He keys on rocky points and reefs in the lake's main basin, particularly the edges of these structures where the boulders transition to gravel. An original Rapala floating balsa-wood minnow works really well for perch. On the other hand, younger perch males hardly have this distinct appearance. A slow day perch fishing. In my opinion, the best bait (real or artificial) for yellow perch are small fathead minnows. Chances are from shore, you’ll be unable to get the deep ones. Few Shoreline Yellow Perch Tips: Fish cover during summer sun: Yellow perch will certainly cling on during the hottest times of summer to conspicuous cover such as lily pads and docks. They are small but hard-fighting. 5 Great Stand Locations for Late-Season Deer, The Best New and Used Break-Action Waterfowl Shotguns, Illinois Hunter Tags His Third 200-inch Whitetail Buck. If you cannot use live leeches, dead leeches or leech imitation baits can be bought as bait shops. Overview: During late fall, perch will start moving into deep water following the retreating warmer water into the depths. You won’t be to get your bait out far enough for these deep fish so focus on the ones near shore. Best Bait Choices: Live bait to include minnows (live or dead), worms, mealworms, grasshoppers, and leeches. They rarely are caught in water deeper than 30 feet. Just make sure live minnows are permitted for use in your state and local waters. So, fish on the bottom first, but if your depth finder shows schools of fish swimming well above, try there too. You should be able to access these fish as they’ll be within 50 feet of shore in many cases. Waxworms seem to do best in the winter but can be quite effective in the fall and spring when the water is cool. The good news is you don't need a lot of expensive gear to get started. This item may seem quite morbid but yellow perch will gobble fish eyes. As you reel in your bait, you will only present your bait in each depth of water for a brief moment before the bait moves shallower. Most times of the year, live bait will out-fish lures from the bank. You want to be … You can even dress one or two on the hook of a small jig or spoon. After dark is when the real action can heat up. Waxworms seem to do best in the winter but can be quite effective in the fall and spring when the water is cool. Grasshoppers are an excellent natural bait for bluegills, trout, crappie, bass, and yellow perch. Distinguished by two dorsal fins, one spiny and the other soft-rayed. The Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) is a popular freshwater gamefish native to much of North America. To target the biggest yellow perch in your lake, fish deeper waters, with gravelly areas, as it gets later in the summer. Yellow perch along with most other game fish prefer live bait to dead bait. Waxworms are a good deal smaller than mealworms so you could 1-4 to a hook and expect good bites from hungry fish. Drop your... Spearfishing Perch. Using a jig 5 to 5 ½ inches in length is best. In fact, this fish barely tips the scale at 4 pounds – sometimes even less. That said, leeches can be a good bait for yellow perch and walleye. • His favorite perch outfit: a medium-light-action 71⁄2-foot Shakespeare Ugly Stik spinning rod matched with a limber 6-pound monofilament. First year fish typically feed on … Find fishing waters by using one or more of our interactive maps:. Yellow perch are one of the most sought after and prized game fish in North America. The Division of Wildlife’s mission is to conserve and improve fish and wildlife resources and their habitats for sustainable use and appreciation by all. These seem to work well. In this perch fishing tips video Dan talks about the best perch baits for catching jumbo perch. You can also cast from the bank as perch can be within 50 feet of shore. Tactics Jumbo perch hug the boulder-strewn bottom when feeding 8 to 12 feet deep in early June, which makes them hard to see on a depthfinder. I personally think it is better to break a worm in half. For a complete guide on fishing for perch with live bait, check out this great article. This is especially true during the winter, spring, and fall. Yellow perch will move off of defined cover and feed more aggressively near sunset. Artificial baits like small lures and flies (fly fishing) can work extremely well too. Yellow Perch is usually found in weedy lakes and ponds or in the slower moving parts of larger streams. Most fish are caught in these early winter months during their spawning run in the upper tributaries where they are easier to catch. Overview: In late spring, most of the spawn has died down. These areas are where you’ll find the most fish. Get your bait as close to the bottom as you can. Spring Perch Fishing. There are definitely benefits to fishing without a boat but at the end of the day, you’re somewhat at a disadvantage without a boat. Mike Christensen, a fishing guide on Minnesota's Mille Lacs Lake, has learned how to put his clients on jumbo yellow perch, usually after they've boated an early limit of walleyes. You could probably catch yellow perch with grasshoppers all year but I think they really shine in the dead of summer. One of the most attractive forms of cover for yellow perch as stationary docks. Docks can be an excellent casting point. As a result, they’ll be aggressively feeding to replenish their bodies from the taxing spawn. Perch are great for fish chowder, fried, pan seared, and my favorite; blackened and made into fish tacos.
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