ISBN 0 946888 442 (hbk), £55.00. Read more about our programmes. The BirdLife Africa Partnership is a growing network of 24 such organisations, with a combined total of more than 500 staff and 87,000 members. Luxemburg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. An organisation that started out as a group of nature-loving friends has gone on to establish Guyana’s first Important Bird & Biodiversity Area thanks to backing from the Conservation Leadership Programme. HIH Princess Takamado of Japan. These national organisations (BirdLife Partners) are present in 116 countries world- Our continent is home to more than 530 regularly occurring wild bird species, with a total estimated breeding population Extinct, In particular, BirdLife … BirdLife EBA of the day Bornean mountains BirdLife Suomi on osa BirdLife International -järjestöä, joka on maailman suurin ympäristöjärjestöjen verkosto. Contact. 2015. Contact and Access. BirdLife South Africa is a registered non-profit, public benefit environmental organization and the only dedicated bird-conservation organisation in South Africa. BirdLife Suomi ry on maamme 30 lintuyhdistyksen ja näiden yli 13 000 jäsenen keskusjärjestö. RSPB/BirdLife in the UK. BirdLife species of the day Kittlitz's Plover (Charadrius pecuarius). The first ever Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World is really two works in one. Recommended citation BirdLife International (2008) Building Partnerships: Working together for conservation and development. Barcelona and Cambridge, UK: Lynx Edicions and BirdLife International. 12th International Congress on bird Preservation Stamp.JPG 320 × 367; 65 KB This study prioritizes all the 543 CEMEX cement and aggregates operations worldwide in terms HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World. Vera tells us about the challenges she faces, her hopes for the future, and how the Conservation Leadership Programme helped her to get where she is today. Six years later, she became CEO of the organisation. The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark and the Danish Hunters’ Association made the announcement together. We’re excited to launch Hatch, a new initiative from the BirdLife Partnership that supports the growth and performance of environmental civil society organisations around the world. A list of directors of the company can be obtained from the registerec office in Cambridge. Learn more about BirdLife Africa What we do Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International Compiled and written by Abisha Mapendembe and David Thomas Reviewed by John Fanshawe, Joanna Phillips and Oliver Komar Edited by Nick Langley Layout production overseen by Ade Long Map by Mark Balman and Ian May BirdLife Important Bird and Biodiversity Area of the day Golfe de Porto, presqu'île de Scandola et golfe de Galeria - France. E: Honorary President. The BirdLife International Together we are BirdLife International Partnership for nature and people BirdLife International is the world’s largest nature conservation partnership. Today, UK overseas territory Tristan da Cunha – a remote island chain in the South Atlantic – has been declared a Marine Protection Zone, safeguarding habitat for millions of seabirds, fish and mammals. 20 Nov 2020. Through sharing local challenges we find lasting global solutions. Vera Voronova started out as a student representative for ACBK (BirdLife in Kazakhstan). BirdLife International, worldwide alliance of nongovernmental organizations that promotes the conservation of birds and their habitats. vi Foreword Wild birds, many of which are migratory, represent an extraordinary shared natural heritage of Europeans. This marks an exciting new chapter in our conservation programme in the Caribbean Overseas Territories, securing the future of the endemic blue iguana. Birdlife International is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England (No 2985746). There are currently 20 active directors and 1 active secretary according to the latest confirmation statement submitted on 3rd August 2020. The BirdLife International Red Data Book, editor-in-chief Nigel Collar (2001), 2 Parts, 3038 pp., BirdLife, Cambridge, UK. Here are our takeaways from the summit. BirdLife International's priorities include preventing extinction of bird species, identifying and safeguarding important sites for birds, maintaining and restoring key bird habitats, and empowering conservationists worldwide. BirdLife International is a global partnership of non-governmental organizations that strives to conserve birds and their habitats. The members of BirdLife Australia, along with our supporters and partners, have been powerful advocates for native birds and the conservation of their habitats since 1901. Report T-PVS/Inf (2003) 12, by BirdLife International to the Council of Europe, Bern Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats. Read more about BirdLife. BirdLife International (раније „Међународни савет за очување птица” - енгл. Version 3. As well as quantifying progress (or failure) and highlighting successes and good news stories in relation to the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, data from birds can inform the development and implementation of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework and its targets, Whilst COVID-related restrictions may have benefited turtles elsewhere, the dedication of conservationists is mostly what made 2020 an exceptional Loggerhead Turtle nesting season here, New milestone: Guyana gets its first Important Bird & Biodiversity Area, How Balkan botanists saved a threatened oak and are planting thousands more, Paperclip-sized tracker reveals intrepid journey of UK’s smallest seabird, Great Ethiopian Run 2020 supports bird conservation in Ethiopia, Press release: European Parliament votes to ban lead ammunition, Introducing Hatch: boosting conservation from the ground up, Victory: Denmark announces complete ban on lead in hunting ammunition, Nature collapse imminent without investment, 'Wildlife Conservation, From student representative to Kazakhstan conservation CEO, UN Summit on Biodiversity: world leaders’ pledge for nature, Saving Seychelles disappearing coral reefs, Two world records smashed in landmark birding event, World’s remotest islands become one of largest wildlife sanctuaries, What birds tell us about building a new global framework for nature, Drones, stretchers and other surprising reasons for Cabo Verde’s turtle.