, as with power armour they’re moderately difficult to budge from cover. Though they once strode the galaxy as noble defenders of Mankind, a lifetime of unremitting war has driven them to worship the gods of Chaos. Its 5-shot melta cutter is a significant  threat to anything it comes near, and its Termite Drill will absolutely shred enemy vehicles on top of its shooting. But at the start of the game you nominate one enemy CHARACTER to be the sword’s target and whenever you hit that character, you do a mortal wound instead of the normal damage. The Decimator has a lot of value to offer in this new, beefier iteration. lets you shoot again at the end of the Shooting phase. The priest gets +3 Attacks and his melee weapons become AP-4. Noise Marines are the Slaanesh-devoted Elite unit in the Chaos Codex, armed with Sonic Blasters that ignore cover and act as upgrades over standard marine bolters (though less so now that Bolter Discipline/Malicious Volleys exists). A lot of the best Chaos Space Marine strategies rely on copious use of stratagems, particularly those from Faith and Fury. Like all the new powers, Prayers are locked into only affecting the of the Dark Apostle chanting them. These are solid but haven’t been printed anywhere else, and can be kind of a chore to find. This is already much better than the regular Daemonic Ritual, in part because it doesn’t lock you into standing still, but it’s even more hoops to jump through to do something that just isn’t all that helpful to most game plans. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Warhammer 40k Space Marine FORGE WORLD Dark Angels Legion Contemptor Dreadnought at … This is why you take three Lords Discordant, three Lords of Skulls, etc. While melee is more important than ever, it’s not necessarily. Use in the Shooting phase, before a Helbrute shoots. It also has a much more sturdy defensive profile, and an improved version of the thermal jets rule for stuff it flies over. At 10 points, they’re almost always worth taking. – has the rules for Daemon Weapons, plus Stratagems, Relics, and Warlord Traits for each of the Emperor’s Children, Alpha Legion, Night Lords, World Eaters, Word Bearers, and Iron Warriors. It’s really great for making an extra pile in move and finishing off a unit you couldn’t quite take down. S User, AP -3 and D3 damage seems pretty meh compared to other relics. Free delivery for many products! That ends up leaving the Word Bearers as the main place you can get some mileage out of a mid-sized unit simply because of the ability to slam the “damage 2” button whenever relevant. They’re all also locked to the caster’s , meaning they can’t affect other Chaos Factions’ units, and aren’t suitable for mixing legions. The faster, less killy brother of the Lord of Skulls, the Kytan is essentially a Khorne Chaos Knight, only it retains the HERETIC ASTARTES, DAEMON, and keywords and is a DAEMON ENGINE, and so can benefit from a bunch of faction synergies that Chaos Knights don’t get, such as having Benediction of Darkness cast on him by a Dark Apostle, or receiving the +1 to hit from being near a Lord Discordant. They make great targets for, Obliterators got a huge adjustment in the 2nd codex to go with their new models, beefing up in size, wounds, and firepower and in 9th edition they’re just a legitimately good unit. Chaos Space Marine armies have access to a large variety of subfactions, each with their own special rules called Legion Traits. Master the fell warriors of the Daemonkin – warp-tainted Chaos Space Marines infused with daemonic power – and unleash their fury on the battlefield with this Start Collecting! A place for collecting assembly instructions for Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K. We’ve covered them in their own article – Creations of Bile. That’s slightly on the expensive side, but hits a price point where if you just want a random backfield unit to hold an objective you’ll often pick them for the job, as with power armour they’re moderately difficult to budge from cover. Alpha Legion works best for this, but you can get up to some fun shenanigans with the Iron Warriors’ Dour Duty Stratagem, which can combine with the Bastion Warlord trait to get you to functionally ignoring AP-3 on 1 damage shooting weapons. Many of the legions also bring strong synergies to the table for them, as you’ll see in a lot of the legion-specific articles, and one place you might want to break from running as Slaanesh is to go for Red Butchers in World Eaters. This makes protecting your Lord Discordant is a tough prospect, and bringing three of them is way tougher than it used to be in 8th Edition. As with the other daemon engines, one of the bigger downsides to these is the 4+ WS and BS, so Venomcrawlers basically need to be paired with one or more Lords Discordant. When a unit with this ability stays stationary during the Movement phase (or is a TERMINATOR, BIKER, or HELBRUTE) fires a Rapid Fire bolter weapon, it can make double the number of attacks. Alpha Legion works best for this, but you can get up to some fun shenanigans with the Iron Warriors’. That’s hilariously strong but having a sword that only works on one character and is terrible everywhere else just isn’t a great strategy. A good Chaos Space Marines army will usually be active in every phase of the game. rule now, making it so that including them in a detachment increases its cost by 1 CP. So even though they’ve come down by a whopping 60 points per model, the decrease in effectiveness is tough to swallow. That means they chafe pretty hard against 9th edition’s army construction rules, which tends to strongly limit the number of HQ choices you can bring. We’ll talk about the two “sometimes” Troops choices – Noise Marines and Berzerkers – in Elites. In addition, each time your warlord manifests a psychic power, roll a D6 and on a 6 you gain 1 CP. Warhammer 40K. They have some added utility now that they can take AP-1 Astartes chainswords, and generally even small squads will be better off taking these over boltguns, where 5-10 S4 AP0 shots won’t do much for you, but generally how useful they are will depend on the legion you’re taking them in. The Iron Warriors have a few neat tricks to improve them, but they work pretty well in Alpha Legion or even Black Legion, where Abaddon’s full re-rolls aura helps them greatly. With 9th edition, Chaos Space Marines are in a weird spot. This isn’t the ideal use for them, but there are worse things you could do with an HQ slot. Condition is "New". Dark Apostles are struggling a bit in 9th compared to 8th, because a combination of a lack of mobility options and having to lock prayers in on your army list makes them less flexible, but they’re still worth a look in the legions that give them some extra utility (Black Legion and Word Bearers). It’s still worth looking at having a Lord Discordant as your warlord, but keep in mind that they’ll be difficult to protect, and potentially easy Headhunters/slay the warlord points. As always, a guide like this represents a time and place. With Toughness 7, 12 wounds and a 5+ invulnerable save, they’re surprisingly resilient, and as non-AIRCRAFT, they’re fantastic for gumming up an opponent’s board and controlling movement, since their flying bases can’t be moved over by enemy units. Chaos Space Marines have access to some great character options in the form of Daemon Princes, Lords Discordant, Chaos Lords, and Sorcerers, to name a few. Like litanies, prayers succeed on a 3+, but this can be improved to a 2+ by spending 10 points on a couple of Dark Disciples, something you’re always going to want to do. You roll up to 3 dice when you do this, and you can summon a unit with power level equal to or less than the result you roll. In theory this allows you to be very versatile, making game-time decisions on what buffs you want to have for a unit. Re-roll failed wound rolls in the Fight phase against ADEPTUS ASTARTES targets. C. Space Marines have Chapters, Chaos Space Marines have Legions. Neither is particularly strong. Works wonderfully on Obliterators, Bikers, Terminators, and Havocs. Like litanies, prayers succeed on a 3+, but this can be improved to a 2+ by spending 10 points on a couple of Dark Disciples, something you’re always going to want to do. Chaos Spawn are cheap, quick, and surprisingly resilient. Replaces a Power/Force/Demonic Axe with one that has a profile of S User, Ap 0, D1.
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