The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users. While it's true that landscape architecture involves the design of outdoor public areas, landmarks, and other spaces, the end goal is a great deal more complicated. You will need a degree or postgraduate level qualification which is recognised by the Landscape Institute (LI). It was a great experience to teach us what things were like under fire. With a bit of help and coaching from him, I have not looked back since. The Landscape Designer I aids in preparing overview of final project design drawings and specifications. Certification from the APLD can lend additional credibility to a landscape design professional. One of the things I enjoyed most in landscape design school was learning the graphics and rendering of drawings. A good program should be hands-on to teach students by doing actual projects, rather than to read and research how others did their work. While I was in landscape design school (5 years) and a little bit after I was done with the program, I made the attempt at doing my own contracting in landscaping. Criticism challenges you to do better with your work and makes you sit there and look at what you draw and ask yourself the hard questions: I don’t have that pressure with my professors anymore; instead, it's with my clients now. But if you're interested in being a professional landscape designer? Some landscape design positions may require at least three years of experience, and others may require even more. As one's career advances, there may be job possibilities that require the ability to supervise teams of other designers. Landscape design is an interesting career that involves both the science and art of designing natural spaces. This job might appeal to those who can work well both outdoors and with individual clients. Professional building designers in the U.S. often take a test to earn National Council of Building Designer Certification (NCBDC). Garden designers deal with all aspects of creating a garden, from hard landscaping to planting plans. To become a Landscape Designer in Australia you generally need qualifications in landscape design. (Ontario Association of Landscape Architects). © copyright 2003-2020 Will I have to start over or be fired for not getting the idea of what they want to see?, 3 Mar 2020 published. If that describes you, then it will be helpful for you to hear what steps a particular individual now successful in the field took to get there. In contrast to landscape architecture, which emphasizes construction practices and requires state licensure, landscape design emphasizes horticultural knowledge, and there are no state-specific requirements for entering the profession. A Landscape Designer creates technical drawings detailing the location and species of plants to be used, as well as other design elements such as water … A. I can tell you about the landscape design school I, myself attended (Ryerson University, Toronto), although I can't offer many recommendations beyond that because I have not kept up with any of the programs since being in school. Why Become A Landscape Architect. The U.S. Bureau of Labors Statistics states that short on-the-job training is offered for grounds maintenance workers, making it more possible for students to complete training while working towards a landscape design degree. ), / Be a Landscape Designer: Step-by-Step Career Guide. Students are required to complete multiple hands-on projects, and some programs have opportunities for full-time internships. At one point, I decided to stick to being mainly a landscape designer and doing consulting work and let a contractor deal with the construction of my designs. I was also taught about watering them and keeping things alive during harsh and hot summer droughts. I once again took on the role of a sales rep for one area. It was a pleasure to learn how professionals did landscape drawings and then take that experience and make it into something that was my own and unique to my hands. Q. I connected with your use of of squares blocks of colour and it reminded me of the harlequin style of the 1950s-60s in our kitchen. Qualifications needed to become a landscape gardener. My landscape design school program combined with my product knowledge and horticultural background made me able to suggest so many things and give the client a great understanding of the work. Should I Become a Fashion Designer? When the landscape designer looks for ways to make a job go smoother for the contractor and easier on a client’s budget, while still achieving a fantastic-looking landscape, that landscape designer will get more referrals for future work. To become a landscape architect you usually have to study a landscape architecture degree at a university accredited by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA). Students may also take courses in business management, bidding, estimation, and contracts. I called it "getting paid to learn Horticulture." The more difficult an installation is, the more it will cost the client in the long run. They did that to display real-world deadlines and teach you that, no matter how much work you did, if you didn't complete it on time, you would waste your time, money, and effort in the real world. "Be a Landscape Designer: Step-by-Step Career Guide." In order to become a landscape architect, one must pass the LARE (the Landscape Architectural Registration Examination). Next, graduates should network to successfully land a landscape designer job. I often get asked how long the construction time frame would be to implement my designs. I can think of a few projects where we actually sat in on official meetings and presentations of landscape plan concepts, meeting with urban planners and such. Long, long hours and massive headaches prompted me to stop getting myself into these situations. a College Advisor at the end of the process. Again I found myself having to sell the job, build it for the company, and work for a meager wage while doing so. We've determined that 51.4% of landscape designers have a bachelor's degree. You learned to work as a team and accept input on your designs. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. References from clients are also required. Is your design too difficult to construct or did you find the wrong contractor? Sources:, Michigan Civil Service Commission (, Online Job Postings (July 2015), * (2020). The first step is to earn a degree. I took the 3-year program and then did an additional 2 years in the Landscape Architecture degree program. Research the requirements to become a landscape designer. I decided after talking to him that it was time to start up my own business and join up with his business, Garden Structure. The Landscape Institute has hints and tips, which you may find useful. If no thought is put there, you may have a failed garden and a bad reputation in a few years. He ran a landscape contracting business as well, and I thought this would be a good job for me to begin building my business clientèle. Q. Requirements include providing evidence of adequate education totaling at least one year of full-time study and presenting a portfolio of three designs that have been installed for at least two growing seasons and meet minimum size and scope requirements. I had to sit down and ask myself, "Why did I spend 5 years in landscape design school to be doing this?" Assists in the development of exterior spaces and physical environments. Traditionally, a landscape designer works on residential properties designing and constructing gardens, patios, walkways, outdoor ponds, … How to Become a Landscape Designer Landscape designers usually begin their careers working as landscapers and develop an interest in the design and planning aspects of landscape design. So we did. As a landscape architect you will need a flair for creativity and design, and good communication and IT skills. In that job, I taught myself how to prune large overgrown shrubs and tend to delicate perennials. Landscape Architect vs. Landscape Designer: What's the Difference? My boss then asked me to try out sales work by selling his landscaping jobs with the other end of his company. Retrieved from A. I think that as long as the program being taught is based on solid knowledge of landscape design, it is a great start for the theory of design. College Advisor that can help you compare costs and options. As a thought about the online programs to become a landscape designer versus in-school, full-time learning, it was working with your peers in landscape design school and working closely with your professors that taught me the most. Undertake a course in landscape design, such as a Diploma of Landscape Design … Like any career path, becoming a landscape designer takes time. When working in the construction end of things, a landscape designer should make notes on material quantities, installation practices, and any difficulties encountered. A. The American Institute of Building Design (AIBD) is a professional organization that will continue to support your career. In terms of higher education levels, we found that 15.5% of landscape designers have master's degrees. I was able to apply that knowledge to the work I was being taught to do. A landscape designer is a professional who develops comprehensive strategies to add beauty and function to private or public sites for future use. Step 5: Get Certified. Associate degree (or higher), or 450 contact hours of education, in landscape design or a related field (i.e. (The title "landscape architect," on the other hand, is a credentialed degree and is generally regulated.) Golf course design is an exciting career that begins with training in landscape architecture and civil engineering. I started my university program right out of high school with a great understanding of art and color use. There are no formal qualifications required to become a landscape gardener, however a love of the outdoors and an enthusiasm for plants, shrubs and gardening are essential qualities to be successful in this role. Students who gain skills in using design software, such as AutoCAD, may increase their chances of finding jobs and advancing their careers. Must have completed FNGLA Certified Horticulture Professional (FCHP) certification prior. The job allowed me to gain a lot of product knowledge in stone and building supplies pertaining to landscaping work, as I worked in the sales end of the business. If you're interested in becoming a landscape designer, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. I believe it was this job that taught me how to deal with customers on a one-on-one basis. Learning your plants and how to work with difficult soils is crucial if you want to become a landscape designer. As a grounds maintenance worker, students can gain skills in lawn care, planting, watering, and fertilizing. Research the requirements to become a landscape designer. When the design is difficult and the landscape designer becomes even more difficult, your phone may not ring so often. All rights reserved. Basically, in landscape design school, we went through a lot of practical work. These organizations also offer professional memberships that provide resources, such as continuing education opportunities, information on drafting contracts and proposals, and discounts on marketing materials and industry publications. In addition, becoming a student member of organizations, such as the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) and the Ecological Landscaping Association (ELA), offers the opportunity to network with design professionals by attending events and conferences. Landscape Design Video: Career Options in Landscape Architecture and Landscaping Design. Becoming proficient with design and 3D rendering software, such as AutoCAD or SketchUp, will make candidates more attractive to potential employers and homeowners. Curriculum, relevancy of sample programs, and outcomes will vary by school. Students can also take advantage of part-time work in grounds maintenance to expedite gaining a landscape design job. Other computer skills, such as using Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop or other business management and design programs may also prove useful. Many are self-employed, creating or improving gardens for private clients. A. 2 Dec 2020 accessed. There are two types of undergraduate 4-year degrees in the field of landscape architecture: a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) and a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture (BSLA). She worked in Germany for Adidas, then moved back to Canada to design hospital furniture.She worked in industrial design for nearly a decade and realized that she missed hands-on … Each organization's online resource also gives designers the chance to view portfolios and access blogs of other designers. They were getting involved with Home Depot Canada to provide landscaping installation services. Two years of prior professional landscape design experience required. Are there any particular landscape design schools you would recommend for someone wishing to enter the field? Targets professional landscape designers. Tell us about your own experiences in landscape design school. Some projects were strict in that sense: Complete it on time or don’t bother. Answer the following questions to find the best school options for your degree. Tell us about any related jobs you may have had after landscape design school working for someone else, before striking out on your own career as a landscape designer. 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A landscape designer may have a wild imagination and excellent creativity, but when you design boulders to be placed in a yard where they have to be craned in over the house, the client will ask some serious financial questions! Learn about the job description, and read the step-by-step process to start a career in landscape design. Becoming certified as a landscape designer is beneficial for those seeking self-employment or a job with a respectable company. Before she made the jump into becoming a landscape designer, Chloe’s first career was in product design. Some people enjoy landscaping so much that they wish to go beyond the DIY level; they aspire to become professional landscape designers.