Combine that with a beautiful soft blur and fast autofocus, and you get the Nikon 105mm f/2.8G! On the backside, you could have some problems with focusing, especially if you are shooting wide open photos. What are must-have lenses for Nikon D5300 in 2020? NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S Standard Prime Lens for Nikon Z Cameras - Black. Or you can pay the extra and get the Nikon 85mm f/1.8G! The Nikon D5300 is one of the leading mid-range DSLRs on the market, featuring a 24.2-megapixel sensor and a host of popular features like Full HD 1080p Video and built-in Wi-Fi. If you need an all-in-one lens, which is more on a telephoto side, then choose the 18-300mm below. If you are traveling a lot and you don’t want to carry a heavy bag full of lenses with you, you can take only one lens that will replace them all. Digitutor is a Nikon website featuring various information that includes basic knowledge, useful techniques, and tips on taking good photos with Nikon Digital Cameras. Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 performs excellently in low light situations. It’s not as fast as Nikon D5300 35mm lens but is capable enough for most tasks. You don’t have to ask yourself what lenses are compatible with Nikon D5300 because these two will suit you perfectly. When we opened this model out of the box, it felt nice in hands with a decent weight and robust build out of plastic. We won’t go too much in specifications such as those you can read on Nikon’s official site, Amazon, and plenty of others. Are you only doing one style of photography? Since prime lenses don’t have moving parts, they are usually much lighter than any different lens type, and because they have fewer parts altogether, they are also cheaper. One of the best features is infinity focus which makes this one of the best landscape lenses for Nikon D5300. You want to have fast shutter speed to avoid motion blur and achieve “freeze motion” making your photos look even more refreshing. I am beginner , and I want to buy the nikon d5300 , My question is the nikon D5300 can be use for sport, It's 5 fps ? All-in-one lenses are designed with one thing in mind – to cover every photographic situation the best they can. At 10mm it almost looks like a fisheye lens. One thing to note if you plan on shooting the portraits with Nikon 105mm f/2.8G is that it will require post-processing. D5300 is the successor of Nikon D5200, which has most same specs expect the Expeed 4 processor. They work best for types of photography such as wildlife and action photography where you don’t want or can’t get close enough for regular shots. It’s the successor of the already popular Nikon D5200 Camera and was replaced by the newer D5500 model. When you don’t need to use it for portraits of close up photos, you can crank it up and use it to take gorgeous pictures of a landscape. On the downside, the zoom is not that powerful, but this shouldn’t concern you too much. is the best selling lens on Amazon with over 3000 reviews and a star rating of 4.7 out of 5 at the time of writing. What's Included. Great content, useful for beginners and easy to understand, but you should write more often buddy. Lenses for Nikon D5300: Release date 2013 Sensor of type DX / APS-C (1.5x) 24 Megapixels (6000 x 4000 pixels) ISO 100 - 12800 5 pictures/second Weight 480 g Click for more information (Dpreview) Note! Nikon 105mm f/2.8G is that it will require post-processing. Only Genuine Products. It also delivers outstanding color reproduction and tonal gradation at all sensitivity ranges. As for the drawbacks, there aren’t many, you may notice some chromatic aberration in the center, but as always this can be fixed in photo editing software. You made it to the end of this fantastic “Nikon D5300 lenses” guide. Since this is a workhorse of a lens if you want to protect it and take good care of it, we recommend the best Nikon D5300 lens filter. This is a basic overview and user guide to the Nikon D5300. As previously mentioned right out of the box, you notice this is a solid piece of equipment. So you multiply the crop factor by the lens focal length to get the actual angle of view. Nikon D5300 wide-angle lens is used mostly for landscapes and nature photos. If you travel a lot, that is another excellent reason for you to get this lens. You can also consider getting the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G, which has a similar price tag, the same performance, and is every bit as good as the 35mm one. 40mm f/2.8G is lacking is shallow light photography without flash. Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera Body with Single Lens: AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Kit (16 GB SD Card + Camera Bag) at best prices with FREE shipping & cash on delivery. Nikon 40mm f/2.8G will do fine, of course, you can’t expect it to have the same performance as more expensive Nikon D5300 lenses in this guide. We genuinely hope that by now, you can make a correct decision when buying for a new lens. Hi friends ! Free shipping on many items. Not only sharp and fast, but my favorite perspective and CHEAP to buy! We listed 12 different Nikon D5300 lens options for every occasion. This camera lacks a built-in auto focus motor. The focus is upgraded; it is faster with the focus ring working more smoothly and more precisely. It’s a great addition to your standard kit lens. Download F-D5300-V103M.dmg. When shopping for a lens, it’s important to remember this crop factor to make sure that you get the focal length designed for the type of pictures you want to take. It is an excellent solution for beginners who don’t want to pay top dollar for a wide-angle lens. I would love to, but I do have my own project on the side. If you are shooting with a tripod, don’t forget to turn off VR control. Nikon D5300 DSLR features 24.2MP DX-Format Sensor, EXPEED 4 Processor and Multi-CAM 4800DX Autofocus Sensor other features include Wi-Fi and GPS Connectivity. The benefits of prime lenses, when compared to other types, are weight and price. Indeed focusing is not always as fast as you would like. It can’t be compared with another top of the line Nikon products, and even the barrel is made out of plastic instead of metal. As previously mentioned, we are more interested in how the lens will perform when taking photos and the level of quality it offers. Here are the recommended Nikon D5300 lenses. This is the far better solution than anything we came up across. We selected two best macro lenses for Nikon D5300 that gives the best performance for this type of photography. We used it quite a bit while testing it and we can honestly say that the indoor performance is outstanding. When we first started using it, it felt very lightweight and cheap, like it’s not worth the price. It is not a cheap lens, so you should research more before buying it. Speaking of COOLPIX and DSLR Cameras—Macro Mode. Build quality is excellent, and you can feel that Nikon company worked hard to designed this macro lens. Sharpness is the main characteristic of macro lenses, and every real macro photographer needs to have a few capable macro lenses in its arsenal. As for the autofocus, this lens has the focus motor built into it, which, compared to the other lenses in a similar price tag, is far more silent and efficient. As long as you use it normally, it should last a long time without breaking. The cheapest wide-angle option on our list, Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 offers the best value for the price. I will try to publish more often do. Nikon 105mm f/2.8G is top of the line macro lens with incredible abilities that will satisfy even the professional photographers. Like we previously mentioned it does have built-in Vibration Reduction providing you with steady shots whenever you are not using the best Nikon D5300 tripod. Even tho this is a macro lens; the focal length is 40mm which is excellent for all-around photography. Nikon 105mm f/2.8G is top of the line macro lens with incredible abilities that … If you are traveling a lot and can only bring one lens with you, then buy it. Luckily for you, we choose two Nikon D5300 telephoto lenses, and they both have built-in VR. It will allow you to capture unique perspectives thanks to its wide angle of view. The focus ring is smooth as well as zoom, while the field of view is wide enough for the image not to be distorted. (which cost around 1600$ on Amazon). A little bit more expensive then the previously mentioned lens, the 55-300mm offers similar performances but a little bit sharper images and better build. Great. Although this is the relatively old product, it’s still prevalent mostly thanks to its futuristic features such as Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS and 39-point AF system which performs flawlessly. Thank you very much for purchasing and using Sigma products. Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Lens with Auto Focus for Nikon DSLR Cameras,2183,Black The D5300 offers a 24MP sensor (like its 24MP APS-C stablemates), an articulated rear LCD, and more physical controls than the D3200, but without the twin-dial interface and professional-grade AF system of the decidedly higher … Today, we are going to showing you a list of recommended lenses for Nikon D5300 … However, before answering all these questions, we need to say a few words about Nikon d5300 camera itself. They are both pretty good lenses, especially for beginners. In this case, Nikon 40mm f/2.8G will do fine, of course, you can’t expect it to have the same performance as more expensive Nikon D5300 lenses in this guide. Build quality is decent. Model: 20083. You may not be happy to spend an extra 60$ on Nikon D5300 lens accessories, but every fast lens requires some micro-adjustments. Also, check out our other guides, such as the best lenses for Nikon D5500 and the best lenses for Nikon D610. If you are shooting portraits and need a quality lens with exceptional sharpness, Nikon 85mm f/1.8G is the best portrait lens for Nikon D5300. Feel free to skip this part if you already own the Nikon D5300 camera. Shop Nikon D5300 Digital Cameras at & save. It may just be a little bit better when compared to the 18-200mm model only because it covers a more extended range of focal lengths, and it is a tint sharper. Best all-in-one lenses for everyday photography, Best telephoto lenses for wildlife photography. We didn’t find Tamron zoom lens for Nikon D5300 hence they are both from Nikon company. Discover what are best lenses for Nikon D5300 camera in 2020 by reading this ultimate Nikon D5300 lenses guide. 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G hence you can feel the difference just from holding it. We decided to include three of the best all-in-one lenses for Nikon D5300 in this guide, ranged from cheapest to most expensive. Some COOLPIX cameras even offer a Macro Shooting Mode that allows you to get as close as 0.4-inches to your subjects. Nikon D5300 DSLR camera features a 24.2-megapixel DX-Format sensor, EXPEED 4 Processor, full HD 1080p video, Multi-CAM 4800DX Autofocus Sensor and built-in Wi-Fi. Download firmware for Nikon digital products (firmware being the built-in software that controls cameras and other devices). No encontrarás una mejor lente fija para viajes, retratos y el día a día en general. Nikon D5300 is a mid-range APS-C DX DSLR camera released in 2013. *3 Shifting and/or tilting the lens interferes with exposure. The best thing you can to before ordering it directly from an Amazon is to go to your local lens shop dealer and ask to review the lenses. Lenses. Note: Judging by this indicator, the D5300 (and D3300) outperform the Nikon D7100. We had almost 48 hours to test this lens thoroughly, and we came quite used to it after only two hours of full-time use. The 3.2″ LCD has an ability to swivels 180-degree, which makes it easier to shoot from any angle. So recommended lenses for D5200 are similar to D5300. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The ultimate secret of Nikon D5300 camera. There's a problem loading this menu right now. I just ordered Nikon 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3G from Amazon! Without a good pair of lenses, even the best cameras are worthless, and that’s why you should carefully read our Nikon D5300 lenses guide. I just think Nikon 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6G is a better choice then 18-300 even tho it has lower versatility. Where applicable, I have included links to Amazon and B&H Photo product pages for each lens, where you can check availability and prices. Nikon's exclusive technology also helps the D5300 achieve a standard ISO sensitivity range of 100 to 12800, and it's extendable to an ISO 25600 equivalent (Hi 1), so you can avoid the effects of camera shake by using faster shutter speeds in low light. In all the rest of the focal length, it will work great without any drawbacks. However there is a lot more to burst shooting than fps. You would have to go well over a thousand dollars mark to find sharper prime lens such as Nikon 85mm f/1.4G. Don’t let this talk about micro-adjustment turn you down from buying Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8. One more thing we found pretty useful when using this lens in real-life situations is manual focus override or, in other words, M/A button. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. One thing that surprised us while testing it was the focusing which is fast, precise, and silent. Also, feel free to contact us at any time, if you have any inquiries or additional questions say “Hi” to us. Nikon 85mm f/1.8G is a lens for portrait photography with high performance and superior image quality. We have found that the current firmware of our Nikon fitting interchangeable lenses may not work properly with the Nikon D5300’s OS and Live View Auto Focus functions. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. If you want to get the best performance and are willing to pay a little bit extra for the top of the line lens, then the lens below is the best lens for you and your Nikon D5300 DSLR. With the D5300, the crop factor is 1.5. It has a wide-angle which focuses on the center of the image to create a stunning photo. Nikon 105mm f/2.8G. On the other hand, the 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6G is less expensive than those top of the line Nikon lenses. We also discovered how to eliminate the problem by focusing on a simple solution. Sometimes you want to fine-tune the focus when shooting a photo or you want more control of a focus when recording the video. It’s a perfect choice for photographers who are looking for a decent macro lens but don’t want the financial commitment you get when buying a more expensive option, such as Tamron 90mm f/2.8. Hi, I am an absolute beginner in the world of DSLR cameras and will soon be venturing out to purchase a Nikon D5300 with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens and a NIKON AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G SWM ED VR Telephoto Zoom Lens. “freeze motion” making your photos look even more refreshing. For these reasons, 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G is an excellent choice when traveling since you can take a variety of different phototypes. Useable focal length up to 300mm makes this superb choice for traveling. To view descriptions, cautions, and download and installation instructions, click “View download page”.Note that a card reader or other equipment may be required for some firmware updates. After a while, it quickly becomes your favorite lens, and you want to use it all the time. By the way, the Nikon D5300 became the first Nikon DX sensor that can use real ISO 12.800 (and not the advanced ‘Hi’ modes). These small issues can be fixed by buying corresponding SIGMA USB dock for your camera mount. Words can’t describe the clarity of 105mm f/2.8G. We promise you that by the end of this guide you will know enough about Nikon D5300 lenses that you will be able to make the right decision. *4 Can not be used with shifting or tilting. Browse a huge selection of new & used Nikon D5300 Digital Cameras for sale. If you want a decent telephoto lens to choose this one and you will be happy with it. The whole user experience is at another level, considering the low price. If you don’t want to pay more then double for the upgrade (better lens), this 35mm f/1.8G will do a great job. Specifications. The camera also lacks an anti-aliasing feature that is present on other Nikon DSLRs like the older D5200, allowing for better sharpness and detail. Similar to the previous choice, with a comparable price, 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3G is an all-in-one lens intended for users with a variety of shooting opportunities in mind. If you are still not sure about what is the right lens for you, you should probably get this one. Many P&S digital cameras, such as the Nikon COOLPIX models and some Nikon DSLRs offer a Macro Shooting Mode, which is usually denoted by a flower icon. Sharpness is on the whole new level, and details are crisp, images are fantastic. for D5300 … Sharpness is an excellent attribute, and although two lenses mentioned after this one are better in terms of quality, this is, in our opinion, a lens with the best bang for the buck. Don’t expect to get the sharpest photos, while it does offer good image quality; it is not top-notch quality. We also considered other factors, such as weight, size, price, features, and many more. Overview. by Edward Avedon | Oct 1, 2018 | 8 comments. Main Results. Clear images with crisp details will make you never regret buying this lens. As we mentioned the price, is almost the same; it all depends on your needs. If you need only one lens for different photography types instead of buying all separate lenses, this all-in-one lens is the solution. Should we use this one or Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G? It has excellent quality for what it offers. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. In terms of sharpness and image quality, they are on the same range as the previous lens. We selected one for every price range, ranging from budget solution up to top-notch Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G. As far as build quality goes, Nikon did an excellent job with a 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G hence you can feel the difference just from holding it. Nikon D5300 telephoto lens has a lot of moving parts so price skyrocket when compared to other types such as primes and weight, is increased. This beautiful camera features a 24.2 megapixel sensor as well as a range of other awesome features that make it such a good choice to use for traveling, hiking, outdoor use, or just general photography. have fewer parts altogether, they are also cheaper. Most lenses with decent quality are expensive, and choosing the best lens for D5300 is a crucial decision. Sharpness is above all the primes this model is competing. Nikon D5300, the successor of Nikon D5200, is a great choice as a general-purpose dSLR. Below are the top recommended lenses for Nikon D5300 DSLR camera. It's the best way to learn how ALL of the photojournalists in the 40s-70s shot EVERYTHING they printed." Primes are also compact and fast, and they are an excellent choice for traveling. Thanks for the feedback! An innovative new 24.2-megapixel image sensor captures pure, lifelike photos and 1080p Full HD videos, and a brilliant 3.2-inch swiveling Vari-angle display delivers beautiful views from any angle—all in a compact, sleek design. It is a great lens, works great for video and action photography, and in our opinion, it is one of the best. If you can afford it, we think you should buy it! In our opinion, it has a telescoping body that doesn’t mean anything performance-wise, but it does affect the visible part. This will, for sure, save your lens from dust and other everyday situations. Nikon D5300's sensor provides 18MP more than Nikon D50's sensor, which gives a significant advantage in real life. The correct macro ratio is 1:1, so keep that in mind when shopping for the new lens. Image quality is superior to vibrant color reproduction. Contrast is excellent, enabling you to get perfect photos every time. Este es uno de los mejores objetivos de la linea DX de Nikon; es nítido, rinde muy bien en condiciones de poca luz, y barato. That is the review of the Nikon 18-200MM F/3.5-5.6G  in one sentence. Nikon CRTNK70300KRB 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G VR DX AF-P ED Zoom-NIKKOR Lens - (Renewed) This is an excellent budget solution for anyone looking to get started in portrait photography. It is definitely worth your time. Another thing worth mentioning is a loss of sharpness at the 300mm. Nikon 60mm f/2.8G is the fantastic macro lens. Nikon D5300: Full HD clips at frame rates up to 59.94fps Nikon D5600: Full HD 1920x1080p at up to 59.94fps As this is a budget model from 2014 we get Full HD video on board the Nikon D5300 and should be thankful for that, especially as this is at a respectably smooth frame rate up to 59.94fps, which expands on the specification of previous models.