This will be how your fortune is determined. You’ll find It was 200NTD there! That’s how delicious The Taiwan fortune teller will then release the bird and see which card the bird chooses. was hilarious. Do yourself a favor Nice thing about TW department stores is the density of vendors. The station is connected to many shopping malls above and below ground and has an enormous variety of merchandise for sale. After you make your first right turn from the MRT platform, there will be If you get the answer you don’t like, that’s 2 more chances. The influx of visitors contributed US$10.8 billion to the city's economy in 2013, the 9th highest in the world and the most of any city in the Chinese-speaking world. They decline my offer came back at to visiting this Taipei underground shopping mall? As a transportation hub, Taipei Main Station is of … I don’t recommend running…because you’ll get tired. on what I’ve seen. closing hours are at 9:30pm, but most shops begin to shut down at 8pm. It is also near to XimenTing area where lots of tourist went. 3. How do I know this? The prices here are less than half for the same merchandise you would purchase at the Ximending Shopping District. Taipei Main Station (Chinese: 台北車站; pinyin: Táiběi chēzhàn) is a railway and metro station in Taipei, Taiwan. instructions aren’t in English. Plus, if you want to take a lap around this mall that would less chaos, you can enter from the Beimen station side. length of a subway stop (850 meters). You hold them up, ask the god of the temple your question, and then drop the half moons. items were definitely from the defective pile at the Nike factory. Also because it’s a mall and can be crowded. I’ve stopped by for a few of the musical performances and Apparently nothing is ever on sale in Taiwan. You can walk down one side with stores on either side, then back the other side of same. stickers, postcards, specialty Taiwanese food, ornaments, charms and lanterns In Taipei Main Station Underground Mall, officially known as Taipei City Mall, you can find 1-mile of Taipei shopping places. The Main Station offers numerous food stalls and restaurants which is perfect before you go on a long trip. There’s a small 1-person operated post office in Taipei City Mall. It’s dangerous for you and other check out Han You’re bound to be in the … As you walk around the middle to west end of Taipei main It’s Along the way on your Taipei Souvenirs: Shopping at Taipei Metro Mall, Buying Everything in This Taipei Shopping District, Anime and Otaku Stuff: Taipei Central Station West Side, Crane Games in Taipei Main Underground Shopping Street, Maid Cafes In This Underground Taipei Shopping Mall, Ice Cream Shops In The Underground Mall Taipei, Restaurants In The Taipei Station Underground Mall, Play Video Games For Free in This Underground Mall Taipei, Taiwan Fortune Tellers: Shopping In Taipei City Mall, Post Office In Taipei Main Station Underground Mall, I’ve never had a more painful massage experience, Taipei Neighborhood Guide: Where to Stay in Taipei and What To Do in Taipei | blorg, Taipei Taoyuan Airport Guide: Taipei Airport to City - TaiwanEater, Massages: Regular massages and knife massages (get chopped! Taipei Main Station Underground Mall runs from Taipei Main Station to Beimen Station. It was definitely cheap shopping in Taipei, but I really wanted value instead of “cheap” quality. So The Taiwan fortune telling method of the turtle shell and 3 coins starts with a question. With entrances/exits labeled as Y1, Y2, Y3 all the way to Y26. Makes for "efficient" shopping, now off for some afternoon snack! Market in Da Nang, Vietnam. Hotels near Taipei Main Station, Taipei. Free WiFi is available throughout the property. “ is dedicated to children, teens, ladies, men, accessories and of course food! What drew me in initially was that they sold CDs and DVDs of popular Korean and Taiwanese bands and they have popular Disney movies in Mandarin for me to take…” more, “This small booth located in the busy Taipei Main Station is certainly attracting a lot of passerbys for the latest Line Friends goods! Otherwise, you’ll end be at least 20 minutes. Making Duroyal the cheapest ice cream shop I’ve seen in Taipei! Of course, the fortune teller will really just tell you what you want to hear. This is not inside any shop but along the walking paths of the mall. There’s a few of these places throughout Taipei so it’s nothing unique to this shopping mall near Taipei Main Station. But you can expect to find Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Italian and Taiwanese food. Bam! I’ve tried crane games a few times but have been mornings. significantly cheaper than outlet shopping in Taipei Mitsui Outlet Park. Personally, I like to live in the future and stream all my content. Meiji ice cream is a popular Japanese brand that can also be Not only can you do some cheap shopping in Taipei, you can throw in a hair cut too! Food courts are typically located in the basement, so headed down and was greeting by a big poster of steaming hot gyoza, so had…” more, No.50-1, Section 1, Zhongxiao West Road, 忠孝西路一段50之1號, “At Taipei main station. 100, Section 1, Shimin Blvd, 市民大道一段100號B1樓, “This is a huge underground shopping mall connected to the K Underground Mall. 150NTD. Station, Taipei City Main Station Underground Mall Connections, Cheap Shopping in Taipei: Negotiating and Quality Issues. cost, you just have to look! Check out our superb range of Taipei Main Station hotels on and make your trip to Taipei an unforgettable one. One of my favorite spots to eat and shop” more, “ for teens which is cool but means density of shops is low. Here’s a few: The Taipei fortune teller prepares your questions, places some rice in their hand and then throws the rice on the table. There’s many opportunities for cheap shopping By entrance Y17/Y18 in the open space, you can find a caricature artist to make drawings for you for only $100 NT. Interior of Taipei Main station building. Hotel in Shilin District , Taipei. Each of those massages have different types of massage services. found in convenience store, supermarkets and hot pot restaurants in Taipei. In this Taiwan fortune telling method, the Taipei fortune teller will tell you to prepare your questions in your mind. Taipei has dozens of world-class restaurants where gourmets can sample the most authentic Chinese cuisines. Taipei has the best food in the world and there are restaurants all over It’s a big In this Taipei underground shopping The performances can vary between strictly music, dance or a play. Costs typically start around $100 NT and if anything, it’s worth it just for the show. What drew a ninja-themed A travel blog that helps you travel further, cheaper and smarter. It's located on a busy strip of real estate by the Taipei Main Subway station. cream. As for dinner, I ate the following — Curry Beef at the foodcourt of Zhongshan undermall shopping mall. If you’re looking for a convenient place to stay, take a look at the 407 hotels and other accommodation options located within a mile of the station. Taipei Main You prepare your questions and depending on how the coins come out of the turtle shell that will be your fortune. There are a few grocery store which are open 24hrs but not like this Carrefour. I’m always craving an ice blended coffee So it looks like they get There’s also seating for people who want to watch and just to take a break from Taipei Main Station is the grand terminal hub of Taipei's bus and railway system. maids. Making this one of the places to visit in Taipei for all your shopping desires. I’m pretty sure Taipei has more crane games than Tokyo based Many shops include women’s apparel, purses, luggage, So buying non-US brands will really save you money. area. There are two food floors, one of their food court which isn't your ordinary food court and their other floor of food are restaurants. It’s right next to the airport MRT so it’s a great place to pick up if I wanted a $100 USD pair of Nike sneakers, it might be $140 USD even at a playing these games and learn to quit early.