Mar 21, 2015 - Lyretail Delta Guppy at PetSmart. UV sterilisers kill bacteria, but this also causes that fish are less immune as time goes by. 08 of 12. 45 seconds The Blue Gularis Killifish (Fundulopanchax sjoestedti) is native to the water holes, streams, and marsh areas of Nigeria and Cameroon, Africa.. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free stock images that features Animal Fin photos available for quick and easy download. Growth Size: 5" Facts: Anthias are a fish that is naturally found in reef environments which make them a great choice for coral based tanks. Common name: Lyretail Killifish Scientific name: Aphyosemion Australe Average Adult Fish Size: 2.5 inches / 6 cm Place of Origin: Africa – Angola, Gabon, Cameroon and Congo Typical Tank setup: Well planted aquarium with a lot of hiding places, the more densely planted the better. Origin: Indo-West Pacific. Males are brighter and colorful when compared to females. Fish Profile: document.write("
"); With a fin that can be the size of the fish itself, it is a very nice fish to have in an aquarium, for the display! Blue Lyretail Guppy (Male) Our blue lyretail guppies are male, and have a bright popping blue color. Just like the sailfin molly, the lyretail stands out because of its fins, but this time it’s the caudal fin. The specimens photographed in this article are specifically from the … Multiple specimens should obviously be kept in even larger tanks; the larger the better. /* Start the show. The Blue Lyre tail can adapt to different water conditions but does prefer softer water. Lyretail Molly. Mid size fish are an intense purple with bright blue spots overall. The approximate size for purchasing Platinum Lyretail Mollies is 1.5 to 2.5 inches while they can grow up to 5 inches. Good for a planted aquarium due to peaceful temperament. A strangely beautiful little fish, the Pike Killifish or Topminnow is a freshwater fish … Females tend to be duller in coloration with brown spots running through the body. Make sure your email address is valid, please! 1 second /* Load the first picture */ Again, with respect to other anthias, they are a 4. This can be problematic when individuals are of equal strength and size, since clearly dominant (large) and submissive (small) individuals tend not to fight. 15 seconds Comments: These are premium quality Fancy Guppies. 5 to 6 inches in length. Vulnerability (Ref. 5 seconds The peat is then stored in a plastic bag for 3 weeks at room temperature. Add a 2-3 inch layer of peat to the bottom of the breeding tank; the fish will then bury their eggs in the substrate. Unfortunately this page doesn't allow discussion. They do require a planted tank. Common name: Blue lyretail. Juveniles are blue on the lower half of their body, with a black spot in the middle of the dorsal fin and a black blotch on the caudal fin base. The dominant fish will turn into a male, changing not only sex, but color and pattern. We never see fish like these in the live fish stores or in the online stores that we visit. This is relatively small species and the fish grows till 1-1.5 inches in length. Relatively hardy, they usually eat very well, and adapt readily to captive life. Please, find any other page that fits your area of interest as over 99% of our pages allow discussion. } animals. Blue lyretail - Fundulopanchax gardneri gardneri. The different species vary greatly in appearance. These are beautiful and colorful small fish for small aquariums. Distribution: The Lyretail Anthias can be found throughout the tropical Indian Ocean, as well as the western Pacific Ocean. #10: Black Lyretail Molly Black Lyretail Molly belongs to the Poecilia latipinna . ORIGINS West Africa, found in parts of Gabon, Cameroon, and Zaire. Blue Lyretail Blue Lyretail is a tropical fresh water killifish. This fish is very similar to the larger common guppy (Poecilia reticulata). Max Size: 2.5″ Scientific Name: Poecilia reticulata. The average size of is about 2.5-5 cm and only the largest species grow to become up to 15 cm long. Anthias for our Sustainable Islands division generally hail from either Kenya or Fiji. It has also been captive-bred. Worldwide Fish and Pets is commited to offering the best quality fish at affordable prices. This is one of my favorite anthias species. Following symbol denotes required fields -. With respect to other fish,they rate a 2. • Blue panchax • Delta killifish • Desert pupfish • Japanese rice fish. '); Really delete this page from the database? In order to ask such a question, please click this link! Indo-West Pacific. ... Common Lyretail – Aphyosemion australe. /* show the caption */ Lyretail Anthias, Page has been saved, refresh it now, please! The main reason why we preach that bigger aquariums are better is because they are easier to care for. The page has been created, you will now be redirected! Genus Procambarus. Lyretail Anthias, Blue/Purple Eye Anthias, Sea Goldie: Scientific Name: Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Size: Males can get at least 5”. Be aware that the more common Miniata Grouper, Cephalopholis miniata , is sometimes offered as the lyretail. Click here to recover it! There will … The Lyretail Wrasse is also referred to as the Lunare Wrasse or Moon Wrasse. The page has been removed successfully, you will be redirected now! Blue Lobsters For Sale FEMALE Electric Blue Lobster, Freshwater Crayfish. Remember that certain corals and fish are very hard to keep if their The male will keep a harem of several females. 1 Live FEMALE Electric Blue Lobster, Freshwater Crayfish (2-3 Inch Young Adult) by Aquatic Arts 2 seconds Blue Lobster – Adult Size. The size of this fin will determine their mate, and also the rank among other Mollies. Lyretail anthias are protogynous hermaphrodites, meaning they all start life as females. Aquarium fish. 3 seconds Login and password don't match any record in our database! With respect to most commonly kept reef tank fishes, they would rate a 3. Usual size in fish tanks: 5 - 6 cm (1.97 - 2.36 inch) 0 14. Standard reef tank parameters are fine, with temperatures in the upper 70’s to lower 80’s F. Specific gravity between 1.023-1.025 is ideal. If two females are kept, then making sure they are also different in size has worked very well for me. Most tetras are very social fish. With respect to other anthias species, their difficulty rating is a 1. And as a natural biotope, they can be kept in a small aquarium setup with few inches of well oxygenated water. Above: In this picture is a young premium quality Royal Blue Lyretail Male Guppy , swimming in one of our aquariums, when one of us snapped this picture . Fry and newborns are very sensitive to water changes! 1: Lampeye killifish (Aplocheilichthys kingii) It is commonly found in Central Africa. 30 seconds Click here to search, please! Selected image has been removed successfully! The specimens photographed in this article are specifically from the Maldives, except the far right image above. The average life span of an aquarium Lampeye killifish is 3 years. They have adapted to live in a huge range of different habitats and are found in almost all continents across the world, except for Australia and Antarctica.Killifish are mainly found in shallow sub-tropical and tropical waters. Moon wrasses are carnivorous and tend to prey on fish eggs and small sea-floor dwelling invertebrates. While they can be kept in groups, they can do just fine alone or in pairs. Once settled and in possession of normal body weight and fat reserves, one or two extended feedings per day will suffice. The slide show below is of a Maldive Anthias changing sex, from an orange female to a purple male. The Hi Fin Lyretail Swordtail's flowing fins make it a beautiful, graceful addition to any aquarium. Though the Lyretail Guppy is a hardy fish tolerant of small changes in water parameters, care should be taken to keep water temperature, pH, and nutrient levels in check. The information contained here is to help you make may arise from the use of this information. The Steel-blue Lyretail Killie is also known as the Steel-blue Aphyosemion. Document last modified: 2014-04-15 17:19:21, © 2005 - 2020 Aqua-Fish.Net, property of Jan Hvizdak, see our privacy policy to understand how we handle your data. Reefkeeping Magazine™ Reef Central, LLC-Copyright © 2008, Lyretail Anthias, Blue/Purple Eye Anthias, Sea Goldie. The increase in nutrient input to the display can often cause water quality issues in systems with insufficient filtration, or other husbandry inadequacies. Entered by Sa-a, Pascualita. The Lyretail Anthias is also known as the Scalefin and the males have bright red coloration of varying hues while the female Lyretail Anthias tends to be more orange in coloration. Selected comment has been removed successfully! Steel Blue Killifish Alternative Name(s): Blue Lyretail Killifish Scientific Name(s): Fundulopanchax gardneri gardneri Category: Tropical Difficulty: Maximum Size: 6cms Minimum Tank Volume: 45 litres Minimum Tank Size: 18" x 12" x 12" Water Temperature Range: 23-26°C Water pH Range: 6.0-7.5 Water Hardness Range: 2-12 dGH If you don't have an account here, register one free of charge, please. I have had excellent results with only pairs or trios, with one large male, and one or two smaller females. 59153): Low vulnerability (10 of 100) . Females tend to stay a bit smaller. All but the tiniest of ornamental shrimps would also be safe. Cyprinodontiformes, commonly known as Killifish, is a family of fish which compromise of over 1250 species; these species are classified into ten different groups.The Killifish family is a very diverse and widespread group of fish. The author assumes no responsibility for any consequences that Blue lyretail (Fundulopanchax gardneri), also known as steel-blue aphyosemion and Gardner's killi. The size of this fin will determine their mate, and also the rank among other Mollies. It is a very popular fish among beginner to advanced freshwater aquarists. Thanks a lot for understanding! 60 seconds Due to their origins, these fish do best in reef tank type conditions, with clean, highly oxygenated water and significant flow. It is very hardy, especially for such a small fish. Either login or email address is required, Account has been recovered, please check your email for further instructions, Javascript seems to be disabled in your browser, therefore this website will, Cookies seem to be disabled in your browser, therefore this website will, A guide on feeding aquarium fish frozen foods, How to grow Anacharis - Egeria densa in aquariums, A page and forum devoted to keeping Blood parrot cichlids, A guide on raising African Dwarf Frogs with pictures and forum, A guide on breeding, feeding and caring for L333 Pleco, Details on keeping Siamese fighting fish with images and forums, How to care for the Flowerhorn fish with discussion. Minimum Tank Size: 70 gal. Also feed with a quality flake. They can be some of the more aggressive species available, especially with each other. Shop all fish goldfish, betta & more online Males are haremic and territorial, keeping many females under watch. 120179): High, minimum population doubling time less than 15 months (). sources and should be used as a guideline, not a hardfast rule. The more you keep, the happier they use to be. As the fish matures, the black blotch will start turning into a yellow crescent. Africa; Blue lyretail is found in the tributaries and marshes of Nigeria and Cameroon. Often they will accept dry foods at this point. The color of these fish is a light grey, but can turn a green-ish blue during breeding. This box will close automatically! You have been logged out successfully! The color of these fish is a light grey, but can turn a green-ish blue during breeding. The Lyretail Anthias does best when kept in a group and housed in a species-specific aquarium of at least 125 gallons in size. Size: Males tend to be larger than females, and can reach a total length of 5 inches. In general, these are quite bright and rather small fishes. Use caution when selecting Family: Nothobranchiidae. Scientific name: Fundulopanchax gardneri gardneri. Blue Lyretail Killi Fish killifish Fundulopanchax gardneri Aquarium fish Pike Killifish on white. Thanks a lot! There are many subspecies of F. gardneri.This nigerianus variety of Killifish is normally found in water holes, streams, and marshes in Africa. document.write(' Transition: