Check out these 11 auburn hair colors to inspire your next salon visit. 11 Half Up Half Down Curly Hairstyles to Try Without Any Doubt. It will be highly unflattering to warm, golden or tawny complexions! The Idea of Being in an Almost Relationship Scares Me (So I Don’t Date). Dark eggplant shade with dark red highlights ( This style has deep eggplant tones at the top of the hair, and then has a balayage pattern of dark red highlights added into the bottom half of the hair. Move over, ombre! Rimini Garnet - 5RV - Vibrant red permanent hair color with hints of aubergine. You can alternate aubergine strands with burgundy to add extra boldness. Since aubergine color is a reddish-purple, there will be more red than blue needed, but don't go overboard with the red. This application is recommended if: you are coloring your hair permanently for the first time, or; your previous hair color has totally grown out, i.e. That’s how far the plum color tree extends. If you have brown hair, you may think there is nothing special about it, and it is dull. It is not recommended to wash your hair 24 – 48 h prior to application. Aubergine might sound a bit new to the hair color world where other high-impact colors, like red, burgundy and caramel, exist. It can have tones of brunette in it, veering into a more naturalistic shade.aubergine hair is honestly somewhere between purple, dark red and brunette. Wear this dark purple ombre with a short haircut and beach waves to give extra oomph. Aubergine Pintura highlights on dark black base hair, thrown into shabby waves and rough style, will make your hairstyle statement for the evening. If you combined space-time with a glass of wine, what’s the end result? But where aubergine hair is different is that it’s not quite in the fashion color realm of straight dark purple. Balayage is the perfect hairdo if you want a subtle yet sexy … 9 creative looks using glitter eye shadow. Black Plum Hair Color We’re always up for some stylish highlights. Keep your length, and add two shades of highlights over a medium brown base. Classic aubergine ( This is the classic shade that best embodies the standard trend. Silver with Lilac. Eggplant hair can be achieved by coating your entire mane in purple color, or you can opt for a subtler, more low maintenance alternative, which involves using a balayage highlighting technique. Aubergine hair is a striking eggplant hue, placing it in the realm of deep purple hair. #2: Smoky Blue and Aubergine Curls. There is an easy solution to this. If you’ve ever contemplated trying purple hair , this trend is the perfect way to do it as its dark tone isn’t quite as bold as lilac or violet hair. Aubergine Red Hair Color. It will be highly unflattering to warm, golden or tawny complexions! 27. The color of eggplant is multifaceted. Make your boyfriend drool over you in this sexy cosmic look. Aubergine red hair color is a highly exotic shade. Permanent hair color Demi-permanent hair color Temporary hair color Hair Bleach & Highlights Roots solutions Color Conditioner All hair color products. your hair tips are darker or in poor condition. #44: Long Hair with Auburn Highlights. Aubergine balayage has a dark black base till mid shaft followed by aubergine hair dye till the tips. Powerful color that reveals your power from within. Aubergine hair coloring not only makes you look sexy but gorgeous as well, as proven by this style! Blonde Highlights To Red Plum/Aubergine Hair Color - YouTube Finding color trends that pop is exciting and evokes a sense of freedom. See more ideas about Hair, Eggplant hair, Eggplant colored hair. Shades Black Hair Blonde Hair Red Hair Brown Hair Rainbow Colors Grey Hair. Hydrolyzed Gelatin Benefits: Is This The New Secret For Strong Hair, Skin and Nails? In this case, there are two ways you can rock highlights with plum hair. Aubergine Bayalage. Crazy Color semi-permanent dye has a deep purple aubergine shade, for instance.