But where you could simulate the 210 landing gear action with a paperclip, it would take a top-of-the-line Erector set to match the complexity of the Extra landing gear. Once you get it right, the design carries on for a long time. New Power to the Commander. There was a lot of family flying being done at the time and the Comanche was adaptable to this in more ways than you might imagine. First, are you ready for some corny? The Mooney airframe was labor-intensive and the man-hours of labor required to get one out the door was an expensive proposition regardless of which engine was used. Though it just involved a switch, I remember watching the gear on the 210 go through complex gyrations to retract and proudly thought how I did that. Reg# Not Listed TT: Not Listed; Performance Specs. It was probably about the same speed as a Bonanza but the cabin was far from being as comfortable. The Sierra was a retractable version of the original Musketeer design, with a 200 hp engine and a lot of refinements. Looking for Info... Hey Everyone, if anyone out there owns or has recently owned a Commander 114 I would love to hear about what it's like to own one from a maintenance perspective. Air Facts was first published in 1938 by Leighton Collins and relaunched in 2011 as an online journal by Richard Collins and Sporty's Pilot Shop. The Bonanza had a unique way of telling you about this. I thought of many airplanes as “fads” because they burst on the scene and fizzled. Walter Extra, of aerobatic airplane fame, designed, certified and built a retractable single. The Allison turboprop was a much better fit for the airplane. The thing even sounds right. If there was a drawback, it was the Bonanza’s low wing which was not ideal in the summertime. It’s really a four. .”. If it sounds like I did all that, I did, more than once, but not always to a game. 3D gauges Customizable panel for controlling windows transparency and static elements such as wheel chocks, pitot cover and sights props. I had a straght 35 at the time which had a Directional Gyro installed. It’s short-coupled in the yaw axis, though, so it likes to wander a bit in rough air. The Malibu had engine problems from the start and a Lycoming engine took the place of the original Continental. Navion lovers love their airplanes and I don’t blame them, but as a product the Navion was a fad that passed in a few years after World War Two. This looked good but, in fact, little was gained from it. All sell slowly and steadily with the turboprop usually the best seller of the lot. It went from being a retractable 182 to a full six-place airplane (with enough space and useful load to make that a reality) to a turbocharged and a pressurized airplane. I own a comanche 250 N8315P and it is a great true high perormance airplane for much less cost than a Bonanza. Whoa, time to just fly straight and level. There was always interest in making it into something more powerful. It’s easy to say that I should have ascertained that the radios were working before takeoff but there was no way to do that. Required fields are marked *. Collins passed away in April, 2018. It was a curious choice for the marketplace. Certainly every one of the many other airplanes I will mention here had the goal of besting the Bonanza. “Pass a bonanza? Do something now. Back in the 1908s, a flying buddy of mine serially owned a pair of Comanches: a 400 and a (six-seat!) There is one skin section over the top of the cabin that is different and one forward belly skin that is different.. All of the engine installation components are the same. There was no well-defined market so they built what they thought people would buy. I liked to race airplanes to get a true measure of speed so told the Mooney demo pilot that I wanted to race his airplane against our 250 Comanche. The 36 offered a lot more utility for a little more money and won out. The first direct challenge to the Bonanza by a similar airplane came from the North American Navion. Fr: John Dotson – (310) 770-1956 I once made an IFR trip through an occluding front in a Sierra and while the ride sucked, hand flying the airplane in the wind shear turbulence was not that demanding. The 195 just seemed like a big, tough airplane and you could actually roll the pilot’s window down with a crank. Rockwell Commander 112 and 114, Spacious, Comfortable . The pitch forces were lighter but both airplanes were Bonanza-crisp in roll. By: Norm Goyer. North American gave up in 1948 and sold the design to Ryan. He did it again a bit later, in a 180 Comanche, Casablanca to El Paso, 6,966.71 miles for a record in a different class. I always thought the 195 was fun to fly. Mr. Collins, what would be the one single engine piston that you would recommend as a substitute to the T210R 1985? A lot of the towns that they wanted to visit didn’t have a formal airport. I well remember your dad promoting IFR flight at the big Reading Pa. flyin! There have been and probably always will be noises made about resurrecting the Navion but the usual result has been a flurry of activity that uses up a set of money and then goes away. Beech did like to promote its airplanes and some of the flashiest early Bonanza promotions included long distance record flights. The M-18 was a single seat airplane that looked like a miniature version of the Mooneys we have known and loved since the first M-20 was produced in 1955. The Sierra was comfortable and pleasant to fly. Personally, I would never call anything designed by Walter Extra “ugly.”. Like the Mooney, the airframe was expensive to build and what little tooling they got with the purchase was not of much help. It wasn’t a bad airplane but, hey, more horsepower is better so the 250 outsold it by a lot from the start. For the most part, the company did a good job of turbocharging on the airplanes offered with that feature. One thing that never changed was the flying qualities that most pilots dearly loved. In fact it was not at all unusual for someone to buy a Bamboo Bomber and send the engines to Wichita to be mounted on a couple 195s. The Hogs didn’t “go” that day. The Silver Eagle Allison turboprop conversion offered by O&N aircraft for the P210 is an excellent mod. 1977 Rockwell Commander 114: 1800 TTSN, 10 STOH, GAMI injectors, 3 blade McCauley Prop, G3X with EIS, GTX-345, 3 G5’s, G530W ADSB in/out, GNC250XL comm/nav, Standby alternator, Remote oil filter. A good friend and experienced pilot was with me but he was apparently as discombobulated as I was. It was a good smooth-running engine, too. Reason is, there has been a Gas Pipeline inspection plane that I now know is a 210, or better. This aircraft has been designed to push the limits of what these host simulators can deliver - super high quality detail that will satisfy even the most demanding private pilot’s needs! Latest. It has to do with an angle. When I was flying 58V some of the other pilots avoided it because it was a “light-wing Bonanza.” Those original airplanes did have some wing problems but all were modified and the wings looked just fine to a 20-year old Bonanza captain. I started picking up light ice first and changed altitude. In later years, airplanes had maximum certified altitudes but when those 210s were built there was no limitation. I knew the weather was better in the direction I was going so I quit trying to solve the problem and just concentrated on flying. I well recall Beech learning that lesson years later with the unconventional Starship composite turboprop twin. Always enjoy reading the history of aviation and aircraft. One thing that I didn’t mention about the P210 is the fact that I flew the type with three different piston engines and two different turboprop engines. Then I got away from flying. It’s like they’re flying even before take-off. I will say that it was a lot of fun to fly and explore these airplanes when they were new and writing about them now kindles fond memories. My 36 is the best of them all and has proven itself for longer than all of them. It became a Bellanca because of some connection between the two companies. It resembles the real Commanderperfectly, and it is a great representation of the real aircraft.Another fine job by the Carenado team. I added an electric T&B to augment the vacuum T&B which with it came from the factory. Slowing down in advance was definitely a technique item in an old Bonanza. Thanks very much for your article. Each kid had a chair, with one to spare, and there was plenty of luggage room (but not more than you can carry, only the pilot got that allowance back in the days of heavy Jeppesen chart books). Now he is passed, but I cherish that memory and perhaps should be grateful to that bonanza for helping make it. Most of the fuselage skins are identical other than in the thickness of the metal used. The Bellanca IMO is hard to beat if it’s just 2 people out for a fun flight. At the time (somewhere around 1972) North American Rockwell remained true to its military contract experience and built big airplane touches into the small Commanders. I likened it to being inside a bass drum with the band playing. Mooney developed a pressurized single, the Mustang, but it was expensive to build and was described by one pilot as “a slug.” Not many were sold and the airplane is often cited as the reason for one of Mooney’s many sinking spells. Keep ’em coming, Richard. Not many folks have flown all the planes you have flown, so I’ll take your word for it… Bonanza is king. It involved old family friend George Haddaway, a consummate Texan and publisher of FLIGHT magazine. I don’t think the Navion enjoyed that level of management interest. Pilot Proficiency. These days you dont have to put your eyes on a model 112 or 114 Commander for long to see why these airplanes had perhaps more ramp appeal than the competition. Funny thing about it is the fact that the Sierra designation is “Beechcraft B-24R”. I knew the people who designed, built and sold those airplanes and the combination of the people and the airplanes resulted in what I came to consider a personality. The view out front was somewhat obstructed by the hump on top of the cowling that housed the gear box for the big prop. Legendary show-pilot Bevo Howard apparently didn’t think Bonanza wings were weak, either. Thanks Dick for sharing your experience. Mooney is running with new investors today and last I heard they projected a gradual return of Mooney production. I was working for Central Flying Service in Little Rock, a Beech dealer, and most of our charter flights were within the State of Arkansas simply because most businesses then were intrastate. You scratched alot of old memories for me in LIT(Claude Halbert was the DPE who provided me with a pvt ticket, along with one great hour of dual instruction.Thereafter, I just assumed that everybody got spin indoctrination on his private checkride). The Bellanca Viking was neither pleasant nor unpleasant to fly. The new Commander had a few enhancements, primarily in the way of modernized avionics. We can’t get enough! Did you know that most of the articles at Air Facts are written by readers like you? In the 1960s there was a lot of talk about Mooney overstating the cruising speed of their airplanes. Round robin travel time on the Commander is 2.5 hours, including a stop in St. Louis, versus 4.8 hours on the airlines. Somewhere I’ve still got my MOONEY 301 cap. Too bad Beech never came up with a good name for those absolutely wonderful derivatives which incorporate the inverted T tail! Nasty weather in the vicinity of Reno cut this one short but he landed at Oakland 22 hours and a few minutes after takeoff and set a record for the airplane class. I’ve always liked the Commander 112/114’s also cause they just look good but I have to say after flying a 112A for a few hours I’m glad I’ve invested in the 260B and look forward to many more years of flying it. Cessna never went for distance records with the 210 but the airplane was used to set notable records. More straight 1947 Model 35 Bonanzas, 1,500, were built than any other model of the V-tail and more than half the Bonanzas built have V-tails. If you are working on an instrument rating, do practice your levee landings. I have always thought that airplane design was similar to violin design. The only accurate answer would be “a lot.”. My uncle owned a 1964 Comanche 260 and it was the first small airplane I had ever flown in. Mooney resurfaced after World War Two and I have heard many wonderful tales about how it wound up in Kerrville, Texas. There was an air scoop atop the fuselage for cabin ventilation and the system had a drain at the low point to get rid of any water. He tried again a couple of months later and made it to Teterboro in just over 36 hours and set a number of records in the process. Why, with the price of fuel going through the roof, did they abandon the 200 hp 201, which would cruise not much slower than a Bonanza on not much more than two-thirds of the fuel? Het behoorde in Amerika na Gunsmoke tot de best bekeken series. The Navion was a great flying airplane but, using the same engine, its performance was quite far behind the Bonanza. That’s impossible! From the archives: how valuable are check rides? The latter was probably 51 units down the line from 07V because they often used blocks of sequential N-numbers. For some reason, that was, to some pilots, a complete turn-on. I thought it was a nice thing for the Beech PR folks to do, especially for someone with Bonanza roots. That made little difference to the people inside. Sign up for our free email newsletter, packed with tips, tricks and news for pilots. It lasted from 1958 to 1972 and a total of 4,857 were built. It is true that the cabin of a P210 is tight for six but when I got mine it would fly with full (90 gallons) of fuel and six people who averaged 160 pounds and be within the maximum takeoff weight.I never flew with more than five. Really good memoir-style article that I bet you have a book’s worth of. You and Bax,along with Bob Parke made aviation enjoyable for millions of my generation.
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