Product description. Drinking fountains are not as widely used unlike in the past years. Waste fitting: 32mm, Recess dimensions: Buy outdoor drinking fountains at super low prices from a trusted dealer. It also takes a plastic water bottle at least 450 years to decompose. The inflated price of bottled water doesn’t even reflect the quality of the water itself: most so-called ‘mineral water’ is just tap water that’s been purified, meaning that most of the extortionate price tag of bottled water goes towards the packaging. Manchester Public Schools Turn Off Water Fountains Amid Coronavirus Concerns By Sintia Arelus • Published March 11, 2020 • Updated on March 11, 2020 at 8:02 am NBCUniversal, Inc. The Drinking Fountain Association. Replacement WRAS approved bubbler valve tap for drinking fountains with backnut and compression fitting. Bottled water isn’t just expensive - it’s also incredibly harmful to the environment. The work also looked at hygiene standards at drinking water fountains and whether they could pose any risk of contamination to children using them. They are fitted with a ‘bubbler’ and a ‘cup filler’ making them a perfect solution for re-filling sports bottles. Next working day delivery available for orders placed before 11.30am (at extra cost to standard delivery), Material: 1.2mm thick stainless steel (304 grade) So whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor drinking fountain to install at a school, corporate facility, in a leisure industry or public area, you will … Our water coolers, dispensers, fountains and bottle refilling stations have been keeping future generations hydrated for over 20 years. Back to School Sale; Customer Care; News; Help & Advice; About; Contact; Account. We provide our customers with sound advice on the most suitable fixtures for them. Subscribe to our free fortnightly newsletter and stay ahead with the latest news in edtech. London Mayor seeks revival of public drinking fountains. Advice on drinking fountains and bottle fillers. Schools height 700mm Adult height 900mm . Anyone working within the education industry will tell you that hydration is essential part of keeping pupils healthy and alert throughout the school day. Width: 432mm If you require water for an area of high usage then one of our drinking water fountains could be ideal for you. The EPA suggests that any school built before 1986 (32 years old) is at high risk for lead in drinking water. Special delivery is offered on some products and is noted on the relevant product pages. Our Price: $4,680.97 . Featuring a selection of polished finishes, and innovative technologies, our water fountains are ideal for schools, healthcare clubs, factories and more. A fifth of UK school children drink no water during a day at school; 10% schools have no separate drinking facilities; Drinking water fountains or taps are mostly situated in toilets and not near to children when they most need water; 10-year-olds need 1.75 litres of water per day to maintain stability and not become dehydrated. Locations of 50 new London drinking water fountains revealed. waste and wall bracket. Press Highlights & Collaborations. Stations finally get water fountains to tackle plastic bottle waste. If space is no object, you could go for a pedestal drinking fountain, or even a combined bottle filler drinking fountain. Height (top to bottom): 890mm Water fountains are a popular choice for both children and adults to get easy access to the health benefits of fresh drinking water. Drinking Fountain Solutions bottle filling fountains offer a low-cost, robust solution for user's to fill their own water bottles. Our most popular drinking fountains for use by schools are the GW-361, and GW-362 due to the high quality and low cost and the fact that it comes with a WRAS approved bubbler tap, as standard. Most of our range of drinking water fountains are stock items but we can also source a wide range of drinking water fountains to meet individual needs of customers including Wall Mounted, Floor Standing, Recessed, and Direct Chill models. Lately, high profile campaigners and the media have raised our awareness of the ever increasing disposal of used plastic and the dramatic impact it is having on the environment. Mini Pressure reducing valve for fitting to drinking fountains and bottle fillers. The Children’s Health Fund, which pioneered the Sugary Drinks Levy in the UK is calling for some of the Government’s Soft Drinks Industry Levy which starts on April 6 2018 to go towards a new wave of school drinking water fountains. Wall mounted drinking fountain with WRAS approved bubbler valve tap, wall bracket and waste fitting. The range from Franke Sissons provides an option suitable for any application; wall hung or floor standing, with or without bottle filler, our new round drinking fountain with water filter and chilled options too; providing an unlimited amount of fresh chilled water. Even government is finally sitting up and taking notice and has vowed to take steps to reduce the problem. A hard wearing and weather proof vandal resistant unit from a quality manufacture such as Elkay or Halsey Taylor will serve you well and give years of uninterrupted service. We also sell shrouded drinking fountains and bottle fillers to help protect your pipework in areas where damage is likely to occur. To help ensure the safety of your students, most of our school water drinking fountains come with a rounded radius front - the lack of sharp corners means that there’s no risk of pupils catching themselves as they run down corridors to lessons. When the Healthy Schools Programme was introduced, Water Smart spent a great deal of time liaising with Healthy School Advisors to improve the access to drinking water in schools. Drinking Fountains for Schools. From stock uually 2 to 3 working days Once the fountain has been installed and commissioned it should be thoroughly cleaned with a warm soapy water solution. Increase the frequency of outlet flushing and temperature monitoring to maintain water quality within the entire system. When the valve is pressed the seal is temporarily removed and water flows out of the tap. The Guardian . Better yet, you could have the best of both worlds with a combined drinking water dispenser and bottle filling station. Product description. Drinking Water Fountains for Schools & Colleges. Drinking Fountain Solutions recommends that all drinking fountains, bottle fillers and water coolers are regularly cleaned to maintain a safe source of drinking water.. Drinking Water Fountains for Schools. And to help create and instil better hydration habits , we also offer free refillable drinking water bottles and free school posters to help keep water top of mind during the school day. To see our full range of hydration solutions for schools, visit our drinking fountains page. Drinking water fountains are ideal in locations such as school bistros, gyms and factories. The New York Times. Purita Drinking Fountain School Or Adult Pedestal. S5451(MY) Purita drinking fountain with wall fixed, floor standing pedestal 700mm high for junior use. They're wrong, sorry. Ecommerce Web Site Design by Net Digital Bristol, Recessed Drinking Fountains For Schools & Colleges. models. I work in a 'new build' high school and we have about 6 fountains in the building, plumbed into the mains water supply. Width: 483mm Wall mounted white coated drinking fountain with tap, waste fitting and wall bracket. The ideal school drinking fountains. Offering school water coolers and school water fountains without rental contracts has made us a firm favourite in the Education sector. Government guidelines state that schoolchildren must have access to clean, fresh drinking water at all times, but a Natural Hydration Council survey in 2013 suggested that 60% of parents throughout the UK were dissatisfied with water provision in schools, with 73% claiming there was no … One study found that elementary school drinking-fountain handles were among the most contaminated places in the entire schools, sometimes even containing strains of norovirus and influenza A. Pedestal drinking water fountains with WRAS approved drinking water tap. The following waste trap can also be supplied with your recessed drinking fountain: We also sell recessed bottle fillers to help your school cut down on expensive bottled water. All delivery times are based on working days and do not include weekends or Bank Holidays. Some facts about water provision in schools and educational facilities. Palm Push Tap; … The Times. You can choose from a discreet wall-mounted design, or a floor-standing model for greater stability. If you have ordered several items they may arrive separately to make sure they are delivered by the quickest and most appropriate method, and to guarantee you get the best prices. Why? Drinking fountains are commonly found in leisure facilities, offices, schools and other commercial buildings. Bubblers, bottle fillers and drinking fountains are frequently installed into schools, where keeping hydrated is of utmost importance. Drinking fountains are usually plumbed into the cold-water mains, water is then pressurised within the system and ready for release. Contact Us Directly (800) 864-2555. Drinking water fountains are ideal in locations such as school bistros, gyms and factories. All orders are despatched by the most suitable and economic method. Calls for Sugary Drinks Tax to pay for new wave of school drinking fountains.
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