This FAQ is freely redistributable. Just room for text. Re: aquamacsI had it for less than 5 minutes on my computer. You will be assimilated. Great post. The workaround is to force configure to use system malloc. Your title stirs a tempest in a teapot. And then you just byte compile each directory from the appropriate Emacs variant, and … My Emacs experience has become so limited, i've started using Vim. I mentioned that Javascript is (I assume) far more widely known than emacs-lisp, and very easy to learn.But Firefox crashed and I lost it all. More like a eulogy than a postmortem. And having everything in my buffer-list instead of tabs would be a towering victory.Sure, it wouldn't have the same chrome control as XUL, the browser bits would require completely different extension techniques than the rest of emacs, and you wouldn't have the full multilingual support you're talking about, but, at least for my purposes, it would definitely quality as a 90% solution. This is the guide to the XEmacs Frequently Asked Questions list—a compendium of questions and answers pertaining to one of the finest programs ever written. But apparently, when i needed an editor at work, it was a Windows Emacs package that came up first in the search. You should gone for "Emacs is Dead. Mostly thoughts about programming. The you might like GNU Emacs but it behaves like a Mac application. I suggest that this is set as the default. The FSF sees copyright assignment to the FSF as necessary to allow it to defend the code against GPL violations, while the XEmacs developers have argued that the lack of copyright assignment has allowed major companies to get involved, as so… You are my hero. It's an asylum seeker in the UnixCulture." The themes of this discussion differ somewhat from the last; developers are concerned … I wrote a review of this book in 1998: Xemacs.... i heartily agree with you about its significance in the history of emacs. Mediocre machine code will outperform bytecode. But I never found a single article out there with a good enough reason to do so. I would love some kind of "buffer like" thing with a cairo canvas, on which I could draw with elisp. For a description of the XEmacs install tree, please consult the NEWS file. 2014年12月1日 閲覧。 ^ “A Comparison of Xemacs and Gnu Emacs”. And in that, I have all I need. org mode markup syntax 2019-01-25 In emacs, Alt+x org-mode to start org mode. AkitaOnRails:TextMate isn't 1e-10 times as customizable as emacs. Stefan Monnier and Michael Sperber, “Evolution of Emacs Lisp”, 2018. Oh, its just a "browser", not a rich client. It's an emacs-inspired web browser built on top of XUL. My best guess is that org relies on newer features that the old XEmacs version you have does not supply. But it's really a huge amount of work. This page is a candidate for some Kryptonite...or at least for deletion. One of the main disagreements involves different views of copyright assignment. Internationalization. Since the 1999 or so the are talking about a Guile-Emacs, and where is it?Another thing which might seduce me to try is a really good gnome or kde or the like integrated (X)Emacs But this will not happen anytime soon and so I'm happy hacking away on my good 'ol XEmacsRegardsFriedrich. As a TECO user, it was natural to jump into EMacs, and still be able to write powerful one-off editing scripts. Maybe other stuff too. You already convinced me to switch away from XEmacs a few essays ago, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Here they are. The primary documentation of XEmacs is in the XEmacs Reference Manual, which you can … This was one of the more notorious code forks in the history of free software, probably because it was early and public. I do use a lot of the R and S programming language and a couple of years ago moved over to gnu emacs after over 6 years of xemacs. sed, a stream editor) Real-time: updated frequently Self-documenting: Control-h gives help at any time You may have just convinced me to give GNU Emacs another go. Manage lists; Login; Sign Up; Login; Sign Up; Manage this list XEmacs's current semi-dead status is well relfected from its website >> As soon as emacs gets proportional>> anti-aliased fonts, I'll switch. Don't get me wrong. Sort of like what greasemonkey does for individual webpages? If Emacs were self-hosting, then the Lisp core would be written in Lisp. Really, i want to build on what i know, not have to relearn everything i know. XEmacs is another, as are Lisp in general, C, various symbolic debuggers, etc. But it seems to me that a lot of what desktop.el saves is stuff that you tend to set through your .emacs anyway.saveconf.elThanks for all the Emacs articles, by the way. Jamie> Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, Jamie> I'll use regular expressions." It was five minutes to write it, and ten minutes to execute (on a .2 MIPS pdp-10).In the '80s, my variant of choice was Jove - i had binaries that ran on the Mac, DOS and Unix, the three places i was in most. Contains a discussion of some technical differences between Emacs and XEmacs (keymaps, for example, are opaque in XEmacs, but transparent in Emacs). Last time I looked the core pieces of Emacs were still written in C.Still, Emacs has some really attractive properties: it's extensible (of course) and it's reflective (or perhaps introspective) in that its extension language can inspect and modify itself. XEmacs 20.0 was released in February 1997, followed by XEmacs 20.2 in May, XEmacs 20.3 in November and XEmacs 20.4 in February 1998. This could change in the future (and I sincerely hope that it does), but not until Eicq is OS independent. Only 2 kinds; 32-bit and 64-bit. I'm on the XEmacs-beta mailing list, and I saw a major patch from someone who totally upgraded the regex module, now allowing XEmacs regexps to deal with things like (blah){2,3}, minimal-matching, etc. I wish this would happen. XEmacs v20 is the version of XEmacs that includes MULE (Asian-language) support. It's a stack language, so could be thought of as Forth, but very much special purposed. It's just how the world works, by natural competition.I didn't write this reply preplanned... but now at this point, i'm thinking, Steve: you are the one. GNU Emacs still doesn't do this (by default). Its emphasis is on modern graphical user interface support and an … It will run nicely out of ~jcowan/bin, modulo the broken /etc/termcap, but terminal support doesn't add that much to "ex".Don't think, though, that I don't appreciate working in a framework with near-infinite extensibility. Contains a discussion of some technical differences between Emacs and XEmacs (keymaps, for example, are opaque in XEmacs, but transparent in Emacs). DOS died, and the Linux version became xjove, and my fingers didn't know how to use it. It just sits around waiting for me to reconnect ;-)The only thing that might get me away from XEmacs is another Emacs extensible with Common Lisp, Smalltalk, Ruby or Io. I do run it for weeks at the time without experiencing crashes. There was quite a bit to be said for it. The “Save Options” menu command automatically modified your init file with thenew settings (and told you so in the echo area, now in the *Messages* bufferif you missed it). Stefan Monnier and Michael Sperber, “Evolution of Emacs Lisp”, 2018. Point is, use both. There's so much else to do. 2017年7月27日 閲覧。 “Luckily many of the package maintainers are attempting to make their modules work with both Xemacs and Gnu Emacs, though the functionality may not be identical.” I really don't want Emacs to replace Eclipse as my operating system. The barrier to entry is high, so the really bad drivers stay home. So, what is the 'real' benefits of a self-hosting environment like Emacs? plugin is close (with my editor set to gnuclient), but it's still just a bit too inconvenient to click the "edit" button rather than just have an Emacs buffer be right there. Conqueror is a good first step, but it needs improvements. Regarding compiled packages, I'd probably store all the .el files in one directory (say emacs-lisp), but have an xemacs variant (xemacs-lisp) with symlinks to the .el files. firefox with the firemacs add on + conkeror but is also using a window manager configurable in common lisp which he does using slime from emacs setup. GNU/Linux. I just hope there's no petty license squabbles along the way.Perhaps we need to embed a self-hosting env into FF, one that doesn't require restarts. Recently, his last email to me was “please don't be ridiculous”. Lucid went out of business in 1994, and Lemacs was spun off as XEmacs. I've been using XEmacs for a few years and have not seen any of the instability you're talking about; and I leave XEmacs instance running for a long time. Monnier is an Emacs maintainer. Modern Emacs has all those things, of course, but Emacs 18 did not.