4 Argentine Dago's on 4 wolves and there will be 4 dead wolves. I can only imagine that a wolf would be alot worst than a coyote. Coyotes. That wolf could be rabid. My Parsons Russel Terrier would at least give it a try. I have the worlds most placid dog. Man created this abomination now others have to suffer (children and adult maulings) which end up in deaths in many cases. Do you walk your dog in the woods? Unarmed? The "common sense" answer to the original question is - without a single doubt - the ONE breed that was created for the purpose of running wolves - and then killing them - is the Irish Wolfhound. Bullmastiff vs Rottweiler. 0 0 1. I am an Airedale guy and some strains of the breed are about 90 lbs and in groups were used to track and kill wounded lions in the day. I had a Shepherd type dog when I was a kid, and I never knew exactly what breed it was. Wyoming G&F wants that plan, the Feds don't like it because it doesn't guarantee recovery outside the parks. Ummmmmmmmmm lots of speculation as to what would do what to a wolf! The facts I spoke about earlier will always and forever be contested by novices. I live in Montana where there are real wolves and wolf hybrids. In a ONE ON ONE match,i'd bet the trained Pit every time,and VERY likely win the majority of fight money,but in the world where wild wolves are normanly encountered, such a set up ain't the deal. They were sold by the tribe to a private buyer. Seager was the lover of the two, he would actually play with other dogs, pups especially so. Some years ago, duck hunting in Saskatchewan, one of the other hunters had his black lab killed by a wolf that went after a downed bird. Just figured I throw in that observation to stir up the thread. Which is better: Boerboel or Bullmastiff … Only problem I see is....and a very important one....man's best friend that would kill wolves would be a tough dog to keep around the ranch. It would be interesting to say the least. The driver said he never saw anything like it in all his life. He tips to a nearby farm ALONE to get his treat. Wolves can. The main difference between English and Bull Mastiffs would be the size, but conformation for Bull Mastiffs is a … We noticed that Kona had wolf fur and skin wrapped around her canines when the vet was sewing her up, so when the trapper I brought in snared one a couple hundred yards from the house that had fresh bite marks, I claimed it as the culprit. This topic has come up on the Traditional Working Airedale forum and the general consensus from folks who do lots of hunting with dogs is that there are no dogs that can deal with wolves. Poor dog. or similar dog would give a Wolf a good fight, especially my 120 lb. Ones from different packs that is. If some of the larger wolf hounds were raised in the wild by wolves they might be equal. Their countries of origin, colours and other coat characteristics, sizes, temperament, and health concerns are comparatively different between bull mastiff and English mastiff. However they have very big mouths and teeth and can certainly rip a dog apart easy enough. They had a picture of it in the paper and it looked intimidating. Compare Bull Mastiff vs Rottweiler Dog Breed and find features which are most important for you and which is the best or Suitable Bull Mastiff and Rottweiler at DogSpot.in. I've witnessed a 65 lb pit bull rip 4 coyotes new azzholes and have seen a german shepherd give two a bad day also. Could a bull mastiff kill a pack of coyotes? I have no idea of how a large wild wolf, such as the ones in Alaska, would do against a dog. I probably wouldn't want to know. They were so succesful, they almost died out after they exterminated them all - no reason for a three foot high dog any more. Wolves around Ketchikan are notorious for baiting dogs out and then eating them. I hear certain types of domestic cats give them stomach aches, and the runs... What a gift! Some people make it seem like the wolf would use all its smarts and tricks like Ali against Foreman but like in the lion video I think they would face off and go at each other. They have canine teeth 2 inches long. And 35 wolves involved in livestock problems were killed by agents, 7 were killed by producers protecting their stock, and 19 were killed by other causes for a total of 61 wolves killed. Use the tool below to compare temperament, size, personality, maintenance requirements, and everything else between Mastiffs and American Bulldogs. If your ferocious fighting dogs were half as adept at killing wolves as you dream, they would have been used to get rid of wolves here, they would be much cheaper than hiring a man with guns and traps and aircraft. I just don't no about this conversation.I guess I should ask...How many of you have seen Wolves in the wilds? The subspecies transplanted to Yellow stone from Canada is actually the smallest and thus more manageable for Fish cops to lift and handle. Google : Dogo dogs, its pretty interesting if you like dogs. we had a meter reader here in town kill two pits with his bare hands when they jumped a fence and attacked him.so if two pits can't take down a 175# man that keeps his witts about him when attacked. I'd still put a wolverine up against just about any other critter on earth, they is a machine..........Blake. Bullmastiff vs Rottweiler. I found them new homes (good ones) later on but enjoyed them while I had them. It might take a while, but on the open ground a wolf would kill a pitbull as surely as the sunrise. I always wondered about the mentality of a lion that runs from a pack of dogs. They have been using these dogs for the last five years and run a lot of sheep bands over more than 600,000 acres. They were originally there too! Body armor and spikes is what Idaho Fish and Game recommends for your dogs. Yet, both are portrayed as threats to each other’s lives. I find the "pack of pitbulls" stories highly amusing too. If he would have been 200 hundred pounds we would still be living in caves. My gray muzzled mut would give it a try provided I could slow Mr wolf down with a 140 grain hornady before the start of the bout (to provide a sporting fairness). The breed was very protective and loyal. There are some dogs I would want at my side and probably a presa canario(1/2dozen maybe against 1 wolf. It didn't happen and it won't happen no matter how much you'd like to think it might. Wolves will however, hunt your dog down if they see it. This is a genic flaw of some kind and it is not the norm. no worries I missed the part where Lionman stated he saw the wolf - dog fights in the U.S. Ain't there such a dog as is called an Irish wolf hound??? Wolves don't fight one on one. Im about to get a new dog called a bull mastiff and i already have a little chihuahua. Can someone advise? There isn't a breed of dog out there that can or will fair well with a pack of wolves. LionMan, so the fact that I have family relations that did do something in their lifetime impressed you hey! Also I might add that Wolverines have and advantage over other 4 legged carnivores and that is their skunk like glands. My father was a Canadian Hockey player and my Uncle was the Canadian middle weight boxing champion for 3 years. There isn't a fair fight with a dog. Quick Summary Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. That could be many different breeds. And of course if you could get one wolf to fight one, I'd give up 80lbs, that is to say let a 40lb bulldog get it on with a 120 lb wolf without a second thought. Quick Summary Below are a … Wolves, leopards, and bears are what it guards the herd against, as opposed to some herding breeds it is a guard breed. A coyote will move out of the way for larger dogs. They are smart and have a keen hearing and eyesight. Can He run? I thought about the various european and asian breeds we never see or hear much about like Turkey's Kangal but I doubt they can handle a 175 pound wolf by themselves. By crossing the larger mastiff with the bulldog, breeders were able to develop a powerfully built but active animal that could cover short distances quickly, knock a poacher down to the ground, and hold him there until the gamekeeper arrived to apprehend the intruder. Bred for wolf hunting by the Celts and unlike the Irish themselves, does not easily seccumb to whiskey and vodka. Would somebody please go out and kill something and post a pic of it! I really think that they should replace them back in Washington, DC and on Martha's Vineyard. I have never seen what you have seen, but I have seen fighting dogs. However, the guarding capabilities of these Mastiff breeds will help you make the right decision. Even if a pit did manage to somehow latch on to one of these wolves it would not be a killing blow because the fur on the wolf neck is so thick that his mouth would be full before he got to the windpipe. It's quite an interesting breed! " to come upon my family or livestock whilst being babysat by four or more Sarps might be just the ticket to avoid a bad day for both of us. Only problem I see is....and a very important one....man's best friend that would kill wolves would be a tough dog to keep around the ranch. They are not perfected for fighting each other. I was confident my dog could handle a single Pit Bull, but I was not sure how this would go...I have read stories about people who died in similar circumstances. Bring lot's of Dogs!!! That would have changed him a lot and he'd have been harder to manage as a family pet. Yeah, like it danced around that badger and lion. Coyotes are one of the only wild animals whose numbers increase in time along with human civilization. Some trained the dogs to do the kill themselves and I've read that the female was as often as not the killer, with the larger male holding. Compare the Bullmastiff to the Rottweiler. we have raised GAME cocks for many years.... Babcock knows of what he speaks, it isnt any different with dogs... a 12# "barnyard" rooster or a 20# wild Turkey might pound on my little 5# rooster for a few minutes but after about 10 minutes or 2 hrs , it doesnt really matter, ol "Barny" or the WT with be squallin for his momma with his head stuck in the corner.. thats why they are called GAME cocks... its how they live... 721, I bet that my wolf can beat up your chickens! Who knows...for one or more preds (coyotes, wolves, cougar, etc.) A. I had a couple of ex fighters once, left behind by someone. One wolf or ten, it will make no difference. We did a bit of coyote vs wolf comparison, and we could point out the following distinctions. Don't confuse the TV report of a Pit Bull mauling,based as it is on his breed in character,with the much improved lethality of one of these dogs who's had proper training. I'm not sure how much he weighed but he was a LOT bigger than any german shepard I ever saw. Imagine a dog burying his teeth into your sack and then shaking it violently. I did nto see this post, but yes, these dogs are some bad bad dogs. If wolves were that good of fighters they would be in the pits instead of pit bulls and the like. !They just seem to come fron nowhere... no dog can hang with a wolf, wolves are killin machines! Another wolf... however, taking the time to train it can be an issue. well, we can only hope Wyo comes to and agreement with the rest and we can start to hunt the wolves and bring the numbers in check. The needs of each breed have to be taken into consideration before taking one home. Would somebody please go out and kill something and post a pic of it! Also the teeth are not as long as they are on coyotes. People notice it and if … Everyones dogs are super hardcore I am sure, but none of them will beat a real gamebred APBT in a fight, period. Seager was a 50-55 pound dog and Booger was a 65 or so pound dog. You don't have that problem with wolves because they are a smart animal and know man is their worst enemy, who will wipe them out again in the USA. It pissed itself and whimpered like a pup. These two dogs resemble each other, although the boerboel has a more square head than the bull mastiff. i doubt they would fare well against a wolf, Oscar Meyer, my wiener dog could hold his own, at least for the first couple barks. I always wondered about the mentality of a lion that runs from a pack of dogs. This is happening less than 200 yard from my house. A wolverine makes just about anything look like a wuss. Please, do you really think that a 70lb pit could kill a 400 pound lion? He was also made from bull and mastiff-type dogs, and to be precise, he is believed to be 60% Mastiff and 40% Bulldog. It is said that they have nerve clusters that are far less dense than most dogs, and don't feel much pain. This breed was originally developed by 19th century gamekeepers to guard estates. The wolf would run circles around the pit bull biting him in his the legs and arse till the pitbull bled to death. I'd think that only a caged dog that's not allowed to love humans and that's used for fighting and has been seriously hurt fighting and basicly dosen't care if it lives or not is about the only breed that would stand a chance. Pictures are for later! Heads as big as 5 gallons pails and outsized compared to the body. Bullmastiff vs Mastiff. I believe they were recognized by the major kennel clubs in the early 20's. They are cute when little, but full-grown that is one impressive dog. I saw on the news one time when I lived in Argentina, a man who bred 4 dogos to fight. Of course they've lost some battles too,but from bulls,to malamutes,to you name it in the doggie world,pit bulls have PROVEN themselves to be the champ in one on one.....That said, a pitbull wouldn't stand a snowballs chance on a hot skillet,if he met a wolfpack on "thier" ground. In our neighborhood there is an owl and possibly coyotes ... Can a bull mastiff kill a coyote? Bullmastiff may weigh 18 kg / 40 pounds more than American Staghound. Fatal dog attack by mixed bull mastiff dogs on a 57-year-old lady in Dayton Ohio, February 2014; $1.1 million in record settlement in serious bull mastiff … Most ARA groups actually propose putting LGDs out there, rather than the ranchers putting holes in their beloved wolves. Tough defending against an animal that kills to survive when the defender has had that bred out of him/her. I've been living with these things for a while now. Compare the Bullmastiff to the Mastiff. Very interesting!I know some local Bear hunters that choose to take one Airedale with the rest of there spendy dogs, because of there aggressiveness and willingness to fight..The problem with any domestic animal fighting a wolf is,jaw/bite power.Not even close... have been thinking about this some more, wolves are tough critters but they don't hold a candle to a wolverine. . I have actually seen them pulling the calf out while the cow is giving birth and spinning in circles trying to defend herself against 5 coyotes. Yes J I think your right. They are not perfected for fighting each other. Hey Miles....After reading the last few posts of lionboy here, I've come to realize that its likely a teenaged kid somewhere posting. Wolves are just the most intelligent predators in the wild (other than humans, of course). Posted by Crystal Long. Even if there was a dog breed that could stand up to a wolf most wouldn't have one. Just a thought. Dog fighting is a HUGE problem which must be wiped out at any cost. A lone wolf? The Pitbull would get the better and by time the wolf realizes he is overmatched he will be fortunate if he can break loose to escape and likely be killed.IMO of this imaginary matchup. My philosophy is not to rely on a single dog but on several to not only protect the livestock but give ample enough warning to bring either myself or my wife and children around to convince the predator to find another locale. Also, are there different styles of dogfighting, or are they all pretty much the same, i.e. One dog vs multiple wolves, not for long. Mastiff vs American Bulldog. In such a case wolves lose their footing, while caribou don't. Have a good day. So far, it qualifies as an isolated occurrence. They probably tore that thing to bits in minutes if there were 5. My varmint huntin' buddy just hates when I see a yote', whether driving or on foot. The couple had young children, was worried about the wolf problem and thought this breed of dog was their answer. Thankfully such dogs are very rare these days.......... Now, what this all means against wolves isn't much i'm afraid. Individuals can weigh as much of 150 pounds. O ne of the factors of dog's strength is the bite force.So do we know what dog breeds have the strongest bite force? Lions/bears run from dog packs because and injury however small could be their death same as wolves. They dont, because wolves are pansies compared to pit bulls and other dogs that were bred for fighting. He knows just where he wants to set his jaws,and having set them,escape is accomplished only by giving up that part of his advesaries anatomy! I have never, in just over 50 years since I got my first dog, seen stronger, braver, tougher domestic dogs...or more loyal, loving/lovable cuddlers, either. Those good ole boys down there know how to do 2 things, raise fighting dogs and moonshine you betcha. No, if fact the wolfhound was much larger than a timber wolf. With an isolated, studied and well protected population do you really think a meat ball like him interested in obtaining a wild wolf for fighting would be capable of pulling it off? Talking about size, they can be compared to medium-sized dogs – 36 inches height, 16-inch long tail, and they weigh between 20 to 50 pounds. buffhunter, I think I have finally realized what the problem is here. , , Let me tie a 4in long knife on each leg and I bet it would surprise you!! . The pit would never be able to latch on because the wolf would avoid that ugly bear trap jaw. He said that they over the years they had tried a bunch of different animals: An individual wolf didn't stand a chance against an individual pit bull in a closed arena. He wasn't hurt too bad, but after his cuts healed he was hell on coyotes. 15 "bred to fight" pits vs a pack of 8 wolves. As an inside dog, it will never even meet a wolf. Always has, always will. I read the stories in the link. Bullmastiff vs Mastiff. I've heard the French Bulldog is better than the American bulldog? I have seen this dog in action and he finds cancer tumors on humans easily. Compare Bullmastiff and Boerboel and Cane Corso. The food bowl is it's lifeline that's for sure 06. Use the tool below to compare temperament, size, personality, maintenance requirements, and everything else between Bullmastiffs and Mastiffs. If the wolf is so bas azz, the wolf would have been used for fighting. Cool dog,Brian...I am a dog fanatic and have two(Lab and Aussie Shepard)..I doubt I would want you chow bill though... Will English Shepherd's hunt grouse (Partridge)? Throw another log on the fire. In caveman times wolves came to campfires for scraps and thus began the domestication process. My 70-lb chocolate Lab held her own long enough to get rescued by my wife, but it cost $4000 in vet bills to repair her. No dog in this fight.Just wondering. The cowboys stopped on a knoll to roll a smoke and the hounds continued on. Both the English Mastiff and Bullmastiff have sensitive skin. The main difference between English and Bull Mastiffs would be the size, but conformation for Bull Mastiffs is a bit more stocky than that of Engish Mastiffs. Coyote vs Fox: Coyotes belong to the Carnivora order and its binomial name Canis Latrans; they are native to North and Central America. Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. Llasa-Poo would run circles around them.....if there was at least 10 inches of snow. He was a dog that was "created" to look the part. However there is one thing for certain the dog can't do, and that's to crack the heaviest moose bone to get the marrow out. "". One was a brinnel color (Seager was his name) and the other a red nose (Booger his name). A lot of the boys who chase hogs down here use pits as catch dogs. It dosen't have to be -40 just take away the food bowl and most dogs will be in trouble. In an encounter between a full grown male Wolf and one of my Rottweilers, I am certain that the Wolf would prevail due to better wind, a Rott's weak point; however, a big tough Rott. Head like a basketball made round by those huge masseter muscles, this guy had the equipment to out-dual a wolf. It'd be more like suicide! AS powerful and lethal as the Dogo and Presa Canario are,against a "TRAINED" American Pit terrier,they'd do well to survive,ONE ON ONE. But again another blunder. I'm hell on 'yotes. The cougar died pretty quick BTW. Compare the Bloodhound to the Bullmastiff. Dogs in packs circle around and try and latch on to their groan. One last question, are there certain breeds in your experience that don't loan themselves to any other type of life than fighting? I've been to Texas area and the coyotes are about 1/2 the size of the coyotes we have around here. Bull mastiff vs. English mastiff Many people confuse bull mastiffs with English mastiffs, which makes sense, given that the bull mastiff breed was created by mixing an English mastiff with an English bulldog. So, my husband tells me they have a warning posted on the time clock at work telling staff to use extreme care going to their vehicles, especially early and late shift, as a large group of coyotes have been seen in the parking lot area. the pack of coyotes is looking to find food and not to get killed. After the deer almost gutted him with his horns he had to play dead to stop the beating. Dog fighting has been going on for 100's of years. I think they hit it on the head when they mentioned that most dogs have tracking ability but lost the "kill" bite by being domesticated. The one that wiped every last one of them from the British Isles - the Irish Wolfhound. They're great tempered with the family they grow with but anything else they consider a foe. An average adult Malinois has a bite force of 195 psi.This means when they bite, 195 pounds of pressure is applied to each square inch. Lost a cat to a 'yote a few years back. Origin. The wolfhounds used for the chase/kill in old Russia weren't family pets. The pit bull will have to get to the throat of the Wuff. Valiant, courageous come to mind. I have seen this happen on a male bear that appeared one morning in our farm yard and our 2 shepards went to work on him. A lion, bear, or big cat would kill a Pitbull. I have the biography written by his grandson(? Take them away from their family(pack) and they are hooped, they don't know how to live anymore. Contrary to general belief a Mastiff isn’t a breed itself, but it is an umbrella term that describes a group of dogs of similar sizes and statures. You could make enough money to retire on by selling them to ranchers. A large wolf of Alaska weights around 155 pounds, it can easily crack moose and caribou bones to get marrow out, so it's jaw is much more powerful than most dogs. ""If you have a Pack of English Mastiffs...Your wolf problem will be gone! If the wolf was the great fighter some here are saying he is, more of them would be used by those who bet anywhere from $500.00 aside to $50,00.00 on a dog fight. For what it is worth, there it is. What an ugly dog, he is a scrapper no doubt. Bull mastiff and English mastiff are large sized dog breeds with many differences exhibited between them. Keep your dogs away from wolves if you want to keep them, and don't let the USHS get wind of this thread or they'll shut down the board and pay your neighbors 5000 dollars apiece to turn you in for "intent" to fight dogs against something.
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