They also explode on 5s, which is great when they’re stuck in with enemy units. This is one of the faction’s best tricks, and the reason you’ll often want your shooting units marked as Slaanesh. They’re not, worthless at this cost, merely not great. They’re still OK in some builds, but probably won’t be playable until errata or new rules give them legion traits to benefit from. Use in the Shooting or Fight phase when a Daemon Vehicle is chosen to attack. Alpha Legion works best for this, but you can get up to some fun shenanigans with the Iron Warriors’ Dour Duty Stratagem, which can combine with the Bastion Warlord trait to get you to functionally ignoring AP-3 on 1 damage shooting weapons. At 27pts each baseline with a chainaxe and combi-bolter they’re basically fine, able to dump out 4 shots per model up to 24″ after teleporting onto the battlefield and hold their own in melee, but various upgrades are totally worth a look too. The good news is that you can mitigate this by taking a Sorcerer in Terminator Armour, which gives him the ability to teleport into battle, +1 wound, a 2+ save, and a 5+ invulnerable save, making them much more durable and giving them some better shooting options. This means that Chaos Space Marine armies can end up blowing through a ton of CP pretty quickly, and so you’ll need to have a plan for how to use your CP when you build your game plan. Chaos Space Marines look like Marines, but don’t let that fool you: They lack many of the tricks that Space Marine armies have, with none of the benefits of Doctrines nor the range and shooting prowess. If you see something, or if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at Start Collecting! Daemon Princes of Khorne come with an extra attack (meh), while the other three flavors are Psykers that know Smite and a single other power, making them versatile weapons who can boost their combat prowess or cast an extra warptime in a pinch. They have the option of a Hades Autocannon or a Baleflamer but at BS 4+ and 5 points cheaper the Baleflamer is the better option. This makes protecting your Lord Discordant is a tough prospect, and bringing three of them is way tougher than it used to be in 8th Edition. Teaser warhammer 40k fan cinematic. This is a situational tactic in the best of times, and often won’t be something you’re seriously considering. In 8th edition this was a big money power for Possessed bombs, but without the support of the Specialist Detachment, those don’t really get over the top any more, making this more likely to be something you’d use on Daemon Engines, especially since re-rolling wounds in the shooting phase is tough for Chaos Marines to get. Your average Chaos Space Marine has Toughness 4, 1 wound, and a 3+ save. Rhinos are, at best, serviceable but the one transport you might really want to look at is the Terrax Termite Assault Drill, which can deliver your Berzerkers right to their target on turn 2 and will stick around to become a threat in its own right (especially with its new statline). rule for their trouble, increasing the cost of fielding them by 1 CP. Use when a Heretic Astartes infantry or biker that isn’t from a Renegade Chapter shoots or fights. This makes them invaluable support units for casting Warptime on a key melee unit, or a buff like Prescience or Delightful Agonies. In practice, it’s very clunky and the number of cases where it is useful is small enough that you’re better off marking the unit during list building and saving the CP. If you’re not working with something like an untargetable blob of Possessed, the way you’re going to get around using this problem is through redundancy and threat saturation – that is, taking multiples of your key units such that it is impossible for your opponent to deal with all of them effectively before they can disrupt your opponent’s plans. You can summon on turn 1. Do you generally feel OK about cavorting with daemons and making dark pacts with the ruinous powers that will pit you against each others’ pawns in a never ending game with the entire galaxy at stake? There aren’t a ton of reasons you’d want to mix detachments, particularly now that you’ll want access to a legion’s Stratagems, but there are a few use cases for doing this, such as having an extra detachment with characters from several legions if you just want to get specific things for them. Although 180 points is steep for a transport, the Chaos Terrax-Pattern Termite makes up for it by being an absolute monster once it arrives on the table, demanding opponents deal with it as well as its deadly contents. Strong enough to be worth looking at. Previously blessed with terrible rules and some of the game’s ugliest models, Mutilators are still ugly as sin but now have a lot of use thanks to being dirt cheap units that are fairly durable and can teleport in, making them excellent cheap ways of scoring the, secondary objectives and as INFANTRY they can, This can sometimes be done with Warptime, or if you’re Red Corsairs you can use the ability to advance and charge to make those distances shorter but more than likely you’ll want to do this with a Transport. Won’t make your warlord any better in combat, but will help keep them alive and can be particularly helpful on a larger target like the Lord Discordant. – SLAANESH model only. Now it looks as though they have some new life in 9th edition, where being a T5 unit with the amount of firepower they can put out (and not taking penalties for moving and shooting) combines with transports having more value to create something that, in the right armies, has has a lot more value. Don’t worry about the guns on these – treat them like a melee threat and if they manage to hit something shooting well, that’s an added bonus. This is a surprisingly viable strategy, especially when you can back it up with support from obsec Nurglings. With. The Storm Eagle is a very expensive flying transport and while it got a little tougher in the Imperial Armour Compendium, going to 18 Wounds and uh, 6 attacks for some reason, at 335 points before you give it the Multi-meltas it really needs it’s too expensive to really consider as a transport, even if it can hold 20 models. That, coupled with only being T6, means that the Lord Discordant will go down very quickly without help if he doesn’t have other help or durability buffs. Unlike Space Marines’ litanies, prayers happen at the start of the Battle Round, which is great for Benediction of Darkness but also means they’re generally going to be a pain to remember. You can only use this once per game. The standout from the weapon list is combi-plasma, and taking these on most/all models leaves you with a unit that’s still pretty aggressively-costed and can throw out hefty amounts of damage into most targets. They’re particularly nasty in Night Lords armies, where they can be used to activate, for pretty much any enemy unit on the table at any time. Once the big, bad bogeymen of the Chaos Space Marines Codex. This used to be a no-brainer pick for the Autocannon, but since the baleflamer came down to 20 points (from 30), it’s a much closer choice. Though they once strode the galaxy as noble defenders of Mankind, a lifetime of unremitting war has driven them to worship the gods of Chaos. Replaces a power sword. He’s got the same profile as a Sorcerer, but is locked into taking a force staff and instead of knowing two powers from the Dark Hereticus Discipline, knows and can cast two powers from the. There are also another six Renegade chapters covered in Vigilus Ablaze to give you some alternate options for homebrew chapters, and finally a special group that follow Fabius Bile called The Creations of Bile. Unlike with Khorne Berzerkers, there’s not really a lot of compelling reasons to take Noise Marines outside of Emperor’s Children. The Decimator has a lot of value to offer in this new, beefier iteration. Changes to mission secondary objectives have had major impacts on army building, particularly for armies that want to bring psykers or lots of characters. On a Sorcerer with a jump pack, you can have this reliably within 3″ of any unit you need it for all game long. There isn’t a ton of reason to take one outside those, but they aren’t a bad upgrade if you have the points free. It’s a very pretty boondoggle that suffers from the same issues that most fortifications have. You get these free if your Apostle has a mark. Wonderful for large blobs of Cultists who otherwise don’t really have a save at all. If you’re going to play seriously, you probably need all of the following, and that’s before you start souping in Daemons, Thousand Sons, or Death Guard: If you want to soup in other Chaos factions, you’ll want to have the following: Codex: Chaos Daemons and Psychic Awakening: Engine War for Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines Obliterators. On a 2+ you fight as normal. At 125 points per model and 9 Wounds with. These rules, though marginal for many other factions, were a major crux of c. 9th edition’s emphasis on holding objectives and controlling the table put a premium on melee units (good for CSM) and durability (not so good). To pick a legion, you replace your keyword with a Legion of your choice (it can’t be Death Guard or Thousand Sons, who have their own rules). They’ve got a solid melee profile, sporting 4 attacks base and the ability to wield a variety of wargear. Its ability to deep strike and drop off 12 models is great to have, particularly for Emperor’s Children armies that can use. , the idea is not to give an exhaustive review of every unit and option. Can summon Daemons without ruining your Chaos Space Marines faction bonus (they won’t lose their legion trait if the whole detachment is from the same legion and the only daemons are ones that you summon), and 2. Pick a model within 2″; it takes a mortal wound. Replaces a power sword with a relic that’s S User, AP-2, D3 Damage but it wounds on a 2+ if the target isn’t a VEHICLE. Pick a friendly unit within 6″ and until the start of the next battle round, subtract 1 from hit rolls made for attacks with ranged weapons that target that unit. The upside is that all three can still pack some pretty nasty weapons, and on the whole they’ve got some of the best shooting that Chaos Space Marines get access to. Khorne Lord of Skulls NIB. Box, it’s in a similar boat. You can advance and charge in the same turn, and you can re-roll failed charges. Their ability to fight twice per turn is crazy deadly, especially when each one comes with S5 and 2 Attacks base and can be kitted out with a chainaxe and chainsword to get them to 4 attacks each on the charge (although as of the Astartes Chainsword update there’s probably an argument you can save a point per model and not bother with the axe). Priests don’t have a ton of wounds to begin with, so chances are once you’ve started losing them, you’re going to die, but if you’re holding on it’s got some utility. Chaos Space Marine armies have access to a large variety of subfactions, each with their own special rules called Legion Traits. Vanguard Space Marines 17x. A good Chaos Space Marines army will usually be active in every phase of the game. Many of the faction’s best units are Daemon Engines and so being able to quickly and cheaply tap into free re-rolls for them makes things like the Lord of Skulls and the Venomcrawler all the more deadly. Chaos Space Marines have a lot of powerful character options, but they’re all in the HQ force organization slot. This can lead to some powerful combinations in soup armies, and tends to make up the backbone of strong competitive Chaos lists. You still probably want the Autocannon most of the time because it’s cheaper, but the Baleflamer will help you a lot more if you’re running Red Corsairs Lords Discordant who can advance and charge. Berzerkers are very strong but your biggest challenge is going to be getting them into combat. Chaos Space Marines have access to an OK number of Stratagems through their Codex, and access to a significantly larger number through supplements like Vigilus Ablaze and Faith and Fury, though those are gated/specific to certain subfactions so we’ll cover those separately as we cover the Chaos Legions in their own articles. $68.00 $80.00. This is a really solid ability for when your Priest is going to be babysitting units like large blobs of Cultists on an objective, where the lack of a decent armor save makes them easy to kill and a 5+ invulnerable save (plus a 5+ feel no pain from the. This can sometimes be done with Warptime, or if you’re Red Corsairs you can use the ability to advance and charge to make those distances shorter but more than likely you’ll want to do this with a Transport. This is already much better than the regular Daemonic Ritual, in part because it doesn’t lock you into standing still, but it’s even more hoops to jump through to do something that just isn’t all that helpful to most game plans. He’s another mild victim of the 9th Edition changes in that you just aren’t as interested in someone to randomly fill an HQ slot, but as one of the cheaper choices available he might see occasional use unlocking a patrol. On a 4+ the unit takes 3D3 mortal wounds. Chaos Marine 2d. Raptors are the jump infantry of the Chaos Space Marines army. They are fantastic melee combatants, capable of holding their own and mulching most targets in the game – including larger targets like knights where with the right buffs they can take one down in a single round – and they’re great force multipliers, with an aura that immediately makes all of the other daemon engines in your army much better. Things aren’t awful, but they’re not as good as they were in early 2020, either. Now that Tzeentch Winged Daemon Princes will cost you more, the vanilla codex crew are worth a bit more consideration. And when it does succeed and you kill a character, you won’t get to add the spawn because you didn’t pay reinforcement points for it. Lords Discordant in particular enjoy having 9 Strength on the Charge and 8 afterward, and the extra Attack is especially meaningful when it can also proc additional attacks thanks to the. Obliterators almost always want to have the Mark of Slaanesh so they can double up on shooting and they also really want to be targets for Veterans of the Long War. These ratings reflect the use of these powers in Chaos Space Marine detachments. The model gets +1 to its Strength and Attacks. Compare Compare Items. The Kytan also gets access to the. If you’re going this route, keep them cheap – upgrade to a Chainaxe if you want, but don’t waste points on someone who won’t really be in combat except to counter-charge. Very powerful, though a bit less useful in 9th edition where charging multiple units is much more difficult. Your first psyker will almost always have this and Warptime. Re-roll failed wound rolls in the Fight phase against ADEPTUS ASTARTES targets. rule and a relatively small points increase, the Predator manages to squeak by a s a unit that’s borderline playable in the right builds, particularly if you can get three together for the, Stratagem. The value changes for them because of their range and cast boosts, plus the sheer number of slots they need to fill. When paired with a Lord Discordant, these can be nasty, resilient threats. dropped 75 points in the Imperial Armour Compendium while going up to 28 wounds.It has some nasty tricks up its sleeve, like the ability to shrug off psychic powers on a 4+ and a pair of Helcrusher claws that give it some very deadly melee options. The only downside to it is that a lot of the powers are on the higher end of Warp Charge casting requirements, and Chaos Sorcerers don’t have a ton of ways to make them easier to cast. At 170 points, it’s probably not bringing enough firepower to the table to be worth it. Until your next psychic phase, that unit can’t take invulnerable saves. It’s tougher (2+ save and 3 more wounds), a little bit shootier (slightly better guns), and a bit more expensive than the Predator (195 with heavy bolters, 205 with lascannons), where you can get the Predator Autocannon and two heavy bolters onto an 11-wound chassis for 168 points. Chaos lords are relatively cheap (80 points) and can be outfitted a variety of ways, making them good “Swiss army knife” style HQs, able to fit a variety of needs: He’s a separate datasheet, but the Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour brings some extra punch to the table, giving you a Lord who can teleport in and is a bit more durable than the jump pack option, with an extra wound and a 2+ armor save, though Chaos Lords already get a 4+ invulnerable save so the added 5+ from terminator armor doesn’t matter. 40K … . When cast, you can immediately attempt to summon a unit of DAEMONS to the battlefield using the Daemonic Ritual ability as if it were the Movement phase and when you do so, you roll 4 dice instead of 3 and can’t summon any mortal wounds as a result of doubles or triples. That said, it’s still 525 points, which is too much to pay for something you can mostly replicate for 100 points cheaper with the Lord of Skulls or Kytan. Now it looks as though they have some new life in 9th edition, where being a T5 unit with the amount of firepower they can put out (and not taking penalties for moving and shooting) combines with transports having more value to create something that, in the right armies, has has a lot more value. Use at the end of your Shooting phase and pick a SLAANESH Infantry or Biker unit. They’re more often used to hold two squads of five Berserkers or Havocs these days than a full squad of 10 models. With the Faith and Fury Traits, the Codex traits really aren’t worth much – they’re mostly pretty bland and you’ll almost always want to have one of the Legion traits instead. These fell deities have rewarded them with arcane powers, daemonic war machines and hellish weaponry with which to slaughter the armies of the Emperor.This is a great-value box set that gives you an immediate collection of fantastic Chaos Space Marines miniatures, which you can assemble and use right away in games of Warhammer 40,000! As a result, Chaos Sorcerers – with their ability to throw out non-faction-gated buff powers like Warptime and Prescience – are some of the game’s best units, and they can take Jump Packs. 9th edition was a boon for Defilers, where the combination of Big Guns Never Tire, the increased importance of durable melee units, and “avoiding a points hike” all combined to make it exactly the kind of unit you want to field. Chaos Marine 2a. Still, there are some uses for this, and some truly annoying units you can summon if given a chance. Because they aren’t Psykers, a Dark Apostle can slot into any legion, and because their prayers are legion-locked but not infantry-locked, they’re often helpful for buffing vehicles like the Lord of Skulls. Before we jump into the specifics, note that there are some basic resources you should be aware of and familiar with that are helpful for every army: OK, with that out of the way, let’s jump into some specifics. If you’re pure daemons, you’re going to have a real bad time against them, but the good news is that Grey Knights do have some limitations. As always, a guide like this represents a time and place. There’s a lot more to Chaos Space Marines than just understanding the units; if you want to be successful you have to put them all together in a way that will work for you on the table. It also traded its bombs for an ability called Infernal bomb, which lets you drop bombs on a unit as you pass over them once per game for a chance to do mortal wounds. On a 1, you take a mortal wound and can’t use the weapon in the phase. Faith and Fury gives you a few ways to upgrade them, giving them relics that can replace either talons (like the Rapacious Talons) or a Hellforged Sword/Daemonic Axe. Just be careful about opening yourself up to, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), The Narrative Forge: Writing Better Battle Reports, Malicious Volleys (formerly Bolter Discipline), Build Armies that are Difficult to Pick Secondaries Against, Stack Effects With Endless Cacophony and Fury of Khorne, Getting Better at Warhammer 40,000: Upping Your Game, Getting Better at Warhammer 40,000: Understanding Probability, Start Competing: 40K Deployment Tactics – Surviving Turn Zero, Start Competing: This Game is Actually Not Bullshit – Playing From Behind and Hanging On When You Are Ahead, incredibly official Goonhammer store on RebBubble, Although they have their own Codexes, both. On the other hand, it’s a hard feat to pull off, the risk is too high, and most of the buffs don’t matter that much if they happen that late in the game. Stratagem and the impact of Blast means that Possessed have plunged from being one of the best units in the army to a fringe choice at best. Caps on modifiers to hit and wound of +/-1 mean that stacking modifiers to wound to cause abilities like. A solid update to all Chaos Space Marines that showed up in January last year and was reprinted in Faith & Fury, this mostly helps Bikers and Terminators live up to their full potential by giving you four shots per model, albeit still at S4 AP0. There are also a couple of easy ways to boost their longevity that are worth looking at: can make them harder to hit. They’re still OK in some builds, but probably won’t be playable until errata or new rules give them legion traits to benefit from. But at the start of the game you nominate one enemy CHARACTER to be the sword’s target and whenever you hit that character, you do a mortal wound instead of the normal damage. You can summon on turn 1. There aren’t a ton of reasons you’d want to mix detachments, particularly now that you’ll want access to a legion’s Stratagems, but there are a few use cases for doing this, such as having an extra detachment with characters from several legions if you just want to get specific things for them. Note that legion relics are not locked to legion detachments — even those in Faith and Fury can be taken for a character as long as the Warlord is a Chaos Space Marines character (you don’t need a legion detachment). Chaos Space Marines $80.75 Start Collecting! that are all connected in the 40k universe. lets you shoot again at the end of the Shooting phase. The poor Land Raider is still about 100 points too expensive to be worth using in most games, and almost everything you’d want to transport in it can just teleport into the battlefield anyways. The bog standard leaders of the Chaos Space Marine army, Chaos Lords are a versatile tool in your arsenal. This is one of the core abilities of the Chaos Space Marines army, and an amazingly powerful build-around Stratagem. They also really work well with the armor relics that confer a 2+ save (the ones that aren’t infantry-only, anyways). S User, AP -5, 2 Damage, and each round you add your roll for the Daemon weapon to the model’s strength. This is the least exciting buff, but lowkey the most useful, since it helps your Apostle stay in lockstep with some of the units you’ll likely want to be buffing if you want his aura buffing units that are going to be getting stuck in for melee combat. If you want something for cracking powerful characters there are going to be better options – even against stuff that’s in the sweet spot of “has an invulnerable save” and “has few enough wounds to be threatened by this” you’re probably better off just throwing out a ton of 2- and 3-damage attacks for them to save against. This is going to give you the most bang for your buck when combined with units that have expensive multi-wound models. Lords Discordant are absolutely blenders, and Chaos Space Marine daemon vehicles and Helbrutes are also pretty good in this area. Please be courteous and follow the rules. A lot of the best Chaos Space Marine strategies rely on copious use of stratagems, particularly those from Faith and Fury. These used to be one of the strongest melee units in the game, but are starting to look a little left behind by things like Bladeguard Veterans. Chaos Cultists are 6 points per model, and while there’s no world in which that number makes sense for what they do, that does mean you can fill out a Troops slot with 10 bodies for 60 points. It also has a much more sturdy defensive profile, and an improved version of the thermal jets rule for stuff it flies over. Check This Guide Out! Berserkers are one of the game’s best melee units, and Possessed can be absolutely insane with the buffs you can give them. Roll 2D6 and you get a random buff. The extra deny is a pretty nice bonus here, and regaining wounds is just icing on the cake.
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