They didn’t flatten out like just about every other keto thing baked, which was such a nice surprise! Sure, I think that would be lovely. When I use your converter, the recipe requires 280g of almond flour, while on Internet I found it should be around 180g, which is a big difference. I would like to make lemon bars with a healthier shortbread crust and I came across this recipe. Hi Carol, Please turn off Safari Reading Mode and they should show up. Have a great day! Hi Alisa, The ingredient amounts are on the recipe card above. I had a girlfriend who eats regular SAD food try one today and she even loved it! Will the cheesecake filling turn the cookie crust too mushy?? I am happy you liked the cookies, Susan! Keto Zucchini Chocolate Chips Cookies… Did them as a slice and bake, with stevia and the almond flour. I use almond extract instead of vanilla. Lol Almond cookies are my fave thing ever and I For some reason never tried to cook it before. I was craving something sweet and simple and these cookies hit their mark! When cooled they were nice and crispy and I keep them in a tin can so they stay crispy. The link takes me to Truvia, and that is a HUGE amount of stevia! Lots of options here: If you like these almond flour shortbread cookies, you might also like some of these other gluten-free cookies made with almond flour: Click the links below to see the items used to make this recipe. This method creates little pockets of air, so you end up with more cookies… and more is never a bad thing when you’re talking cookies, is it? Oh my goodness I can see me snacking on way too many of these!! Really like that they are low carb and gluten free. Well done! They were good enough on their own. Both flours produce nearly identical cookies in terms of appearance, taste, texture, and nutritional data. Please note: This method doesn’t work quite as well with coconut oil, which is why the texture is a little different if using that, but it does still work to some degree. I am so happy you liked the cookies! If you cannot see it, your browser’s ‘Reader Mode’ may be on. (That’s 4 ingredients for the basic shortbread – you’ll need a couple more if you want the chocolate dipped effect.). Thank you so much for this recipe! When they first come out of the oven, your almond flour shortbread cookies will be too soft and crumbly. I love making this low carb almond flour cookies recipe for the holidays (or any time… because Cookie Season should be enjoyed 12 months a year, who’s with me?). they were way over cooked for my liking. I am new to Keto and was happy to find a recipe for baked goods that is actually good. Create a free account to save your favourites recipes and articles! Wall art is always tricky to find just the right piece, but can be such a fun adventure hunting for it. Use a hand mixer to mix your butter and sweetener together. I think I read a comment about not crisping up and I have to admit I’ve eaten a couple right out of the oven while still warm and very soft and the verdict is the same: YUM. The cooling sensation of the erythritol overpowered the buttery aspect that defines a shortbread cookie. They would be gluten-free but not sugar-free or low carb in this case. I used my cookie press for this recipe and the cookies are so cute. So, you can see that making some keto almond shortbread cookies to enjoy with your favorite bulletproof coffee or tea is pretty darn simple, but here are some tips for choosing these ingredients: These four-ingredient almond flour keto cookies are so easy to make… and oh-so-delicious. I substituted vanilla for lemon juice and zest. And such a simple recipe that they’ll be easy to keep around. I’m loving this gluten-free version with almond! Now, if your softened butter is too warm, it won’t form those air pockets. Cook them long enough! That means your keto almond cookies end up with a more delicate crumb. They are so easy to make. I tried another recipe for shortbread cookies that had you toast the almond flour – they were not good. Hi Sandra, The holes are a traditional mark for shortbread recipes, they don’t have function. These turned out great. Dissapointed keto follower. Can you add Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener (with erythritol) to the sweetener list? Hi Darlene, You could use less sweetener if you’d like, or another sweetener if you have a different one you prefer.