TOUR DATES- It’s college or trade school for those with the means His Rounder Records debut Lifers released in 2018 went #2 on the Billboard Country Albums chart, and Cody regularly sells out venues across the country. A few years ago I found myself diving in head first to the music these great artists are producing. At Gulf Coast Jam Festival 2021 ON Fri, Mar 26. Seeing as I am not the writer I cannot be too sure, but if I had to guess it would be- 1) Supporting your friends and family in looking for warning signs 2) Reality is closer than we realize sometimes 3) Pain effects everyone in different ways. Here is what I do know- David is actually alive and only loosely based on a true story. And he was DOA, she just about lost her mind. Or if he died on impact, it must have rolled three times or. Oh how things change, And I found his truck in the floodplain upside down He was just a burned out beat down shell of my old friend There’s never been any small town for those in between “El Dorado” by Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen 14. In his most recent single he tackles the issue of a woman. After I first downloaded WCG’s new album I had Ringling Road on repeat… Was it the twisted spirit of the song or the fact it draws you into such a vivid story? One afternoon I stumbled upon Williams playing TXRDR at Coopers in Fort Worth. I don’t know that such a vivid picture has ever been painted before for Texas Country artists to appeal to the mind of their listeners. And I got back, nothing looked the same anymore With clever lyrics and a catchy melody it had my sister singing along (who would normally never be caught dead listening to my music). The song plays the story for a young couple that found each other in the midst of their darkness at just the right time. (Disclaimer- If you’re not a clowns fan… Maybe don’t watch). Fri, Apr 16 And a rap sheet to prove all the time that he’d done (Jinks isn’t old enough for this to be a true, firsthand account. Do I work in the music industry? I am open to hear your opinions, just as I shared mine. So…. Cody Jinks has been covering Randy Travis in concert for years, but the moment became extra special on Friday night, January 25th at Heritage Hall in Ardmore, Oklahoma. No blog posts for me… I started a lot of offline drafts to publish when I returned to civilization… But that all went out the door when I heard THAT song last week. There was a whole lot more Billy Dukes describes the song and video as “the type of real-life story many say is missing from country radio”. 2 on the same chart. Lyrics for David by Cody Jinks. Domino, the winner of LJT Singer/Songwriter Contest and Ranch Factor, originally not from Texas is rapidly making his presence known. However, I personally can’t wait to dig more into this album and find it’s core. Oh goodness… This young man (at 22 years old) is making me lean in to my steering wheel a little harder, turn that volume dial up, and start jamming. Lyrics. I think this shows us the true raw talent that Zane Williams possesses. Log In. And he was DOA, she just about lost her mind, David’s wife drops by every once in a while I can speak personally when I say that I know long drives, tailgate parties, days at the pool, sad days, party days, and more would not be the same without the music coming through my speakers. I had the privilege of hearing the song prior to it being released. Jinks may have had a slow rise to stardom since his beginning in 2008, but his steady commitment to the beauty of his own music gained much admiration in the following years. It was a hell of a rain I don’t know if he’d drowned By now you’re probably wondering what song? He was different than most "I spent the good part of a year writing this song. But somehow we always go back to that day, And I found his truck in the floodplain upside down And maybe I was too Create a free website or blog at Read More . Jinks seems reflective on his own love story during Dreamed With One. Top Lyrics of 2011. LyricsDavid Cody Jinks. From his latest record, Lifers, this is a hard-charging country song written by … he could carry a label all himself. I got on with the local police, it just seemed to fit Create New Account. Or to take part in getting a woman figured out. Williams usually accepts 10, and then creates a song from them. Not the kind of listen “oh this is cool…” It is the kind of listen that makes you soak up every word as if you are a brittle sponge having not seen water in weeks. Looking like a hippy, writing like an Outlaw, sounding like a Texas country stalwart, and touring like there's no tomorrow, the name Cody Jinks belongs smack dab in the mix when you're speculating on who is the best and the brightest in the current crop of insurgent country songwriters. I think the best way to start my blog is with my first post showing you something I’m incredibly passionate about. One afternoon I stumbled upon Williams playing TXRDR at Coopers in Fort Worth. I’m still letting the awesome/trippiness of this video sink into my brain. :) Jinks … I could not agree with him more. See more of Cody Jinks on Facebook. I have physically seen the hardwork, sweat, and dedication that these humans put into their passion. I am combining some of my passions and bringing them to you. Can you tell me the story about the song "David" Jump to. Catch him in your area soon by taking a look at his tour dates! You will never hear Cody Jinks on "country" radio, which tells you that Cody Jinks is the real deal. Photo: Greg Giannukos. He didn’t know that it was me, and he took off Along the way, Jinks has proven himself a popular draw … My friend David, was a good kid He had my back, always knew he did He was different than most And maybe I was too Hanging out with the in-crowd just wasn’t our thing There was a whole lot more Than we could see on these plains Well, some people just seem to get stuck, […] “Dixie” by Ashley Monroe 13. Nope. I’ve had the privilege of seeing his band play a couple different places… Watching them is not watching a “set”, it is a welcoming to a jam session. My friend David was a good kid He had my back I always knew he did He was different than most Maybe I was too Hanging out with the in crowd. Log In. Well, some people just seem to get stuck, and hang around I am excited to share with you my musings… Stay along with me for this journey as I tease my hair through Texas [country music]. Written by:Cody Jinks; Last update on: July 22, 2017. Cody Jinks is one of multiple independently-minded country artists re-writing the script on what is possible for a performer without mainstream radio support. Listen here to take part in the musical goodness…. 11. I myself fall into the story over and over each time I hear the song. A simple acoustic song that contemplates spending life with one person, changing the world and building a life together. If you’re wanting to catch a show I will have his link listed below. Zac Wilkerson should be someone we should all take note of beginning to make his mark on this music industry. Due out August 12th, the reigning Saving Country Music Song of the Year winner feels poised for a breakout with this one, and the snippets released from the record so far have folks salivating for the whole thing. Oh BOY what an afternoon! This is quite alright. See more of Cody Jinks on Facebook. “Has Anybody Ever Told You” by Ashley Monroe 19. I think the best way to start my blog is with my first post showing you something I’m, It was released this morning on Taste of Country around 9:00 am. Zane Williams can be known for his “Music Mondays”. You will not regret it! His latest album ADOBE SESSIONS released January 12. So what’s the purpose for this song? A native of Haltom City, Texas, Jinks spent the early part of his career fronting the Fort Worth-based thrash metal outfit Unchecked Aggression before returning to his country roots and recasting himself as a honky tonk balladeer in the late 2000s "Adobe Sessions" is a really solid album, and one that some are saying marks an early entry for Album … His music was good, just not my taste. I’m sad I had not given him a chance until now, because loud and heavy gets me. Cody Jinks. Besides listening to some of my other favorite artists, I was able to hear Zane explain the backstory of this song. You can hear the original version of Jayton + Jill here, as well as view the other Music Monday videos. Cody Jinks Official Website | Cody Jinks Lyrics | Album: Less Wise | Loveletters & Cigarettes Lyrics | Written by Nate Kipp | Song Meaning & Lyrics ... And I’m gonna die or I’m gonna choke it’s true I’m still not done with you Oh no, I’m still not done with you. Sign in Sign up. Recently Added. I did fifteen hundreds days in the corps $8.99 Logan Ledger - Logan Ledger CD. I’ve been a JAB fan since the Buried Me, Taste, Evil Woman and Scape Goat Days… My friends and i spent several nights in college road tripping (no pun intended) to see Josh and the Band… However, I’m not sure what happened in Amnesia. Jinks got his roots from a metal band, and I think we can all happily say he made his way back to his texas roots to his current band the Tonedeaf Hippies. Negative. I’m fairly certain it exists somewhere in loud and heavy music…. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? This scene depends on us! He told me an interesting story. Is that his mama’s a late night ER nurse This where people submit possible random words for songs…. There were two days left on the last session. Parker McCollum- Meet You in the Middle. See more ideas about Cody jinks, Outlaw country, Cody. This album features “we’re gonna dance” which has had a lot of radio play. Do I have any real connection to this industry? has Dalton Domino finally cracked the code and have women figured out? “Good ‘ol Boys’ Club” by Kacey Musgraves 17. “Fall out of Love” by Turnpike Troubadours 15. Zane Williams plays a great show, he’s a stand up man, and the future face of Texas Country. You betcha! Type song title, artist or lyrics. And I bumped the wailers just to try and slow him down What are we here for? 4 on the Billboard Country Albums chart, while his 2018 album, Lifers, reached No. September 17, 2019. Oh BOY what an afternoon! “…her sister and red wine are the only two she talks to when she’s mad; she says all a woman needs is Jesus and handbags.”, Can I just say PREACH?! “Half Moon” by Lindi Ortega 18. For our third artist I have picked Cody Jinks. Am I passionate about the Texas Music/Red Dirt Scene? Jinks got his roots from a metal band, and I think we can all happily say he made his way back to his texas roots to his current band the Tonedeaf Hippies. Or if he died on impact, it must have rolled three times Billboard Hot 100. 1. If you click here you can watch Cody perform it live. I have yet to find a backstory to this song [which I would love to know] but very simply put this song has me figured out…. One will never know… But know this William Clark Green is on to something here. I recommend you catch the video here. I would highly recommend catching one of their shows…. what am I listening to? He had my back, always knew he did My friend David, was a good kid Yeah the poor folks they go to work, or they go to war Yeah, the only thing to make matters worse For the past two years, unless you have been living under a rock, or you just don’t care for Country Music you have heard the name Cody Jinks And The Tone Deaf Hippies.For the last ten years this man Mr. Cody Jinks has been tirelessly traveling the country playing his Country Music for the masses totally off the radar of MOST of the mainstream media sources.
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