The first open heart surgery and the first bone marrow transplant in the United States were done at the University of Minnesota. By Lisa Medeiros on September 8 2020 in Geography. Florida has 8,436 miles of ocean shoreline, and according to OpenStreetMap, it has another 22,236 miles of lakeshore. Topping the bucket list of many travelers is a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to experience all the beauty this area has to offer. The Alaskan shoreline is longer than the all of the lower 48 combined. Lake of the Woods. ariguadalupe262 04/06/2020 Geography High School +6 pts. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the state with the most shoreline is Alaska, with 33,904 miles. California, Montana, and Texas could all fit inside Alaska. US States By Length Of Coastline There are more than 15 states in the United States with coastlines exceeding 1,000 miles. Alaska has the longest shoreline in the United States. I’m assuming this is counting the shoreline of all of the approximately 10,000 lakes. The data has been derived from NOAA. In second, is California. Answered Which of these states has the most miles of shoreline? If you search through articles online you can track the shoreline’s apparent growth. 1. The state of Alaska has the most shoreline of any U.S. state at 33,904 miles, this includes both Pacific and Arctic shoreline. A state’s general coastline is simply a rough outline of the state’s coast. Log in. Several methods have been used to determine the length of coastlines. Nebraska - Often referred to as a \"flyover state,\" Nebraska is not generally known as a tourist destination. Louisiana’s coastline is 12,426 km long, making it the third-longest coastline in the US. 8 states have shoreline along the Great Lakes. Alaska also boasts the most shoreline mileage, at 33,904 miles. This includes 1,056 miles (1,699 kilometers) of island shoreline." The Platte, the Niobrara, the Missouri and the Republican all drain many square miles of land. 1. Grand Isle is a seaside barrier island town and the state’s most famous beach. Space Coast is home to Kennedy Space Center, and Treasure Coast is named after Spanish ships loaded with treasures that sank in the area centuries ago. Officially, Maine only has about 228. 6,640 miles, point to point; as measured on the most detailed maps available, including islands, Alaska has 33,904 miles of shoreline. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'whatstates_org-leader-2','ezslot_6',113,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'whatstates_org-leader-2','ezslot_7',113,'0','1']));Based on Chris’s research, Minnesota is believed to have 183,326 miles of freshwater shoreline, and this is with just about 10,000 lakes. How do we determine the miles of coastline for all of these lakes though? The state is obviously landlocked and has no coastal shoreline but that doesn’t matter when you factor in the 10,000 lakes that are in the state. Ask your question. The estimated tidal shoreline of Alaska is 47,300 miles, which includes islands, inlet sounds, and bays. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, Countries in Africa With the Longest Coastlines, 10 Countries With The Longest Coastlines In Asia. .7 x 3,000,000 equals 2,100,000 miles of lake shoreline. The estimated tidal shoreline, including islands, inlets sounds and bays, is 47,300 miles. With a host of state parks, eateries, and golf courses, beachgoers return to North Carolina year after year. December 10 - 17 States with Longest Coastlines RankStateBodies of WaterMiles—General Coastline 1. California has a 5,515 km long coastline on the Pacific Ocean to the west. Alaska Learn More: Not exactly known for super-hip beaches where celebrities tan their dogs (that’s what they do with their time, right? Thanks to one guy that did some extensive research about lake shorelines in the U.S., we can say that Minnesota comes in second for most shoreline including lakes. Step 2 : Answer to the question "Which U.S. state has most miles of rivers?" With 54,563 km of coastline, Alaska boasts of having the longest coastline in the country. Note: For some lakes, "Longest Shorelines" is unknown or does not apply, so this comparison may show fewer lakes than you originally selected.Suggest a new lake. 43,560 x 20 = 871,200 square feet per lake. Figures are lengths of general outline of seacoast. The mountain rises … In fact, the length of the state's coastline is more than that of all other states combined. The term coastline is used to describe the general outline of the seacoast. Indiana has the smallest coastline, at a mere 45 mi (72 km) among the 30 states that have a coastline. North Carolina is home to over 5,432 km of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean to the east. So yes, Minnesota does have more shoreline than California and Hawaii combined. Let’s just estimate that all lakes are exactly 20 acres, even though we know that’s just the minimum and many are much larger. Let’s add Florida to the mix. Texas California Florida Or Massachusetts 1. 30 US states have coastlines with 23 having a coastline on the Atlantic, Arctic, and/or Pacific Ocean. Join now. Each statue mile equals one mile. Minnesota, also known as the land of 10,000 lakes (11,842 total), has the most shoreline of any other of the lower 48 states with almost 90,000 miles of freshwater shoreline, according to Spanning the border from Minnesota into the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba, Lake of the Woods is an enormous body of water over 68 miles long, 59 miles wide, with 25,000 miles of shoreline - … With 5,406 km of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico and year-round mild temperatures, it is no wonder that Texas is a popular beach destination. Alaska has 33,904 miles of shoreline including islands. For the table below, United States coastline measurements were made from small-scale maps, and the coastline was generalized. Offering four seasons of outdoor adventure and recreation, coastal Maine is a top travel destination for any outdoor enthusiast. The top seven states in the US by the length of coastline has been mentioned below. Every coastal country in the world has one or more coastlines while landlocked countries lack coastlines. The length also keeps changing due to wind and wave action that increases or decreases the length of coastlines. It has more combined shoreline than both the east and west coasts combined (by over 2000 miles). 51 Photos 50 of the Most Charming Small Towns in America 50 Photos Stunning Travel Photos You Have to See to Believe 25 Photos The state has a long and indented coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. From Big Sur, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Santa Barbara, Newport Beach to San Diego, the route offers one of the most scenic drives in America. Which Countries Have Coastlines On Both The Atlantic And The Pacific Oceans? 50 States of National Parks: One for Each State (and DC, Too!) In fact, the length of the state's coastline is more than that of all other states combined. With soft sandy beaches, unique bird-watching opportunities, and close proximity to Crescent City, it’s sure to be a memorable getaway. That’s a total of 35,477 miles of ocean and lake shoreline. In the United States, the state of Alaska has the longest coastline, which extends for 6,640 miles. The country shares its coastline with the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Arctic Ocean to the north of Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico towards the southwest. There is really no way we can get an exact count on just how much lake shoreline is in Alaska. Alaska has the most bodies of water; with over 3,000,000 at last count that is both lakes and rivers. Most visitors to the Sunshine State decide between the Atlantic Coast and the Gulf of Mexico for their beach getaway, but Florida is actually split into ten coastal regions. Shoreline Mileage (statute miles) Massachusetts 1,519 Michigan 3,224 Minnesota 189 Mississippi 359 New Hampshire 131 New Jersey 1,792 New York 2,625 North Carolina 3,375 Northern Marina Islands 206 Ohio 312 Oregon 1,410 Pennsylvania 140 Puerto Rico 700 Rhode Island 384 South Carolina 2,876 In this article, US states have been ranked according to the length of their coastlines which includes the length of ocean coastline, tidal inlets, and Great Lakes shorelines (referred to as Method 2). Image credit: FloridaStock/ Third is Louisiana’s 7,721 miles. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), California boasts a grand total of 840 miles of shoreline. "...Not exactly known for super-hip beaches where celebrities tan their dogs (that’s what they do with their time, right? In v.1 (p.284 and 294) of the same edition, it states that Alaska has 6,640 miles or 10,686 kilometers of coastline. In fact, the length of the state's coastline is more than that of all other states combined. Take a relaxing walk through Moody Gardens or visit Galveston Seawall, the largest contiguous sidewalk in the world. 2 . 1 acre has 43,560 square feet. Marshy wetlands characterize the coast of Louisiana both to the west and east. Nov 25, 2018 [Answer] Which state has the most miles of coastline? It was first listed it at 250 miles, 300 miles, and now, most of the recent articles claim “more than” 300 miles of shoreline. Forgotten Coast is quiet, and Emerald Coast is known for its majestic blue-green waters off the Panhandle. Nebraska has more miles of rivers than any other state in the country. Including islands, Alaska has 33,904 miles of shoreline.