The Ver 2.0 firmware update released a month ago, allows that (Read: Sony FX9 V2 Firmware Available: 16-bit RAW, FF 4K 60p, 180 FPS, and More).With the Ver 2.0 firmware update, the camera can output 16-bit raw 4K/2K footage up to 180 fps via the optional XDCA-FX9 … ** High-speed, high-precision image processing maintains a pin-sharp focus. The C500 Mark II could also be considered competition, but it is significantly more expensive. Show all Images . Creatives tips and inspirational stories for filmmakers. Just switch on and log onto your preferred network to enable a host of advanced wireless production features: *5GHz support dependent on country/regional regulation. Sony FX9 Body Zwart. Not really. to the button placement and layout. Optional Extension Unit Further extend the capabilities of the FX9 with the optional XDCA-FX9 extension unit that optimizes camera weight distribution and ergonomics for comfortable shoulder-style shooting—ideal for ENG and documentary applications. As for camera specs, we can only spec at this time. Extension Unit for FX9 camera. 3 This requires additional FX9 firmware upgrade (version and timing TBA). In XAVC-I 4:2:2 10-Bit the camera can do 3840 x 2160p at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94 fps (240 to 600 MB/s). During an interview or portraiture shoot, you can rely upon Eye AF to capture your subject’s most subtle expressions while you concentrate on the interview and framing. Weighing just under 2 lb, the FX6 body is a full 2 lb lighter than the FX9 and measuring 6 x 4.6", it packs a full-frame sensor into a body comparable to the S35-sensor Sony FS5. The FX9’s Autofocus capabilities have been described as “persistent focus tracking.” With firmware version 2.0, Eye AF adds another adjective: “tenacious.” Sony PMW-FX9 Specs. The camera will downsample from 6K to get a 4K DCI image. (Please check for most appropriate service provider for your region. The Sony FX9 is an affordable, compact, lightweight cine camera that can democratize Full-Frame. (VENICE dual base ISO 500 and 2500). Unlike in-camera or lens stabilization, metadata generated by the FX9’s built-in gyro allows you to creatively choose the balance between the level of shake compensation and the resolution of trimmed 4K imagery. The locking mount reduces lens play and allows you to use most 35mm lenses including PL, EF, Leica, and Nikon via optional adapters. There was no way Sony was going to give the FX9 the ability to record full-frame 6K internally. We have seen Panasonic successfully implement Dual ISO into the Varicam 35, Varicam LT, EVA1, and S1H. Zoekt u de Sony PXW-FX9 + SEL FE 28-135MM F4.0G POWERZOOM (PXW-FX9VK)? It was a VHS player/recorder. Just like the FS5, FS5 Mark II, and FS7 M2, the FX9 utilizes an electronic variable ND system that provides a clear filter and 3 user-definable presets. When the FS7 originally came out 5 years ago it didn’t really have any competition. Sony PXW-FX9 & PXW-FX6 has 3,986 members. The FX9 is expected to start shipping in December with pre-orders starting from 3pm on Monday 16, September. Although Sony says the FX9 does not replace the FS7 Mark II, it’s a natural upgrade. 7-level AF transition speeds from Fast – switching between subjects as quickly as possible – to Slow, where speed is reduced to fit a more measured shooting style, such as a historical TV drama. Use higher density settings with a slower shutter speed for breathtaking artistic effects. Show all Images . Yes, it is a little underwhelming, and I’m sure we expected a camera that could record in 6K. Discover significant new features planned for FX9 via firmware upgrades - now including V3. News teams can even start logging clips while shooting is still going on, saving even more valuable time when a story’s breaking, Wired LAN port with optional XDCA-FX9 allows connection of the FX9 to the Internet with a standard Ethernet cable, allowing files to be streamed or transferred by FTP, Dual Link Cellular is enabled with optional XDCA-FX9 and uses two cellular networks in combination to provide an even more reliable network connection. Like what we do and want to support Newsshooter? The FX9 is being aimed primarily at the same target audience that would be looking at an FS7. I can still not comprehend why Sony requires FX9 users to use the XDCA-FX9 extension ($2,495 USD) kit to output 16bit RAW so that can be captured to a compatible external recorder. These include compatibility with the new UWP-D series of wireless microphones via Multi-Interface Shoe (MI Shoe) with digital audio interface, compatibility with Sony BP-GL and BP-FL series batteries, D-Tap, RJ-45 interface and stable “Dual Link” streaming by using two carrier lines. Sony has done the same thing with the VENICE. The unit features a 4-pin XLR DC power input and D-Tap and 4-pin Hirose DC power outputs to power accessories and other equipment. Find PDF manuals for the Sony Pro. It’s fast and intuitive – ensuring your full creative control of FX9’s powerful AF technology. Does it have mind-blowing specifications? Discover the real-world creative benefits of this innovative technology. Consider becoming a Patreon supporter and help us to continue being the best source of news and reviews for professional tools for the independent filmmaker. The FX9’s LCD Viewfinder has a quick access control menu for commonly accessed features. It includes a Fast Hybrid Auto Focus (AF) system with Sony’s unique Eye AF and Dual Base ISO. Sony announces both the FX9 and Z750 professional video cameras.. What would you get if you threw a boatload of Sony Venice and A9 parts on a table and challenged Sony engineers to make a run and gun camera?
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