End of archiving period (windream life … In this blog post, we will talk about some facts on Symmetrix products as it relates to its features, characteristics, Enginuity microcode versions, model numbers, year released, etc. For compliance archiving, there are many good choices, but also complexity. This page provides a guide to configuring an EMC Centera storage as a Storage Target in the Verba system. EMC Centera Maintenance Support for your EMC Centera The EMC Centera Content Addressable Storage (CAS) platform for data archiving may be an EMC platform that you currently use as it provides organisations with content authenticity, governance and compliance, long-term retention, and high availability with maximum efficiency for data archiving. Die gute Nachricht: Der Support … 5500 Cottonwood Lane SE, Ste. Systems like EMC’s Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) offer greater flexibility in hardware configuration, lower overall costs and most importantly a wider variety of protocols that include Content-Addressable Storage (CAS), like Centera, as well as support for all of the major object protocols (S3, Swift and Atmos), as well as both NFS and HDFS. Discover how Top Gun can protect your Dell Centera systems even after their EOSL date. Especially when the archival data maintained on the content-addressable storage system isn’t accessed frequently and the applications that rely on it aren’t particularly latency-sensitive, there seems little reason to go through the hassle. The software-defined archiving approach of iTernity iCAS and SUSE Enterprise Storage helps to overcome the limitations of legacy … This allows for well-planned Centera consolidations, high speed migrations as well as allowing your support levels to match End of Life and End of Service Life Nodes. The End-of-life date in March 2018 poses a big challenge for storage administrators and IT managers. DELL/EMC Centera is dead! Dell EMC sells data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics, cloud computing and other products and services that enable organizations to store, manage, protect, and analyze data. This content addressable storage system has long been revered for archival and compliance-oriented data storage, but the lack of OEM support for all but the newest products is causing concern. Discover how Top Gun can protect your Dell Centera systems even after their EOSL date. End of life for archival storage systems can waylay an IT organization, but with EMC Centera end of life support from Park Place Technologies, you can get back on the road to IT savings and performance. EMC is the first company to provide a networked storage solution designed exclusively for document content like that stored in Content Server. EMC Centera End of Life Support. Service Life information is located in the lower left side of the “Support by Product” page. End of support policy for Veritas software . “Migrating from Centera can be complex due to the nature of the system, it’s is an object storage system…which means that the applications that store their objects on them need to be adapted in the process so that they understand where to go looking for the objects upon recall.Also, Centera is frequently used as a compliance storage system, which in turn means that there might be chain of custody for objects involved as well.”. Did you now that Dell EMC’s Centera is going End of Sales Life on 31st March 2018 and there will be no further product development or new sales? End of Life Centera – Setzen Sie jetzt auf eine zukunftsfähige Archiv-Plattform! The EMC CX Series is a complete family of modular storage solutions introduced to the market by Dell. The Centera access server is required for online and batch retrieval for any report data archived to a Centera device. Make sure you do not lose support for your mission-critical hardware! Centera is a great object storage platform, and can be challenging to migrate-off due to the unique complexities it may present when reaching end of life. Powered by ServiceNow, Top Gun Technology provides TPM 2.0™ maintenance services that are uniquely designed to deliver the highest quality of infrastructure support for mission critical operations.